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    Obviously driving, I also have a soft spot for Ducati's and in past years I've had a GT1000 and ST2.
    Hunting, I have a feral license to reduce the numbers, and tramping over hill and dale chasing furry animals keeps me fit.
    The next big trip(s) will be exploring all the deserts in Oz and the more verdant northern queensland and Cape York around the gulf of Carpenteria and the Northern Territory, living off the land and taking in as much of the country as Julie and I can. Past cars interesting include a Lotus Elan S2, Mazda MX5, Escort BDA, Mitsubishi Galant G2, Mitsubishi Lancer Twin Cam, then I grew up :-( . Began umpiring cricket in the UK in 1968 and still keep my hand (finger) in destroying batsmans careers and bowlers egos. Sometime angler but prefer using a Sako 30.06 for greater effect. Current vehicle is a Land Rover Discovery 300TDi, build date July 1998, first registered July 1999. Currently a constant work in progress to tour all of Australia, converted to a two seater (no kids) and fitted out with all nessesities for long distance driving over Oz. It was an auto but now converted to a R380 5 speed manual so I can service it without getting a PHD in automatics - follow the old addage KISS (keep it simple stupid) - hence all the electronics that were installed have now been removed, as I said its a work in progress.

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  1. Garry, your concerns have been noted but after serious consideration we will stick with the two satellite phones and the two 5 watt CB radios. Both Peter and I will have one of each.
  2. I think from memory that they are 50mm. They also go in the other way around and when you strike the center of the welsh plug it causes it to expand at the outer circumference causing it to seal tight in the cylinder block. Use some sealant on the edges before you insert it though
  3. Garry we did consider a PLB but while the CSR is a hard trip, its not exactly deserted and my CB radio has a 80 kilometer range with the high mounted ariel. I'll stick with the satellite phone, I've nothing against a PLB apart from the fact you set it off and there isn't any communication until the cavalry come charging over the hill . The couple you mentioned got seriously bogged well of the normal track in a SUV, not even a "proper" 4WD - and she was pregnant and they only had a hand held 5 watt CB radio which was what they used to advise others on the CSR of their plight. Their journey preparation was abysmal !
  4. Thanks Hobbit, as usual you are a bottomless font of knowledge and I'll price one tomorrow. As I explained on the other thread, the leak had been fixed with a fuel additive. Brilliant
  5. Okay, major panic over. I spoke to a guy who overhauls these pumps, in competition to Bosch who told me to save my self some megabucks and run a triple dose of diesel conditioner through the system and take the Disco for a longish run. The product he advised is an Australasian made liquid called "Flash Lube" it apparently compensates for the lack of sulphor in current diesel fuels and this deletion has the effect of causing the compound in early seals to dry out and the seals to leak. This "Flash Lube" has a chemical that causes the seals to "swell" and reseal as new. Anyway, 1 litre of this cast me $25.00 and will normally do 1000 litres of diesel (50 ml to 50 litres) and I dropped into the tank around 1/2 a litre - my fully filled tank now being 160 litres. So, we went for a drive today and after just under 400 kilometers, I now have zero leaks !! Had I not experienced it myself I'd never had believed it. Okay so I'm now going to have to carry a litre of this stuff with me and drop in 100 ml at every major 100 litre fill and in the long term a rebuilt FIP is definitely on the cards but for the next few thousand k's it's a quick, inexpensive and easy fix that you too might want to consider.
  6. Thanks guys, your ebay (UK) is different from ours out here in the colonies. The oval section is in the round upper portion, not in the concentric tapered lower section, obviously worn over the past 400,000 plus kilometres due to the up and down movement so I thought one of these after market ones would be a better "fit" and, with the new nylon top seal fix -- albeit temporarily -- my fuel leakage problem, meanwhile I'm looking locally in Oz for a reasonable low milage second hand FIP, a fully reconned ex Bosch one will need to wait until I return from out CSR trip.
  7. Following my question regarding diesel leaking from my FIP - a very slight drip from drain/vent just below the turbo banjo connection - it would seem that by measurement my concentric pin is oval and the nylon sealing bush has also worn. The bush I can obtain by buying a full seal and gasket set, the pin I'm not able to obtain, short of buying a fully overhauled pump however I recall there was a performance pin on the market that had just one curve machined in it, can anyone tell me who made and supplied these ?
  8. I'm in the throws of giving the old girl a total service getting ready for our/my trip down the Canning Stock Route (see my thread on trips etc) and I noticed after fitting the auxiliary 35 litre fuel tank and running it for a while to recharge batteries and flush some fuel through the system before I changed all the fuel filters that there was a slight drip of diesel coming from a bleed rubber just below the turbo actuated diaphragm. I removed the diaphragm assembly, the upper section had a smattering of engine oil from the turbo pressure line and the underside quite a bit of diesel, I cleaned it up replacing it so the wear mark on the pin aligned with the plunger etc. and ran the engine, --- so far no more dripping fuel however ------ ??????? This doesn't appear to be normal as I would have noticed it before now, so does it signify a need to have the FIP overhauled ? or is there an easy fix ?
  9. The fuel side is okay, the overland distance from Halls Creek to Kunawaritji (the only fuel stop on the CSR) is around 660 kilometres and from there to Wiluna around 1000 kilometers, so even at over 15 litres per 100 kilometers I'm easily covered. The last time I did the trip up the CSR it was south (Wiluna) to North (Halls Creek) and we did it comfortably with the 135 litre tank and two 20 litre Jerry cans. When we refueled at Kunawaritji I had only used an estimated 132 litres - on the journey I had emptied the two Jerry cans into the main fuel tank to reduce the roof rack load and the main tank only took 92 litres to refill it, meaning it still had 43 litres remaining. I carry a satellite telephone, I've never bothered with an emergency location beacon, I've only once used the sat phone to call up spares and my Inmarsat phone is set to automatically send my GPS location at the start of any phone call, email or text message. I wouldn't want the cavalry coming over the hill for no good reason. My reservations about emergency beacons as against a satellite phone is you never know when the signal has been received while with a satellite phone you can, if needed, call up the required emergency services, give then your exact location and explain your problem and receive advice and the time of arrival of aid if its needed. De Ranged, yes he has, I'll ask him if I can make it "public"
  10. I've just finished installing a secondary 35 litre fuel tank under the drivers side rear wheel arch to add to the existing "Longranger" tank so ill be now loading up with 135 + 35 = 170 litres of diesel, more than enough to do the CSR without need to carry Jerry cans on the roof rack. I'll only have to refuel at Kunawaritji - almost the half way point in the 1380 kilometre trip. My past experiences are, economy wise, that I get 10l/100k on bitumen and 15l/100k on soft sand and 12l/100k on hardish packed outback tracks so I recon I'll average around 13l/100k or 1300 kilometres to a 170 litre tank load. On the other front Peter had aa operation in Canberra to fit a titanium plate screwed into his broken/shattered collar-bone last Friday and was released from hospital this morning (Sunday 30/4/17) and is expected to begin physiotherapy next Wednesday. We're still looking good for a July departure. I've still got a few things to do the the Disco, the CB doesn't seem to be working, the ariel is suspect and I'll have that checked out next week along with replacing a dud deep cell battery.
  11. Davo, Its proverbially pissing down and there are reports of quite a few hardy (read stupid) tourists who ignored advice from the traditional land owners (indigenous Aboriginal Australians) and tried to drive through rather than turning back. Some of them are now faced with a few days/weeks wait while bogged down to their axles in sticky mud until a 4WD tractor can get to them to pull them out, --- at around $4000 per vehicle, - cash only or selected debit cards only are accepted. The extraordinary high cost pays for a grader to repair the damage they caused to the track, credit cards are generally declined as some unhappy tourists have been known to cancel or dispute the transaction as soon as they reach a telephone.
  12. To "compound" matters Peter fell off his mountain bike while competing in a bicycle tour/race last weekend (three day event over Easter) breaking his right clavicle (shoulder bone) so hes going to be in a sling / restraint for the next six weeks until the bone knits, then he will need to undergo some weight work to rebuild his right arm muscles - cycling however isn't a problem, many find this hard to believe but in his Canberra office he has a cycling machine, its hooked up to a small generator so he can cycle away in front of his computer / drawing board and power up the office lights, computers and 3D printers - when he gets tired he just switches back to mains power, as I intimated, hes a nut !
  13. I'm getting ready for what will probably be my Discos swansong, an all expenses trip down the Canning Stock Route in Western Australia. The reason for this is that a mate wishes to establish a new motorized assisted bicycle ride time from Halls Creek to Wiluna. Currently someone has done this 1380 cross desert trip in 14 days, Peter (old mate) thinks he can do it in 9. His machine has 4" wide bicycle tyres, it has attached a single wheel trailer that will carry his gear, food etc and two solar panels. These panels feed/supply a pair of Ni-Cad batteries that in turn power two electric motors, on the trailer, one in the geared rear hub of the bike, a sensor on the front wheel synchronizes both motors so that they are running at the same final speed. I might add Peters is a renowned electronics engineer who was responsible among other things for the FOMOCO plug-in diagnostic units. Where I, and my trusty Disco come in is in transporting him, his bike and his "trailer" the 9000 k's from here to Halls Creek, then shadowing him down to Wiluna without assisting him in any way - other than sharing a camp fire in the evenings, if something breaks, a weld for example I'm allowed to carry the welding unit but he has to carry out the repair. Should he have broken the record then I'll be transporting him home the 8000 k's from Wiluna via Docker Ricer and Uluru to Coober Pedy and home. By then the "Old Girl" will have clocked up well over 500,000 k's of severe off road Australian desert and bush driving and it will be retired and restored.The reason for taking the Disco is the size of the roof rack 2150 x 1500 - impossible on the other 4WD with its fitted roof top tent. On our return I'm expecting that Peter will receive all due accolades and be fitted out for a new jacket with nice sleeves that tie up at the back and he can have a long rest in a nice room with quilted walls. Currently hes cycling a 1000 k's a week most of it cross country to get himself into shape, not bad or a 62 year old. As I said, for me its an all expenses paid trip, well, apart from the 5 bottles of single malt, Peters covering all the diesel and other supplied I'll need to do the trip. It should be fun, for me anyway, hes anticipating cycling 130-140 k's a day cycling for 10 hours a day so you can see I wont exactly be busting and land speed records. Remember though this is a desert track and the sand will be soft and anything up to 8" deep over the sand dunes so it will be bloody hard going --- for him ! I'll be taking lots of photos and GoPro videos so I'll post them on my return - if Peter's assembly is ready we head off the last week in June. The program is the trip to Halls Creek, allow 5 days, the Canning Stock Route allow 9-10 days, Wiluna to home allow 5 days, total around 20+ days. Departure 30th June return around the 23rd July
  14. I'm embarrassed, I've just gone through my hard copy of the workshop manual and while it shows the front propshaft offset it fails to give a quantum. When one Universal joint is horizontal and vertical the other one in the drawing appears to be at roughly 45' to it, if you say thats 22.5 degrees I have no way of doubting you but it does seem to be greater than that and the figure of 30 degrees is in my mind from somewhere. As for which end I dont think it matters so long as the shaft has been balanced as the off-set is purely to give greater flexibility on the front suspension. .
  15. There must be different R380 cases - mines on the opposite side below the connections to the oil cooler and below a small inspection cover. My gearbox was originally on a V8, would that make any difference ?