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  1. 2 1/4 diesel? It’s a 2 1/4 petrol engine we want looking over. My father had his 2 1/4 petrol port and polished 15 odd years ago by Turners and it’s been brilliant. Keep the sarcasm to yourself. We were merely looking for best value for money. thanks for response from the sensible members of the group.
  2. https://apple.news/Aj8CvDxqSTKuTuqC3whfmWw anyone seen this? Talk of cheaper defender inspired vehicle, called the Land Rover 80
  3. Hi, dropped you a PM with regards to the station wagon. jason.
  4. I had some tiles delivered the other day, four were damaged, presumably by the courier, one phone call later resulting in four more tiles in the post. No one was at the house when the tiles were delivered, they were just dumped by the shed. I guess it’s depends on whom you’re dealing with I guess, but it was no hassle to get the issue sorted.
  5. Thanks for that. Think I’ll strip it then and list the bits and hope they shift. So you think the bigs bits like engine, gearbox, transfer box, axles, steering pump are worth saving? I’m asking because ive been out of the game for a while and I’m aware it’s a 20 year old plus truck so demand for certain bits might of changed.
  6. Before I start, this isn’t a for sale thread. I’m after some advice. I’ve got an old 300 tdi disco, it’s been used as a motorised wheel barrow while we carried out some house renovation and ground work. That’s all come to the end now and I’m contemplating what I should do with it. Do I break and sell or pull the engine keep it mothballed and scrap the rest ? I just wanted to know what’s the rough value of a good tdi, r380 gearbox, transferbox and axles, alloy wheels. The body work is largely beaten and the chassis is crusty and I don’t think it’s salvageable. I understand it’s worth what someone is willing to pay etc. just after some rough guidance on prices so I’m not a million miles out and wanting to see if it’s worth me bothering to split it in the first place. thanks in advance. jason.
  7. Got my impact in the post today. Seems ok for the money
  8. My father has a Kamasa 3/8 inch set that must be around 15-20 years old and has built several cars. I wouldn’t rate them now. I’ve got a 200 piece Halfords professional set as my go to socket set supported by a 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch bahco and smaller 1/2 inch Teng plus a few other bits.
  9. Has anyone bought one? Just wondering what the import duty is likely to be.
  10. I had to change the fuel filter on my old mans 2.4 transit and just filled the fuel filter up and started it. Ran a bit rough as the air cleared but held it at 1500rpm and it was fine after that.
  11. We alway bury stuff to 300mm deep unless on agricultural land then it’s 600mm deep. Bury with crushed slate or something 20mm to dust and then tape above that.
  12. Thanks Simon for the response. it's already registered as a historic vehicle and tax free. we found a page on the dot gov website where we can make a declaration for it being not substantially modified and thereby register it as MOT exempt.
  13. on the issues of MOT exemption, is this automatic or do I need apply on the DVLA website? had a look on the dot gov website but couldn't see anywhere to apply. I don't want to start of discussion of morality on whether It should checked yearly just don't want to get caught out assuming the MOT exemption is automatic. thanks in advance
  14. If only! There’s all sorts in the workshop, but she is liquified natural gas carrier currently off Argentina. Got it going with some high flash point solvent spray I had in the shed, stripped it down, literally sprayed it everywhere and then blew it with the air. Works fine now.
  15. Thanks gents. Job for this morning then! Annoying because I’m back from work and the garden needs a serious hair cut! Thought about an ultrasonic cleaner, we have two in work, one big, one small. both are used for cleaning pretty everything you can think of.
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