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  1. Two simple battery tests I was told one could perform are, assuming the battery is in the vehicle that is. 1. Resting voltage of the battery. 100% is around 12.5-12.6 volts, less than 12 volts it’s near deaths door. 2. Measuring the voltage while cranking, if it drops below 9v its goosed.
  2. @Badger110 thank you mate. will update when it’s done. Off to work next week. So will most likely be looking at getting it done in feb / March when I’m back again.
  3. @Badger110 thanks for the advice. It’s invaluable. Sounds like a plan. I have eaves on the outside, but it’s the facing the weather so will cover it accordingly to prevent any water ingress. I am getting full sheets. He has 120mm thick sheets for £25.
  4. Thanks @Retroanaconda they are indeed 150mm. The block work is 9” hollow block and I’m not sure if the pad has dpm or not. But there is no rising damp and the pad was put down in the ‘80’s 🤷‍♂️ I have the plans somewhere with the house deeds sounds like a good plan and simple enough.
  5. Those are what I have on my phone at the moment. If you want more let me know. its pitched with the joists concreted into the wall. The corrugated sheets are then running perpendicular to the joists. the small batons in the corrugations are for the roofing teks screws to stop the corrugations being crushed inwards. Ignore the red circle, beneath it is my halogen spot light and I was showing someone the issue I’ve got
  6. thanks both. the roof is pitched. It’s roughly 18” over a 6 metre distance. I’ll attach a few photos in the next post down so, @Badger110 I need an air gap between my insulation and steel sheeting? Make sense and sounds simple enough in that case. Is the key still to stop warm air rising, I’m also concerned about condensation and don’t want to create any further issues if I can help it. @elbekkoim not sure exactly what the fella has just that it’s 50mm or 100mm seconds insulation sheeting.
  7. Right, so I’ve got a shed at home and I want to insulate it. It’s cold and I’m getting condensation in a big way this time of year. so if I may, I would like to run an idea past the folk here and get some feedback. for context; It’s got single skin corrugated steel on it, which I know it’s a termed a “warm roof”. It’s around 30m2 that I need insulating. I’m happy to have a go myself. I have looked at icyene spray foam insulation but at around £25 -£28 per sq meter, so that’s a non starter due to cost. Most of the cost is since no one in my area does it and the peop
  8. Not sure if it’s been posted yet. But found this to be useful
  9. Search on the eBay for “replacement makita”. Currently there is only the angle grinder and the 1/2 impact on there
  10. Thanks both. to be honest I had first dibs on one a few years ago. it was well cared for and I think relatively rust free, Sadly the funds were tight with house buying at the time. I’ll keep you updated with my search. I’ve got a few I’ve seen and like the look of. Just need to go see them in person.
  11. I’ve bought a second one for a spare. It was £27 at the time. it helped strip my brother landy down. Don’t expect miracles, it ain’t the big makita, but for the money it’s well worth it.
  12. That’s some good advice and just what I was after. I don’t want to be buying a potential basket case. I know my budget isn’t going to buy me something totally without issues but at the same time I don’t want a potential basket case then I spend working all the time.
  13. Ok thanks for the replies. Does it need to be nanocom /GAP or will a generic code reader do? on the subject of TD5’s; electrics don’t scare me so I’m not bothered about that. But is there anything I should look out for on the engine? Obviously the usual oil in water, service history, smoke on start up & acceleration. had a look on eBay, seems a few about. Any purchase or viewing will have to wait to the new year. I’m working until the 22nd December
  14. Right, so I’ve been without a Land Rover for a few years now with houses renovations, family life etc. I live in mid wales so have some fantastic scenery on my doorstep and I want to get out and explore a bit. I’ve got a little daughter whom I want to bring with me too. so I was thinking of a discovery 2 for comfort and it being quieter than a series or defender plus they seem a bit cheaper. I had a 300tdi for a while but it succumbed to rust around the boot floor, arches etc etc. ive got a budget of around £3k to £4K to spend, I’m not after anything concourse jus
  15. On the subject of headlights; the number of idiots folk driving around with poorly setup dipped lights really boils my p***
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