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  1. Hello all Another problem. I recently fitted a 2006 rear axle into my 1987 110csw. Really just for the rear disc brakes. A coup le of weeks after fitting the bearing seals went so I changed the bearings and seals and thought that was it. I've just discovered that was not the case. The recovery vehicle has just dropped us and the landy off at home as both seals went on the way home from a day out. Bearings started to make a terrible noise and I pulled over to find both brake discs and inner wheels covered in grease and nastiness I'm about to order replacement bearings but there's something else wrong obviously. Anybody any idea what it might be? Thanks
  2. It's 2002 and its def a td4. Might it be an aircon belt? I didn't think of that. It's directly behind the aux belt I changed. I'll have another look tomorrow and see if I can make sense of it. Thanks all
  3. Hello lads I drive a defender but I recently bought a freelander1 td4 for my wife. Great wee thing. The alternator belt shredded and so I replaced it. When I was down there I saw another belt behind it that doesn't look too hot either. What is this belt? I thought this engine ran on a chain?? Is it something I can pull off and replace myself? Can't find much information on it anywhere. Thanks in advance Connor
  4. Hell western. Thanks for the response. I did buy them but they were second hand from ebay. The stud says u176 on the head
  5. Hello all This may not be the right place for this question but not sure where else to put it. I almost lost a wheel last week and in doing so I've damaged the captive studs on one of my 30mm wheel spacers. Anyone any idea where I might be able to get some new ones? They tapped out easily enough. Can't seem to find a good source for them Thanks in advance Connor
  6. Thanks all. I'll try to get it sorted for the weekend. -3℃ with us the night before last. High time it was working again.
  7. Does anyone know where it's possible to buy the resistor and harness for the heater matrix? I know the one I have is shot. The rest of the system seems fine so I don't want to buy the whole unit if I don't have to. Thanks in advance Connor
  8. That's brilliant western. I see where it goes on your pic. It was the lower down slightly darker purple wire I need to connect to. Thanks I'll try in the morning
  9. Hello all. Not been on for a while as everything's been running smoothly.I had to change the ignition switch and now my horns not working. I've a black wire im assuming is the problem as only one end is connected.it's connected with a purple wire and I can't fine where the other end should be. Anyone any ideas? 1987 110 csw if that makes any difference. Thanks and I hope someone can help. Connor
  10. Hello Everyone I've not been on in a while as everythings been running smoothly on my 110. I'm busy working from home and so not using it everyday. I hoped in yesterday and found to drive to the shops and noticed it was hard to engage gears. Got it home and thought today I should have a look to see what the problem might be. Jumped in,started up and no gear can be selected unless the engine is switched off. There have been no bangs or other noises like those I've felt when work van clutches have failed and I'm really hoping at this time of the year its not a new clutch needed. Has anyone any advice on what to check for. I feel the pedal is a bit softer and longer than before so I'm really hoping its a slave or something bleeding issue. It's a 1987 110 county with a 300tdi fitted onto lt77 and a 1:22 transfer box on there aswell if this helps narrow the problem down. Thanks in advance guys Connor
  11. Hello all. Wondering if anyone has any info or experience of exporting to the USA. I have a 1987 110 csw and was thinking of getting something a bit fresher. I heard they want early 90's and 110's out there but its probably loads of hassle. Any info or pointers would be appreciated. Thanks Connor
  12. thats great lads Thanks again for the advice i'll get it sorted with that advice Connor
  13. hello everybody Another question about my 300tdi Since the engine was put it in there has been a squeling noise from it. I thought it was the tensioner bearing which was shot so i replaced it ( thanks to les henson for the thread on this) but it wasnt that as the bearing i took out was sound and afterwards it still made the same noise. A couple of days ago i met the guy i bought the landy from and he said put talcum powder on the belt.I laughed at him. I couldnt believe it worked. but it doesnt last. Does anyone know of a better solution or even why it does this? Its hard to listen to all the time. Thanks again Connor
  14. Absolutely amazing!! Dick Turpin on the internet
  15. Ok thanks for that. Seems like sound advice. I'll go work on it Thanks Chris Connor
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