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  1. These were caught on wildcamera in januari near a field I work: https://youtu.be/YMIzpnK_aNc
  2. That's what I ment with not being offensive, I'm not familiair with African wildlife but wild cats that are sniffing trees and allow tourist vehicles at point of reach, red game that easely steps aside within 20 meters of a predator, it looks quite off to me. I do not mean to be ignorant but i'm stunned in disbelief of animal behavior. In Holland, if a deer or roe spots a human within 200 meters it retreats, their predators (wolves) don't show up at all, all you will find are footprints.. (nothing ment wrong but it stuns me!) My view might be clouded by the tourist safari we know in
  3. Cool! or not? Depends on the point of view I suppose.. these sort of safari's make my toe's curl.. The animals seems to be quite domesticated, so there shouldn't be no animal abuse of wildlife, I suppose.. If those animals are domesticated refugees / outcasts / orphans this is a great way to introduce tourists to the local wildlife! I'm not the kind of person to point my finger but without a context this sends a double message.. no offense ment! I love wildlife, I'm often out in our nature, I also hunt, that's why 'abnormal' animal behavior sticks out like a sore thumb to
  4. Well.. that's the thing really, I do drive frequently drive behind her 90 but no visible smoke or smell.. no oil on the driveway, no visible leaks, I'm stooped..
  5. The standard Lucas components from Paddock for a 2.25P
  6. That would be very kind of you! I have no idea how far away you're from me but I guess you figured that out already!
  7. Ok.. thing is.. I'm taking up too much projects.. which doesn't make me a full fledged cursing anyway.. This one is degrading on the parking lot for too long so something has to be done with it.. It's a worn down, beat up stripped down Dakar kitcar, with bashed polyester and the steeringcolumn at the passenger side... We v'e got a Rover 3,5l V8 engine lingering around, a quite fresh driveline and a Disco1 to canniballize.. Let the cursing begin!
  8. That's worth a try! Thank you for the tip! As far for the oil mystery, the cylinders have not been re-bored, neither the pistons nor the pistonrings have been replaced, I've suggested it to the mechanic but he dis-encouraged me as het told me they were just fine, and I shouldn't replace stuff if it wasn't worn or broken
  9. That might be something I've overlooked, it is a Lucas type with the electronic insert. It has a vacuum advance, the tube could well be leaking or porous. I'm not sure if it has advance weights.
  10. It actually runs better on LPG as on petrol in fact, due to the 10% methanol that's mixed in on the E95 we only use E98 petrol. But either LPG or E98 it won't get the engine run properly.
  11. If this is posted in the wrong realm please feel free to replace it to the correct one.. Thing is, the head of my '85 2.25l p 90 has been overhauled, new cam, rockers, valves, hardened valve seats (for LPG is it's main fuel), distribution chain & sprockets, waterpump internals, the whole shish-kabam.. Also a new electronic distributor instead of the dreaded ignition points and a fresh high powered coil.. (and new leads & plugs of course) But it keeps under performing and lacking power, like it's running on 3 cilinders when the engine becomes loaded, it has been back to t
  12. By using a switch (preferably a solenoid) that changes the leads from parallel to series, doubling the battery capacity at 12V, and that is why they should be of the same amps. At normal driving the batteries are in series and evenly loaded, then when you turn on the winch, the 2nd battery is switched from series to parallel and the winch and solenoids are powered the correct voltage. When you switch off the batteries return in their series state, an get both charged. To avoid 24V leakage to the car's electric's, it might be wise to connect a voltage regulator between the + of the genuine
  13. The Landy has been out to the guys in Hoogezand and been fitted with a full inox exhaust from headers on. You can wait while they're at it, several mufflers are tried to fit the tone it should humm, from whispermode to That's definitively too loud. Sounds good, looks good but the main reasonsfor fitting this one are that SS 304 is more resistant against the acidic fumes from the LPG gasses and due to the under-build LPG tanks they've choosen an alternative route to avoid them
  14. At the beginning of the year I've acquired a 2.25l petrol 90" from '85 for my beloved. So far the thing has been fitted with a LPG system, there is a stainless steel exhaust from front to aft tied under it, the ladder frame MOT technical restored and after replacing the radiator again it came with a new MOT. Which is all pleasant, well and fine. So, cosmetic it's a very cool car, but it has the technical effect that the mechanical maintenance status <80% . Plans so far ready and time at hand (means = threshold factor) for the following: total strip, chassis sandblasting, x-member replac
  15. Why should you? 24V winches uses half the amps of 12V Add an extra battery, connect this in serie to the other, connect the mass cable to the original - pole and the mains to the +pole of extra battery. snag in here is that the battery's should be of same amps.
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