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  1. What Stephen said. I’ve got one too. You can buy the cartridges too so the mess is minimal when one needs to put in more grease
  2. Unless you want run a chop saw off it, my vote would be an old Henry. ive got Titan shop vacuum that I can run my chop saw off only because it is only temporary/ permanent loan from old man.
  3. If your annual mileage is low enough run with petrol engine. It’s a much quieter smoother lump. the saving in fuel consumption from a petrol to diesel engine will take a fair while to offset itself against the cost of the engine and conversion costs given that the expected fuel economy of a tdi is only say 8-10mpg better but considerably noisier also consider diesel is more expensive at the pump too. if you must go diesel, sound proof everything, otherwise the noise is near unbearable for a prolonged period of time without ear defenders.
  4. Thank you. Makes sense because the 1” core plugs are a bit too big. If you can, a screen shot of the parts book page would be great.
  5. Cracking on with the engine rebuild and we are refitting core plugs today. Thought I had a complete set of plugs but it looks like the core plug hole at the rear of the engine is slightly smaller in diameter than those on the manifold side of the engine. The parts books isn’t much help, I can’t see a part number listed there. thoughts? I “could” get it in with some welly but don’t want to come a cropper or is there a core plug specific to that hole? TIA
  6. Much deeper, also soil type, water flow through the soil, the size of the heat pump vs the area one is planning on putting it into all factor in to ground heat pumps.
  7. My brother has a tdi in his series and sound proofing / deadening everywhere is absolutely key. He’s done the bulkhead in the engine bay and then the cab and then he a rubber floor mat in the cab. It’s acceptable for a Land Rover and not overly invasive.
  8. 2 1/4 diesel? It’s a 2 1/4 petrol engine we want looking over. My father had his 2 1/4 petrol port and polished 15 odd years ago by Turners and it’s been brilliant. Keep the sarcasm to yourself. We were merely looking for best value for money. thanks for response from the sensible members of the group.
  9. https://apple.news/Aj8CvDxqSTKuTuqC3whfmWw anyone seen this? Talk of cheaper defender inspired vehicle, called the Land Rover 80
  10. Hi, dropped you a PM with regards to the station wagon. jason.
  11. I had some tiles delivered the other day, four were damaged, presumably by the courier, one phone call later resulting in four more tiles in the post. No one was at the house when the tiles were delivered, they were just dumped by the shed. I guess it’s depends on whom you’re dealing with I guess, but it was no hassle to get the issue sorted.
  12. Thanks for that. Think I’ll strip it then and list the bits and hope they shift. So you think the bigs bits like engine, gearbox, transfer box, axles, steering pump are worth saving? I’m asking because ive been out of the game for a while and I’m aware it’s a 20 year old plus truck so demand for certain bits might of changed.
  13. Before I start, this isn’t a for sale thread. I’m after some advice. I’ve got an old 300 tdi disco, it’s been used as a motorised wheel barrow while we carried out some house renovation and ground work. That’s all come to the end now and I’m contemplating what I should do with it. Do I break and sell or pull the engine keep it mothballed and scrap the rest ? I just wanted to know what’s the rough value of a good tdi, r380 gearbox, transferbox and axles, alloy wheels. The body work is largely beaten and the chassis is crusty and I don’t think it’s salvageable. I un
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