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  1. ive got one of these and its probably the best thing i ever got. like 330nm in the palm of your hand! worse part was paying nearly £50 for a protetive boot from USA! as for power setting, i only use max power and auto shut off which great as a fast/ 0 power nut runner ready to be properly torqued.
  2. would like to start making progress on the 110 project. been abandoned for 7/8 years now!
  3. same as richards/marsland/designa/sheilder? *you dont*
  4. bang for buck, get a dewault. naked there £150. full kit is £250 i use milwaukee. cant fault it really for the use and abuse it gets. 4-5 years and its had 2 cases and 2 switches. (second time was out of warrenty which cost me £160.. 🤬) original batteries which are still strong. again, full kit on ebay is £380 snap on are only fit for the bin.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173252840724 thats the kit, top quality. its what i fitted 4 years ago (altho i fitted d1 box complete with pitman arm) as it caused me to have vague steering as seen here.
  6. quick, go buy a lottery ticket! i wish all landy jobs were this easy..
  7. ive have had/got spacers on all my cars/trucks and never had a issue. never come lose or have wheel bearing issues. tyres ranging from 225/40/18 that do 160mph+ often. 265/75/16 for 6 years and 35" simex on the old truck and 285 feds on the new one without issues. never had to check them and never used locktight.
  8. i had 265/75/16 STT (not the pro's) for wear there rather good but other wise there a bad all rounder as there a 50/50 tyre. too offroad based for good road handling and not aggresive enough for offroad so for now ive gone back to 100% road tyres on the 90. and have fedima sirocco on the D2.
  9. only time ive seen this is when pinion seal has failed and diff oil is flung up when rotating.
  10. there easy nowadays to get good bhp from. stock turbos are pushing 195bhp. all down to money. but as above, i want jose from td5inside when hes next in uk to map mine with popcorn. ther are multiply turbos etc for vavious power outputs. im struggling to remeber the company name. buy they have a td5 pushing 295bhp running a custom darkside developments tubular manifold kit with meth and bupane.
  11. never used a puller. just leave the nut on last thread. with bum off the seat. use all your weight and pull/wiggle. works every time.
  12. I haven’t been driving that long. So not to many. 1. 1968 series 2a soft top (my 1st Land Rover) (sold) 2. 1989 110 that’s currently stripped awaiting a financial miracle to get rebuilt. 3. 2007 astra van. Mapped/lowered etc 140bhp (sold) 4.1994 bobbed 3dr disco 300tdi. 35” simex/rear LSD gywn Lewis suspension etc. Wish I never sold it 5. 1988 90 hardtop. Told a mate I wanted one and he called me a dreamer.. day later i bought one to prove a point haha. Daily driven by my old dear. 6. 1998 vitara off-roader. 31” insa tyres. 4” lift (sold) 7. Vauxhall frontera off-roader. 31” tyres. It Was a turd but cheap and did its job. (Sold) 8. Td5 d2 that'll be off road prepped when I get round to it. Got new 285 feds ready to fit. 9. And my current daily and by far the best. 2008 astra VXR Nurburgring. Many toys and running 310bhp. 😍
  13. as above, take it on the chin. we had to deal with one on behalf of a customer that got a battery from bristol auto electrical. if you want to do a warrenty claim, they change £30 for "testing". when there cheap batteries they supply dont even cost them that... discraceful if you ask me. if you do decide to get a new battery, buy branded and buy local! buy it face to face over the counter from a local motorfactors. as half these internet company warrenties arent worth the paper there written on!
  14. regardless of brand i wouldnt worry, all the ones you mention are quality parts. they chew bushes up for a pass time, youll usually feel a thud when jabbing the brakes hard as the wheel moves back in the arch. easily visable you get someone to brake and watch the wheel. as for poly bushes. no thanks. seems to hit a miss for quality.
  15. probably not helpful but he does supply them separately. for about £30 iirc.
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