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  1. Hi Snagger. thank you for that. I’ll have to check with the brother and get back to you. It’s his project. I’m just the spare pair of hands! I’ll get back soonest. But there is a definite skew to something jason
  2. Indeed. Hope the bits serve you well mate. 👍
  3. Hi Steve, Thanks for getting back to us. a bit of background - we bought the chassis as a 3 door lwb series 3 Landrover that had been restored, ran it for a bit - it had a dog tired 2.5 Di engine in and was generally unpleasant. we then found a LWB 5 door station wagon that had been mounted onto a scimitar chassis to look like a lowboy type thing. the body work was cracking on the lowboy thing. you can see where this is going right! so the 5 door body work has been mounted onto the original 3 door chassis. I believe its on parabolic springs hence why it sits a bit high. I've been doing some searching myself, and found Britannia restorations on youtube. he has two short videos and I think the issues is as you say, the B post and the Bulkhead aren't square to each other. we took some quick measurements it looks like the bulkhead to B pillar at the top hinge are of a greater distance than at the bottom of the door aperture. thanks, its not mine. its the old boys. we used the chain hoist to lift the roof on. I found that chain hoist in Southampton. its bolted to the roof steels. thanks Gazzar, the hinges are an issues too. we have rebuild kits in the post. the aim today was to get them in so we knew if needed to make adjustments before paint and not scratch the pain then. gotta love old landys!
  4. Evening folks. I need some help. we are in the final stages of rebuilding the series 3 lwb station wagon and may of hit a snag or two. the door gaps are widely off, I sort of expected needing a bit of adjustment, but they seem mental big! I’m just trying to work out where we need to take up the slack if a kind person measure their door gaps. I.e A to B pillar top of door, A to B pillar at just underneath the top hinge and then A to B pillar bottom of the door. also, could I ask for the repeat on the B to C pillar please? That would help us and perhaps point us in the right direction. just a few questions, 1. the bulkhead has spigots front and back on the through bolts. I’m guessing they can be cropped if needed to move the bulkhead back a bit. 2. the B pillar is welded to the sill is that normal? alternatively; if someone in Ceredigion/ Pembrokeshire wouldn’t mind me coming over and waving a tap measure over your landy that would be great. Edit - I’m sorry, on my iPhone I can’t figure out how to get the photo right way up!
  5. I’ve got this one. It’s spot on. Made by norbar - we them at work in the North Sea - they take a some abuse and still work fine.
  6. Personally, you’ll be a heap better of buying something cheap to runabout in and then use the 90. You’ll be using going through around £80 of diesel a week for your commute alone. A diesel hatch back will be half that. Look for a car that’s £30 a year tax. I had a focus diesel for 8 years and a realistic 55 mpg mixed driving.
  7. The brother fitted a fourby boost pin to his 200tdi hybrid. Far more drive-able and mid range flexibility. not a clue on mpg 😂
  8. Wow. That’s some mileage mate. I’ve done a fair bit this last 18months but that was because Flybe went bust and then work requested us to use own cars for travel between home and Aberdeen.
  9. Have you got an extra “4” in there? Surely not 134k miles in 4 years?! That’s like 33k per year 😳
  10. Thanks Steve. Yes it is. We are fortunate to have a big shed to keep it in. So it’s always dry stored when not being used. the next project is the brothers 109 2a rebuild and the other brother whom needs took his hybrid swimming and the engine drank some river water.
  11. Thanks, It’s a 1966 2a. Not sure if that’s early or not to be honest. It’s still got the original solex, we have a Weber and did intend to swap but the solex has been fine, so haven’t seen the need it’s got a genuine 37000 on the clock. We had to register it with the Dvla for road use, it was used at silverstone as a fire tender, then someone bought it stripped it but never put it back together. When he bought it, it came as load of spares in boxes etc. That was 15 years ago. We have photos somewhere, but I would need to dig through a HDD.
  12. Just thought I would share what we have been up to on the old mans Land Rover. it is a 2.25 petrol, 3mb with a Turner 8:1 head with hardened valve seats. It’s not been a used a great deal over the last year so it needed a bit of TLC to get it fit again, so usual oil change, plugs, condenser and points etc, the only thing got us was a misfire at load and then twice we got caught out when hot she wouldn’t re-start. It was stinking of petrol so no spark - rechecked the points and condenser both ok. Did notice that’s the distributor vacuum advance sliding plate - whatever you call it - was stuck so that was freed up and cleaned up too we also found the HT lead from the coil to the distributor had a bad connection, so we put a new set of leads on. the carb hadn’t been looked at for well over 15 years so we stripped that down, cleaned and rebuilt it with a new spare kit including all new jets. We also pulled the sediment bowl and cleaned the gauze on that. Don’t know if anyone has seen this, but I couldn’t see the timing marks on the flywheel so set the distributor, so I just set it so the rotor arm is pointing at no 1 cylinder at tdc firing. I didn’t touch the collar at the base of the distributor so it’s ok and runs good quick tune up and she’s running well. So satisfying working on old stuff that’s easy to trouble shoot and work on. Just thought I would share in case it helps anyone else out. How can I add a video ?
  13. Bought this recently, not used it in anger yet. For the money it seems ok. Chuck is a bit fiddle - I would of preferred a standard Chuck with a key but this has collar that needs rotated by hand to lock the drill bit in the Chuck
  14. Send it back. The impeller should never touch the housing
  15. Gents, I was just voicing my opinion. Perhaps a bit OTT. I didn’t intend to upset or such like. I have a great deal of respect for the community. It’s one of the very few adult places on the internet where a thread doesn’t descend to the gutter and everyone is honest and willing to help. jason
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