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    Winch Challanges for fun<br>Competeing in the British Hy-Q Championships<br>and pushing hard to win the class B for 05 after winning the class A championship last year and the SCOR championship class A in 03.

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  1. Me to my 110's new bulk head and engine planned to be off the road for a few months is now a full rebuild with five brand new doors the lot.... So it not been cheap either Loads of jobs have just ended up going round in circles.
  2. Has anyone got a 94 wiring diagrams for a 4.2 ECU all the haynes ones are 92. Thanks Julian
  3. I had a white 2dr when I was 17 its what I lerned to drive in, looks good in the pic, I take it you pitting a TDI in with the Lt77 in the chassie, thats not a 4 sp or a long stick 5.
  4. As said above I use T wash for painting ontop of galve steelwork on buildings to hide the grabe grayness it goes.I'm not a fan of the galve look on the cross member it should be black nothing to do with rust prevention or thives other then they know it will be very quick and easy to strip, but it looks old IMHO
  5. I have a 4lt V8 on LPG I tow 3.5t at least a few times a month and its good as gold I know a 4.6 is better but uses a little more fuel.I was a massive sceptic but not a convert and my next car will be a V8D3 and I will convert that as wellBECM's can be reconed for £200 if you have a good fitter or machanic that knows P38's there good as gold..If it has 18" rims change them for 16" or 19" as they drive much better for some bazar reason.I have done 35k in the last 14months in mine and after a few issues early on its been fine.
  6. I just bought a 2dr as well I have a soft spot as my first road car was a 79 2dr RRC mine needs a little welding admittedly but its a very late one so its got some of the mod cons...
  7. I still don't understand why "City Cars" are not subjected to a motorway tax or country side tax. I pay more to drive a Range Rover in a city there for it's only democratic for the city car to pay to use roads its not intended for.
  8. My 96 one had water in thye well and like with the freelander I drilled a 4mm hole and painted it them just let gravity deal with it. My 2002 one is fine and doesnt have the issue.
  9. Thats about as mint as you will ever find
  10. I fitted a lift and its 50mm from new so if your springs are shagged they will lift it by more.I lifted a LSE 50mm spring and 50mm body then you can fit up to 35" tyres without them foulng the plastic eyebrow areches.I wouldn't bother with LR wheels as the steering lock will be carp the bigger the tires and spacers are more expensing then a set of mod rims.
  11. (If you are going through KSA and are taking your missus, you also need to be married or she'll have to walk behind the car)Win Win then lol
  12. I could be wrong but some parts of the Middle East, right hand drive cars are not allowed across the boarders, Saudi being at least one.also all the racing we do out in the UAE ive never seen a right hand drive car even the english ones are left hand drive.Julian
  13. I had a nice day it was a bit sparce but I sold a fair bit and was very happy with the day as it goes I only bought donuts
  14. I have done RRC alloys in the past but not for meany years. I only rubbed them down with assorted levels of grit and filled them then spray them with a air gun I find thats the easiest, quickes and cheapest way if you going to off road them again anyway. like spraying a panel or somthing used good quality paint and laquer and the work is in the prep. I never realy mastered the two tone alloys when I was never happy with them my mates were always chuffed when I did theres for them. I didn't bother grit blasting them as alloy is so soft I always thought it would do more damage then good. I'm
  15. They do a really cool 4' one which is the most powerfull and the equivilant of about 6 big topspec spots but it only draws somthing like silly 8w.. I wanted the big 4' one for the 110 as it's great for lighting and with zero wind drag and much less chance of treshing against trees but at $1500 lits a ittle more than I was planning to spend. Still cool
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