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  1. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    It came out well for a hole saw and grinder part basically an adapter to turn one master cylinder port into two.
  2. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    New fiddle brake set under construction with 1/2 inch pistons.
  3. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    Wow a long time ago 1992/3 maybe. Just after body removal and before hacking the rangy bits off the chassis. edit; I think that is just after it was shortened by 14”. We kept the outriggers on to use as measuring points.
  4. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    Some vid of the other side showing water lines, dry sump bits and modifications.
  5. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    Yep, it might work okay with enough bracing I mean, it’ll work great as long as it doesn’t crumple up... Anyhoo, I haven’t had to butcher the truck to try it
  6. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    Yay, I figured it out I have been thinking about it for ten years, but I couldn’t get a workable ‘tube run’ that missed everything. The idea is that a big roll feeds the mass of the engine and front axel into the roll bar. The bar has a bend so it isn’t a pokey shock load on the front hoop. Trees will ride over the cage better. The outriggers have less to do, as does the bolted in cross member that ties them together. The chassis section can be reduced to bend the radius arm away from the tyre. (Max steering travel without wide rims and spacers)
  7. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    My ideal would be one inch stainless steel bar hot bent I gave the Beast a good clean today and the rear tyres are wrecked ! I cannot believe how we have shredded the corners off the tread
  8. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    This thread is missing the after/before back-end reduction photo It helps a lot, it didn’t drag its back end at all on Sundays trial with ‘Shropshire Off Road Club’. The mirror on the back is to see that the front winch rope is behaving itself. New LED side lights as well
  9. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    Goodwinch take off the roller fairleads and put on slots for rope. They get thrown in a container. I grabbed some and use them for stuff like this The mushroom fairlead is also made from one.
  10. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    Roller set in place via a clamp in case I got it wrong
  11. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    The donut goes on the end of the tube I fitted back in June. Then it goes under this modified alternator pulley to change direction to the rear mounted winch. The pulley is across from the HP22 selector arm.
  12. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    Sort story me and dad bought it in 1991, started it in 1992 and finished it in 1995, in his proper wide garage with a pit. Plenty of room to work on this one while racing it and starting on the next. he moved Not the end of the world for me though, because a lot of normal bits fit. I even used the original rangy bulkhead and tunnel to save time and use easily available bits. (Column and brakes). What I loose in performance I gain in availability it mostly only stopped due to cash flow while at university.
  13. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    I couldn’t see any for sale, so I knocked this up from some fairlead tube
  14. Team Idris

    RRC Based 88" Buggy

    Yes, a most interesting mechanical puzzle. Will the rope go over the big 1972 box-section centre cross-member or will I have to ‘tube’ that as well? It is too close to call just looking at it. Too much radiator pipe covers to see the front tube from the back. Excited to find out Front donut will be a Goodwinch roller fairlead stainless-tube that is lobster cut into a circle. I can’t find anything to buy?

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