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  1. Thanks Simon for the response. it's already registered as a historic vehicle and tax free. we found a page on the dot gov website where we can make a declaration for it being not substantially modified and thereby register it as MOT exempt.
  2. on the issues of MOT exemption, is this automatic or do I need apply on the DVLA website? had a look on the dot gov website but couldn't see anywhere to apply. I don't want to start of discussion of morality on whether It should checked yearly just don't want to get caught out assuming the MOT exemption is automatic. thanks in advance
  3. If only! There’s all sorts in the workshop, but she is liquified natural gas carrier currently off Argentina. Got it going with some high flash point solvent spray I had in the shed, stripped it down, literally sprayed it everywhere and then blew it with the air. Works fine now.
  4. Thanks gents. Job for this morning then! Annoying because I’m back from work and the garden needs a serious hair cut! Thought about an ultrasonic cleaner, we have two in work, one big, one small. both are used for cleaning pretty everything you can think of.
  5. Hi all. Hope no one minds an off topic conversation. I’ve a cheapo hedge trimmer / strimmer 2 stroke power brush cutter type thing. Recently got it out of the shed and, fresh petrol in it fire it up no issues, thing is the damn thing won’t rev up, it will idle fine but won’t rev up the way. it just stalls on me. It sounds like fuel starvation. Am I correct in thinking that taking the carb off and soaking it in white spirits and then blowing it out with air will get the varnish off it?
  6. The best place I’ve found for multi tool blades Is Amazon. Compounded if one has a prime account, then the blades normally come with one day or so. I use Saxton blades. I found they are a good choice between cost and quality. I’ve got a corded multi tool, simply because I don’t work on sites without power and the cable on the tool is around 3mtrs long so generally plenty long enough.
  7. I’ve got the very model you have listed. Not used a great deal, but it’s excellent when used and got plenty of grunt. I already have a load of Makita 18v batteries so it sits well.
  8. Ok thanks for that. Yes I’ve seen some genuine items on lr direct
  9. What’s the quality like on The aftermarket snail adjusters? They are 1/10 the price of the genuine land rover items. I don’t mind paying for the genuine Land Rover items but if the quality isn’t much greater than the aftermarket items I don’t see the point. Thoughts anyone?
  10. One thing to look out for is the 4x4 safaris. Don’t do them Is my advise, you’re stuffed into a 12 seat 110 with no A/C for an afternoon. Have fun, it’s a great island. There are lots of little vineyards that welcome drop in guests to taste their wines. Oh and avoid the “British” restaurants the food is trash. The local Cypriot food is lovely , of great quality and great value
  11. There are loads of old landy in Cyprus. Depending where you are going, if it’s close to paphos or peyia then the akamas peninsula is stunning for off road driving. Suzuki jimny 🤬 or off road buggies are cheap to hire. Just take ski masks if you hire the latter! Or do what I did and hire a 7 seater because it was cheap and rag that about 😂
  12. For a motor, eg compressor, the starting current Is generally 8x the running current. So you’re going to need a fairly big genset to run a smallish compressor just to cope with the start up without over speeding it to cope with the droop effect as the load comes on the genset during compressor start up
  13. Buy a makita 18v lxt Drill and battery set. I’ve got the angle grinder and sds drill on the same battery platform. It’s all great kit
  14. my intention wasnt to replace the original filament bulbs, more to supplement the high beams when night driving along country lanes. mainly on the long commute from southampton to aberystwyth via the brecon beacons. appolgies if that wasnt clear in my original post! so any light bars around of the dimensions above chaps?
  15. Good morning all, Im after suggestions for LED driving lights. i see a raft of them on ebay, however the choice is varied to say the least. anyone have any suggestions? im after around 150mm long 40-50mm wide. so they are discreet. hands up they arent for a landrover, thats got big 100watt spot lights across the roof bar, these are for my VW T5.1 cheers Jason
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