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  1. 9v solid state regulator is what I have done in mine many years ago now. Brings the needs down nicely.
  2. I run tubes in the landrover tyres so when you get a puncture they go down fast. I have used the spare and wouldn’t ever not carry one. tubeless tyres tend to mostly get slow punctures so it’s much less of an issue. My daily driver Audi has never had a spare and there is no space for one even (not even a space saver)
  3. Yep. What he said. Heat them up to expand and you can tap them off.
  4. Yes it’s the part you are pointing to. Those bearings need changing they’re completely knackered. 90217398 is the retaining sleeve. Yours also look very worn so I would change them too.
  5. Yes I have a Mikuni MY30 in mine. Works very well and belts out heat!
  6. About the only practical use I've found is when you go round your mates houses and say “Alexa, wake me up at 3am with monster sounds” when they are out of earshot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. I put ally wire into my mig and just let in new sections of metal where I needed it. Worked very well. see the pics I added to your other thread.
  8. Not half as much water as it lets in when wading! Any water quickly evaporates in the warm airflow as the engine runs anyway.....
  9. Weld a nut onto the stub that is sticking out. The heat will help unstick the bolt, and you’ll be able to unwind it with a spanner.
  10. My TDi starts first flick of the key. Let’s just say that Nigel’s V8 “takes a bit of cranking” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Probably something to do with the petrol being years old, and the plugs all fouled cos it only ever moves in and out of the garage......🤔
  11. Two batteries wired in parallel will give you double the CCA of a single one. Most big trucks have at least four batteries wired in series parallel to increase the ampage. Optimas are pretty carp really considering what they cost. Wire a pair of 072s in parallel and you’ll be better off. Mine are just Halfords ones and nothing special - they don’t need to be. Just pick up a reasonable quality pair from your local factors. As I say the key is wiring them in parallel. You do not want split charge or anything like that - just permanently hard wire together. ive run this set up for many years with electric winches etc, and don’t forget Diesel engines are significantly higher compression than your v8 is!
  12. P38 steering box bolts are m16x1.5 and m14x1.5 the oil cooler in a tdi radiator is threaded 3/8” BSP and there is then an adaptor that screws into that which the metal cooler pipe fits into. no idea on the others - measure them and look them up in a Zeus book
  13. Wisbech Engineering can do it. Top quality engineers they have a fantastic reputation 👍🏻
  14. Just noted that the event previously postponed until August is now cancelled. October one appears to still be on - at the moment.....
  15. There is a seller on eBay does turned plastic ones for about a tenner which work very well. I have one of them 👍🏻
  16. Don’t do it. Use the defender column. If you find the correct one the splines are the same as series so your existing steering wheel will fit - it just puts the wheel a couple of inches closer to the driver. All the rest of the dash will still fit no problems
  17. That’s not a five speed gearbox that’s a standard series 4 speed. compared to a defender Transfer box a series one will always be noisy. It was one of the reasons I too ther series transfer box out of mine and fitted an LT230
  18. They have them made by GB engineering
  19. Ah yes sorry - I was slightly wrong. I knew the late ones were different but I incorrectly assumed they were the same bearings. im aware that the late ones and the coiled ones all use the same seal, and I’ve used the proper tool as a friend has one. I always found the leather seals much better on early hubs rather then the modern lipped seals.
  20. Should be in front of the axle. Position it so that the drop arm ends up in the same line as the original would have been. here is mine.
  21. I was only talking Steering box. You could probably make the disco column work if you wanted to, just most people use a defender one as it bolts straight on.
  22. Early s2 hubs can easily be identified by the smaller BSF wheel studs. Later ones use the same metric wheel studs as series3 (27mm socket for the wheel nuts), and are to all intents the same as series3 ones. Late series 3 changed slightly as they used the same inner and outer bearing (earlier ones the outer bearing is smaller), but the inner bearing and the seal are both identical.
  23. http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/2010/03/series-iii-workshop-manual/
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