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  1. Last photo for this thread I guess? The wheel carrier is complete on the ‘wheel carrier roll bar seat belt mount’ A wheel nut makes an ace spacer for a 10mm bolt.
  2. Yep, on the tailgate. Wire goes Behind the the tailgate loop latch, down the galvanised hinge, cable tie at the bottom and under the body. You could drill holes and poke it down the hollow sections? A bit free and loose seems to work better. S2 and S3 standard plates fit better because wider. S1 never seems to fit right? I guess that is why so many were painted on. I can put my military plate there and make a new one for the front.
  3. They are ally and nylon truck ones I bought years ago for the van. 6mm holes. Nice hinge :)
  4. My new old styled number plate holder. It swings down like an old rangrover.
  5. Block up the drain holes and swill phosphoric acid around in there for a bit.
  6. Rollover seat anchor wheel carrier is made It weighs nothing
  7. I got the lathe to notch tube. Some trial and quite a bit or error (ally scaffold tube really grabs) anyhoo, it all looks feasible
  8. Rather than put a spreader underneath that ought to be tied into the chassis, I went with this logic: 25mm by 2mm box with the nuts up the inside so it hasn’t got any welds to stress it. Six 20x20 short bits as spacers under the channel of the seat brackets. Six M8 bolts for the six galvo seat brackets that are made of 1mm steel. There are six bolts through the bulkhead which is pretty thin. Then twelve bolts at the bottom of the six brackets, six of which go through the tub and the seat box. The front tub mounts have those angle section 3mm aluminium to brace them and they are bolted through the tub in two more places. So a fair amount of strength by spreading the load around and sharing. I was going to tie those in, but it looks excessive. You would have to have a spreader plate with 12 bolts under the tub to equal it. Shoulder straps are a bit more tricky. Might have to go over a shoulder height bar and down. (Using the race trucks full harness rather that recoil 3-point) (they work a lot better) (and one is a plane latch so it looks spot on in there)
  9. Still going. Security mesh is half done. (Was complete, upgrades) The lower seat belt rail is in. Time to think about the should strap anchors...
  10. The rear tub work is down to the tedious small jobs, so here is the front end
  11. Oh my flippin’ heck gosh this is a bad truck Admittedly only £300 in 1986, but every single item of the body has an issue with fatigue? I wondered why it had some weird looking backing plate. Turns out it was a bit of scrap metal they used to hold the latch in place.
  12. This is two coats, heavy horizontal and a light vertical. I can pop the rope hooks on before a final blast The interior is going silver with body coloured sides. *today was the three week mark since I started this task*
  13. Thanks with that and the ‘it looks like a finger to a thumb width below the lamp’ I should be well on now
  14. Nope, this is a literal badge move, either up or down. Exactly the same spacing. I just don’t know if it went up or down Online photo suggest a finger to a thumb gap below the round tail light.
  15. Just the holes vertically. *did they drill a fresh set below the originals to fit a large truck brake light? thanks.
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