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  1. Cool. Thanks Bowie. Hope this cv joint does the trick. The steering damper is going to get clouted everytime i take it off road cos it hangs down from behind the axle slightly. Is there a solution to this or shall i just remove it before offroading ?
  2. Am I ok to run without a steering damper for a bit ?
  3. Sorry Ross. Drivers side is in bits now so cant check. Its always the week before a scout camp !! . Going to order another cv joint but a diffrent make this time. I need it back on the road by sat. March it was changed so its lasted 2 months and I hardly use the car. Did do abit of offroading at ty rhiw farm on sunday but nothing extreme.
  4. With both wheels off the ground but with the prop still connected I can turn the drivers wheel and the passenger wheel turns in the opposite direction. I thought this was correct as long as the centre diff wasnt locked.
  5. Slight exageration. The cv was replaced in January.
  6. No sign of any wear on the drive shaft and the teeth look fine with no sign of any slippage. Gotta be the cv joint again then ?
  7. The lack of turning circle was the steering damper. The outer casing was fouling the piston. Can you drive the disco with the damper removed till i can get a new one ? All bearings seem fine with no play. About to remove drive shaft to see if there are any obvious issues with that. Really need the car for the weekend so here's hoping I can find out what it is . The fact it was fine in the straight ahead can rule out the diff surely ?
  8. Thanks for the reply Ian. There are no tyre issues. The arches have been cut out. Its as if there is something jamming the cv joint. Yes it was a britpart joint but 4 weeks ????
  9. I need help guy's .I replaced the offside swivel ball about 4 weeks ago due to it being pitted and leaking. I ended up changing everything, hub, cv joint, wheel bearings etc etc as on reassembly there was a loud clicking noise as if the drive shaft was slipping teeth. Anyway It's lasted about four weeks and now its doing it again ???? This time its mainly if you try driving on full lock its as if the front wheel is trying to lock up then banging free. You can see the wheel shudder as it releases. Also I dont seem to have full lock. I've damaged the steering damper and its leaking oil so I'm going to remove that today and strip the driveshaft assembly out. Any idea's ??
  10. I'd start with the relay. Just cos its clicking doesnt mean its making a good contact. Swap it with a good un and see what happens. You havnt got spots spliced in somewhere have you shorting out the main beam ??? just a thought.
  11. Got a nice 4.6 gas converted you can have for £1295 .
  12. Old fashioned thing called customer service.
  13. Out for a play 27th. If she gets submerged again your on !
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