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  1. Hi Is there no way you can do it without plugging it in. Cheers Nick
  2. Hi There Please could someone tell me how to reset the airbag light on a P38 rangerover. Cheers Nick
  3. Hi There It should be located on the steering column. Cheers Nick
  4. Afternoon everyone Hope you all had a good christmas and new year and all that I am after a part worn tyre for my P38 I would prefer a pirelli but any offers would be greatly received. The size is 255/55 R18 I am based in Essex so if you are based halfway across the country please include postage charges Thank you for all you help in advance Cheers Nick
  5. Afternoon everyone, I am currently borrowing my dads P38 as i have sold my car and awaiting another to arrive and have noticed a approx 50mph the steering wheel shakes. Once over this speed it stops, but then when you go over a bump the shake reappears and then goes again. What could this be. Cheers for your help Nick
  6. Hi FridgeFreezer, Right then, what choices do i have: Please explain
  7. Morning Everyone, Right my RRC is a 1990 3.9 while the engine i have got is from a 1995 P38, it does not have the serpentine belt arrangement. Fuelling i am going to put LPG on it but i take it i will have to upgrade the fuel pump as well. Cheers Nick
  8. Hi There I have done a few engine swaps in my time, is the 4.6 block the same as the 3.9 then, would be nice if it is, that would make it a very simple swap. Cheers Nick
  9. Afternoon everyone, I have just got my hands on a good 4.6 V8 engine from a P38. It does not use any water or such like and wanted to know what sort of work was needed to put it into my classic. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Nick
  10. Hi There I have just fitted leather seats to my RRC. The original cloth seats are mounted on spacers, the bolts on mine were seized solid and i ended up cutting them off, which was fun. I thought that Land Rover would use the same wiring loom and so i could just add the seats and plug in but this is not the case. You have to wire them in but it is not too difficult. Plus the electric seats do not have the spaces either as they move up and down. Cheers Nick
  11. These are the sorts of things i have to do to park it in field and go shooting on a sunday morning. All of the boys that go drive new range rovers and discoverys so i have to hold my own. It may only be a 1990 RRC Vogue but i am the one with the most amount of people round the car. Result Nick
  12. Hi Dom, You are right the wiring was bad, i have not finished removing all the wiring yet, i keep finding more and more. But had another go yesterday and i seem to be getting there now. I gave it another wash and hoovered it out yesterday, so looks 10 times better now. Cheers Nick
  13. The transmission tunnel on my old SE used to get so hot it turned it funny. It went all hard and horrible. Never found out and is still the same with the new owner. Nick
  14. My uncle has just bought a 12 month old TDV8 sport and what a machine, i love it, he has just had it remapped too which has increased all the power figures while economy has increased too. This is a tool and a half and if i had that sort of money, i know what i would be buying. Nick
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