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  1. Hi everyone, I was trying to measure the dog nit size but the pulley and mud guard make it impossible for the caliber to reach. Anyone know what size it is?
  2. Hi Gazzar It's the pick-up type roof with quarter panels and rear windows that I am looking for. Am based in Dubai and willing to arrange for shipping.
  3. I am looking for a truck cab roof with windows for my 109" Series 3.
  4. Can you please list down the part numbers of each of the bulbs you bought from ULTRALEDS?
  5. Hi winn I am interested to know how did you install the back unit as you say "back of the firewall". I understand the firewall is the bulkhead. You know as they say: a picture worth a thousand wirds
  6. Hi Guys, I've started stripping down my s3 109 sw to the bones for restoration. I've done most of the work but I'm stuck with the b-pillars. There's a bolt holding the front leg of the b-pillar to the bulkhead (picture attached). I've tried unbolting it but the outrigger is in the way. It's a very tight spot where no tool can fit. I tried to cut it with an angle grinder but that won't fit either. How can I remove this @#%$&* bolt?
  7. Thank you guys for the true LR spirit shown by everyone. In fact, I have two defender 90s. One is TD5 and the 2nd is V8 NAS. I have contacted RedDot when I bought my TD5 and requested the R-2000. The dealer here in Dubai suggsted that I install a floor-mount unit which I did (photos attached). It sits nicely in place of the middle front seat facing backwards. I found it a space-waster. Hence, this thread for the purpose of fitting the V8. I am very interested in the South African fitments as Brian described. The problem is that air con specialists here are not so savvy. They are trained on a specific product and they just install and maintain that product line ONLY! No creativity ... just easy money. I have a SA friend at work who can source them from SA during one of his trips back home. If this doesn't work, I will follow Brian suggestion of doing it on my own.
  8. Hi Guys, I live in Dubai and we can't do without this remarkable invention called: A/C Strangely enough, defenders of all sorts are imported in Dubai without rear A/C!! So while the knees of the driver are cooled to freezing temperatures, the poor rear passengers are sweating their backs off!! I have looked around and could not find a proper thread about rear A/C systems fitted on a Defender 90/110. I was thinking about installing a disco rear A/C system on my Defender. Any thoughts or useful links? Thanks
  9. Hi guys, You know as they say: one persons' junk is another persons' treasure?! I have a defender 90 and I live in Dubai. Of course, we won't be able to live without A/C in the soaring summer heat. I was curious if I can fit the rear A/C of a disco II in the defender?! It would suit the 110 but I can just use one distribution duct for the 90. What are the dimensions of the rear evaporator/blower assembly?
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