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  1. no one has mention buzz weld yet..?
  2. few things to check if you havnt already is the small pipe to the wastgate hasnt split. if i t hasnt i would use a pump/compressor and gentally pressurise the wasatgate pipe and watch the actuator, it it doesnt move, either its seized in the turbo housing or the diagram has split in the actuator, if its seeized then you need to gentally "work" it. altho not as easy as a 200tdi lol.
  3. cant comment on its history etc, but a customer of our has just got a 09 plate a6 2.7. (very nice btw) came in for a check over and it had a brand new shiney gearbox. only has 65000miles.. also a friend who is a car saleman, had one in a 11 plate passat fail.. £2500 for him to sort. threw it back in auction in the end. wasnt aware its just a prgramming issue? wonder if vag will still warrenty it if vehicle warrenty has ran out as i known fault?
  4. whats the problem with spacers? run mine for near 2years with out any ill effect. can happilty run 12mths with out even touching bearings/kingpins.. looks good. helps steering. helps stabilty. allows alloys on older hubs. only a win win for me.
  5. if your happy to comprimise on desgn very slightly.
  6. i assume youve done the newspaper test? tbf, an oem clutch isnt far off a electric fan kit. if/when mine starts getting hot, ill be going elctric as my clutch failed after 3 days of owning it.
  7. i thourght the 200tdi has a bolt and a spacer on the side? set pump timing, slacken bolt to remove shim and nip bolt bolt up which holds timing set? we took a (non lr VE) pump to the injecter specilist in swindon who replaced just the nose seal for us. did a good job and cheap. les also highly reccomends him.
  8. if the belt is contamilnated with diesel, then it needs changing, belt with just disintergrate in no time, witnessed it twice. better safe than sorry.
  9. may have the apprentices snap on 40" snap on KRA roll cab for sale soon. cheap as has 2 popped spotwelds but doesnt affect it. with wooden top. in extreme green too is anyone interested?
  10. when you say reconfigured, i assume you mean adjusted to increase boost? need to be more carefull as defenders wont go int limp mode when over boost when compared to discos. when remaped did they surgest what psi to adjust boost levels to and have you got a boost gauge fitted?
  11. din or opt 1 is what you need for metric male union. and opt 2 for female unions.
  12. cheapest and best dont ever go together. but here are the part numbers. top BTR9647 rh BTR9649 lh BTR9650 lower non heated AWR1512 lower heated AWR5349
  13. not new but shabs only does quality gearboxes. and he only rebuilds your own, not exchange so there is a leadtime. he can make hybrid R380's for big power and long liverty. but for part number. need you serial number from yours.
  14. i have a astra van as a daily. so unforunalty am only too familier with the engine lights. maybe worth having a quick google to see if you use pedal check to bring the codes up. opps! jon has already mention that.
  15. i have a milwaukee 5ah 1/2 impact gun, bloody amazing!! batteries last ages and very powerful, beats mt last snap on 8850 hands down. it loving being abused and just gets on with it unlike snap on one. big buying point for me is the aftercare/repair service. not needed it yet but very fast turnaround. with its battery life and power has made the air tools completly redundant at our work. milwaukee are also about to release a high demand 9ah battery!