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  1. Those wheel arch boxes are a neat use of space! Any idea if something similar is still made? Here's a couple of ideas for you: My 90 with an MSS storage chest. Very happy with the chest and it's certainly strong. It's never leaked despite the 90 living outside with no roof during the summer and is big enough to lay a large socket set flat inside, the downside being that you can't store fluids upright due to the height. In an ideal world, I would like a large T-shaped chest that rises to the tub cappings, is the depth of the MSS box allowing 2 x dickie seats at the rear but with the bottom section as a drawer to prevent loosing stuff into the bottom of the chest. And this is in my Dad's series 1 hybrid. The lower section, up to the wheel boxes is a fuel tank and the upper section has one large hinged lid with internal dividers that are removable.
  2. As Fridge mentions above, a 300Tdi should ideally have a breather on the timing case but the Gwyn Lewis one includes that plate. You will want some wading plugs for the timing case and bell housing and depending on how deep you are planning on going, a fuel tank breather may be a good plan.
  3. A friend unfortunately had both his and his father's Series 2s stolen from Gunthorpe in Rutland on the 6th November. The number plate from the 88" was found in a field in Kelby, just North of Grantham yesterday. If anyone spots them please contact Leics Police on the below number?STOLEN from Gunthorpe, Rutland, 6/11/19BFP786 Crime Ref # 19000593759FFP240F Crime Ref # 19000593739Any information please contact Phil Lowe at Leicestershire Police (Tel 101 x 6975)
  4. If you can lay your hands on diagnostic equipment, the default reading for a dead TD5 MAF is 4.4 gr/hr. It's also possible to test it with a voltmeter by connecting it to the middle pin and ground on the MAF plug. With the engine at idle. It should read around 2 volts but if it goes left or right by 0.3v then it's most probably dead also. Have you checked that the turbo waste-gate isn't seized?
  5. I had a recon R380 from Ashcrofts about 2 years ago and they specified MTF94 should be used at the time.
  6. It would be worth having a fiddle with the selector bias springs as mentioned above, I fitted a recon R380 and the slickshift then experienced the same issues. You can test easily by seeing if the gears engage better with sideways pressure on the gear stick then adjust accordingly.
  7. We run General AT3s on a few Toyotas in Africa and they seem very good so far, they grip wet tarmac slightly better than BFG KO2s and are slightly quieter also. Cost-wise they were half the price which was the deciding factor but having used both on identical vehicles, we will stick with the AT3s going forwards.
  8. Hi Mo, the below route isn't mine but I've done most of it now and it's a nice route. https://my.viewranger.com/route/details/MTA5MTQx Let me know when you are up this way, you are only a mile or so from me so I can get that diaphragm to you. Harry
  9. I think both Tufftrek and 4x4 Overlander rent out roof tents but there's no info on their respective websites so perhaps worth a call.
  10. As above, pop down to your local hydraulic or agricultural supplier, they will be a lot cheaper than the Steve Parker kit. From memory mine were about £25, they used the original ends and just extended the middle section.
  11. It does sound like the 5th gear carrier bearings, mine did the same at about 120,000 miles. I ordered a box from Ashcrofts and they had it delivered to Ireland in 72 hours, it's done 20k so far and very pleased with it. I opted for the uprated bearings and had them pop a v8 5th gear ratio at the same time. They didn't offer the exchange pallet for the old box as I was out of England so I waited until back a few months later, dropped it with them / received the surcharge back. There's mixed reviews about Ashcrofts on the net but I'm very happy with the service and the product.
  12. We did a very similar route a couple of years ago, if you have the time a detour via the Gorge du Verdon and the national park surrounding it is well worthwhile.
  13. I mounted it on the rear quarter, just above the number plate - sorry not a great picture. I think the mount was one of these https://www.thunderpole.co.uk/fixed-body-mounts/thunderpole-side-mount-kit.html
  14. Whilst more an LR garage than a breakers, you could try Hayward Revive, they used to have a pretty large yard full of parts/dismantled vehicles.
  15. We used to have a V8 90 with a TD5 rear exhaust section on it and it was fine with the rear canvas rolled up regardless of whether the windows are opened or closed. More recently a v8 series 1 has arrived with an exhaust out of the PTO hole on the crossmember, with the back rolled up it makes your eyes water under acceleration and opening the windows or removing the door tops doesn't seem to make a difference - I'd keep the exhaust exiting to the side personally
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