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  1. I think the culprit has been found :-) I Fitted the new earths yesterday, and while removing the battery to chassis cable I discovered the po had spliced the cable to extend it... was a good 3/4 inch gap in the splice Ran a nice shiny new cable to chassis, and from there to bellhousing. Have another from engine to front panel and another chassis to gearbox.. should cover it I think cleaned up all the mounts with wire brush as well. turns over much quicker now and spark is nice and strong, even runs better... muchly happy and will sort the vacuum advance next Cheers Chris
  2. I have just straightened mine.. I used a 4ft iron bar to do mine, just wedge it in a apply force then a fbh to finish off and fine tune :-)
  3. me thinks we are on the right track :-) took all the plugs out, cleaned and regapped them at 0.6mm.. replaced the powerspark rotor arm with the old lucas one, and tidied up the ht leads using nige's nice pic on the routing (thank you) started and sounded sounded a bit better, so i advanced the timing to the old mark on the dizzy (where it was before all my troubles) reset the idle and took it for a blast around the block much better.. picks up revs quickly and barks like a goodun... nice and wheel spin happy again as well which has been lacking lately so will definately replace and renew all ignition components with genuine over the next week.. have also ordered some new earth cables which i will fit over the weekend hopefully cheers Chris
  4. looking through all the other v8 posts, i see i should have gapped at 0.6mm ... hopefully get a chance tomorrow afternoon to regap and tidy ht lead routing.... as a free start while I wait for parts to arrive
  5. would you call these genuine?? they are marked Lucas and states oem? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/280607607297?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 have noticed other sites charge up to £300 for "genuine" HT leads have ordered a dizzy cap, rotor arm and coil from matford, but could not bring myself to pay what they want for ht leads Chris
  6. Cool, sounds like a good start :-) Genuine as in Lucas??
  7. Ah I see what you mean... only problem with that theory is It was worse with the new simonbbc one? is there any way of testing them? might pop down to the local landy specialist and see if he has any spare 2nd hand units i can try :-) Cheers Chris
  8. old plugs were bp5 ngk's, but they looked to have been in there since noah built the ark
  9. amplifier is wired up correctly I think... the problem seems to start before the dizzy though... I have been testing with a spare plug in the king lead, and the spark is carp from the coil??? my tester has blown up now, so have resorted to old school checks :-) Chris
  10. Hi All Wonder if I could reap some forum expertise? This will be a long post as I have an ongoing fault that is doing my head in :-( vehicle is a series 3 swb fitted with a 3.5 v8 engine number starts 38A has twin strombergs and dizzy is the 38dlm8 with 2 lucar pins was running and starting well when i bought it so started renewing ignition bits. red rotor arm, powerspark blue 8mm ht leads, new dizzy cap, new set of ngk bpr6es (i think) plugs gapped to 0.08mm had an lpg system fitted (second hand) By Gordon Findlay and all was good bar a little fluffiness on lpg decided to renew dizzy with a simonbbc unit and matching coil which is where my problems started. after lots of cocking around I have sent the simonbbc parts back as i could get no joy( would not start on gas at all and felt gutless. also down to 8-10mpg from 17mpg) and the old parts seemed to work better been ok except for intermittent spark issues. spark is not very strong and appears to be intermittent ?? will spark for a second and then goes away. 12v at the coil, but does seem to drop on cranking. have tried direst feed from my battery and from another spare battery while cranking and still carp spark. tried 2 spare coils I have and same(except 1 was dead) have tried jumper cable to various different earthing spots on starter, engine and chassis with no difference there is no ballast resister and coil is a 12v item switch to petrol and it starts and runs as it should.. struggles to fire on change to gas but will do so after a second or 2 and then runs but i think not on all cylinders...seems smooth enough but sluggish... still faster and more powerfull than a 2.25 but definately not like it normaly runs sorry for the essay, but not sure what to check next??? thanks in advance Chris
  11. Adrian flux, RH, footman James and Heritage are the one i jump between. one year there will always be one them competitive while the others are carp!! rh charged nothing when i fitted a tdi to my 109 last year, so they must be worth a shout, although thet want the landy to be a second car rather than your main vehicle Chris
  12. lol discovered yesterday when it starts rattling you have less then a minute to find a fuel station :-) ran out miles from anywhere.. managed to cadge a lift and borrow a 5l fuel can which got me 1/4 mile from the fuel station i was heading for lol twice in one day.. must get the lpg sorted asap changed the dizzy cap, rotor arm and leads today... fiddled with the timing... have a 100 mile round trip to do this evening so will do the advance till it pinks under load test once it is warm and hopefully get it as close as possible rest of the parts should be arriving this week i hope thanks for the replies Chris
  13. cheers guy's dont suppose anyone knows the plug gaps offhand? the plug i checked seemed pretty wide, but i could not find my feeler gauge at the time to check where it was at? can you set the timing by ear like a 2.25 or is a strobe required?
  14. cheers Nige was just out to have a quick look now. filled dampers and pulled a plug to check(just been on an 18-20mile run) plug was chocolate brown(only did 1 side) and a bpr5 es ??? does that mean new plugs as well? so genuine parts.... best place?? I have bearmach local and brookwells kind of local, bit od a run, but worth it sometimes Cheers Chris
  15. Hi All wondering i could ask a few questions about my new v8 series :-) been running arounfd in it for a few weeks. Been meaning to do an oil and filter change, balance the carbs and check the plugs. Hoping to do this wed, but have a few questions that i cant seem to find the answers to? what oil should i use is probably the most important :-) the rest I can probably muddle through, but any tips or advice would be much appreciated.. engine is a 3.5 with twin strombergs, running twin k and n's and is I believe from a rover sd1 looks to have some sort of ignition module on the side of the dizzy, so i assume it has electronic ignition? just lately has started running a bit lumpily at idle and a little less inclined to start without some pressure on the acc pedal. have also noticed the leccy fuel pump is ticking and occasionally rattling? Been like this since i got it, but not run one before, so not sure if it is normal or not? sorry for all the questions, but wanted to run it around for a while first to get some sort of bench mark before i started fiddling :-0 thanks in advance Chris
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