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  1. Early Td5 cooling systems use that blanked pipe for the fuel cooler. Later systems don't. They Tee back into the main pipe work. However late radiators still have the stub pipe fitted but not drilled, this can be a bit confusing if you have early pipework but a later radiator!
  2. From the Rave manual to disable traction control: TC can be disabled by operating the brake pedal ten times within ten seconds, when the ignition is turned on. TC will be re-activated when the ignition is turned off then on again. As JST said other than you don't have to have the engine running. Alternatively there are several abs fuses and relays you can remove also. It depends if you want it off permanatly or just for a one off. Also removing the fuses will put the ABS light on permanantly which is an MOT failure and there are no bulbs you can remove on a Td5 to get rid of it!
  3. I must admit I'm starting to get a bit of judder on my Td5. When it gets worse I think I will go for the solid flywheel. Probably doesn't help that I have Porny's Stage 2 remap either!!!!
  4. I have genuine red polybush kit fitted to mine along with a QT weekender kit and their corrected and cranked arms. I can safely say it has no problems with flex using these bushes. The only things that limits them is the prop binding and the wheels in the arches and far as they go!! Cheaper non genuine polybushes seem to be inferior in quality and don't seem to last well.
  5. As already mentioned you can get proper caliper paint but it is quite pricey. Most High temp paint will be fine. I use a spray can of engine enamel (no primer required) it around £5 a can and have the benefit of a big industrial oven at work to bake them in afterwards. I usually put on 4-5 coats and fully bake them and the come out very well indeed. Rock hard and last very well but as with all painting it's in the prep!! BTW when I bake them they are stipped and have no pistons or seals in. Don't do it with a fully built caliper!!
  6. Only a problem if you depress the clutch pedal after after you remove the key from the mech lock. If you lock the mech lock but leave the clutch pedal up and do not depress it you can fit the FMJ without an issue. If however someone gets the FMJ off you can rest a sure that once the depress the clutch they are going no where!!
  7. I was just wondering... does anyone know why you have to use a word with 4 or more letters or the search doesn't work???? I know this can be set to whatever by the powers at be, but it seems a common occurrence on pretty much all forums. It it a default setting or it it to stop rubbish results???
  8. i believe there are some pics in the members vehicle forum of trayback projects, but you need 20+ posts to access it!
  9. Steady on, I'm was just asking a question as to why there is a restriction in one part of the forum. I'm just trying to be a part of the forum and contribute to a post someone has made. Not once have a criticised the decision to restrict it. The idea of sectioning the forum is to keep relevant topics in some kind of order. If I join the forum and say "hello people I have a landy here's the details and pics of it" the best place in my eyes to post it would be the members vehicles section but I can't until I have posted X number of times that was the point I was trying to make!
  10. True I guess but unless you posting up details of the security you have on your Land Rover or the street you live in I just fail to see the security side of restricting people viewing a particular part of the forum. Also the member vehicle section tends to be an area that newbies visit and post details of their own Land Rovers (as I originally did) but now they can't!
  11. I guess as the majority of people will have the required number of posts it probably wouldn't be a true reflection!
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