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  1. Carl got mine of ebay, from lindanightingill@hotmail.co.uk £150 delivered
  2. my 200tdi hardtop has a low fuel light and my 300tdi csw didnt have one, figure that out
  3. glad you got sorted out. put mine in the back door too and now have a spare lol
  4. Hi I have had the same problem with the "lift up handle" type doors I got some of ebay a few months ago but carnt seem to find any info now but they were britpart and did fit and work Anderzander of here emailed me the link in an email maybee its still in his out box hint hint edited to say im 99% sure it was landrover-orphanage of ebay who sold them to me
  5. Hi. Carl hurst off this forum makes some good ones drop him a pm
  6. very impressive. I would love somthing like that
  7. has not set their status

  8. thats a good solution. very simple but affective
  9. Cubby box all day long loads of storage and it keeps the wife away mainly it keeps the wife away though
  10. grrrrrrr im a signaller bluddy om's and p-way the lot off you just go away and let me watch my ..................................
  11. just put some jump leads on the battery, switch on the ignition wait for it to rise. but im lazy and would just tow it 2 miles on the bump stops........
  12. stunning day wish i could have made it look like you had fun and the weather held off. and to say i had to work playing with my big train set.....
  13. They are talkin out of there backside. I have seen them sort there orders out for the web site and talked to them about it I will but my house on the fact the guy who answered the phone packs the boxes too. The only reason they could have said that is if there havin a supplier deliver to you direct. I would be fuming if it was me there is no excuse for bad customer service
  14. It was good to meet you guys too :D . We had a great day and was lucky with the weather. The series 1 was a nice motor I would love one, when I find my lead for the camera I will put our pics up..... looking forward to the next outing
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