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  1. Thanks for confirming Western, very pleased I don't have to buy new swivels as well!
  2. The swivels in my 2005 non-ABS Td5 110 are not in a good way, there's virtually no preload and minor corrosion on the balls. I'm going to rebuild both swivels with new balls, seals and bearings over Christmas. In the shed I have a set of swivel balls with part no's FRC7065 / FTC5366 that I purchased for the rebuild of a non-ABS 300tdi Discovery axle which has subsequently been mothballed. can anyone confirm if they are suitable for the 110? The numbers I've found on the web suggest various different ones. Thanks, Harry
  3. Mantec down the swanny too...

    There was mention on a Facebook page last week that Flatdog were going to take over the supply/distribution of Mantec products including aftersales.
  4. 2005 Defender Panhard Rod Bolt Torque Setting

    Thanks Dailysleaze, I'll torque it up to 230nm
  5. Is anyone able to confirm the torque setting for the bolts on a 2005 Defender panhard rod please? The Haynes manual says up to 2002 model 65 lbf ft and then 230nm / 170 lbf ft for 2002 onwards but I can't help but think 230nm is very high for a bolt of it's size. Thought it best to check before breaking anything as I'm a long way from a parts supplier! Thanks, Harry
  6. Ctek comfort battery charge indicator

    I have one of the panel mount ones like above fitted into the dash and very happy with it. The flashing light was a bit annoying at night time. For the 110 I fitted the rubberised plug version, it pops out of the seatbox beside the passenger seat runner. Much cheaper and no need to dismantle the dash to run cables. https://www.amazon.co.uk/CTEK-CTE-56382-Comfort-Indicator-Adaptors/dp/B002MT8S7E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1511175193&sr=8-1&keywords=c+-tek+comfort
  7. LED headlights

    I have the gen1 JW Speakers on the 110 and am very happy with them, apart from occasional icing in the snow they are great. That being said, they were fitted by the previous owner, not sure I could stomach the price to buy them new.
  8. Genuine wing top protectors

    The difference is in the Puma bonnet rather than the wings, it's wider at the bulkhead end so the Puma chequer panels are slightly narrower and finish before the radio ariel hole rather than going around. I tried to fit a set of pre-Puma Mamouth chequer to my TD5 which has a Puma bonnet and the chequer sat under the edge of the bonnet, preventing the bonnet from closing properly. There's a company on eBay that apparently produce chequer and NAS steps for Land Rover, I'm tempted by a set of their wingtops and the price is reasonable given that gaskets are included. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Defender-Black-chequer-plate-Wing-Top-Protection-Plates-NEW-AND-GENUINE/282625790831?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  9. I had a similar problem with my Td5 Defender, the £10 DIY cruise control worked perfectly until I installed a rebuild gearbox with a V8 ratio 5th gear. After that the CC would engage but automatically knock itself off within 10 seconds because the pulse signals sent to the ECU were outside of it's operating parameters. Fitting a Speedo-healer worked perfectly, took 5 mins to wire in and calibrate, it maintains its memory if you disconnect the battery etc. Due to a change in tyre sizes, the speedo gauge read accurately against GPS true speed which I wanted to maintain. Instructions suggest fitting between the transfer box and speedo however I popped it after the speedo so as to correct the pulse signals into the ECU without adjusting the reading shown on the speedometer. May be able to dig out some wiring diagrams with associated scribbles if that helps?
  10. 200tdi battery recommendations

    I've had a few Numax batteries and on the whole they have been very good, especially for the money. If you do go down that route then Tanya Batteries offer a brand called Enduroline, made in the same factory as Numax with the additional smaller terminals but a longer warranty than the Numax equivalent they also sell.
  11. Rover 3.5 V8 Efi - unleaded head?

    Brilliant, thank you for the quick responses! I'll let him know. Harry
  12. Can any of v8 gurus on here advise please? I was talking to a colleague the other day and he was asking whether his 3.5 Efi V8 would have an unleaded head or should he keep putting lead additive in the tank which he has been doing since the death of 4-star in UK? My understanding was that all UK spec Discoverys had unleaded heads however this one is ROW spec, would that make a difference? The vehicle is a very original LHD 3 door Discovery however he bought it 2nd hand in Kuwait circa 1994 then drove it to UK and registered it so the exact production date is a bit of a mystery. It has 200tdi spec lights and we know it's an early one because the brake caliper bolts on the axles are imperial and the engine is on V belts, at a guess it's late 1989 or early 1990. The engine number starts 24D14_ _ _ D which according to the Rimmer Bro's website is either 1990 efi Discovery or 86 onwards RRC manual. https://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/content--name-Rover-V8-Engine-Numbers Thanks, Harry
  13. Help with snorkel fitting required

    Not too sure if the turbo/intercooler pipes would interfere with placement on a 200Tdi but this was my solution for a retrofitted 300tdi. It's a Discovery 300Tdi filter box and pipework connecting it to the engine. The pipe to the snorkel which isn't fitted in this picture comes out of the front, turns 180' and goes under the filter, squeezes past the heater and connects to the snorkel. The flexible hose came from Southdown. Whilst the panel filter may not be as effective as a cyclone filter fitted to Defender versions, this solution was cheap and fitted in the space available.
  14. Removal of 1991 vintage CSW original LR paint

    I bought the cheapest DA sander that Screwfix sold before respraying the 90, it worked brilliantly on steel and alloy and was cheaper than a tin of paint stripper/caused less damage than a wire cup. 80 grit rapidly worked through brush-applied and factory paint, then 240 and 500 for finer work. Removing the dust bag and attaching an old Henry hoover to the outlet meant the sanding pads lasted a lot longer whilst causing less mess in the garage.
  15. Are wheel arch spats handed?

    The front arches as you said are handed, they are slightly longer on the rear edge so that they meet the sill. The rears are the same part number for left or right 1986-2006 although the part numbers vary dependent on pre/post 2006. Must admit I can't see the difference comparing a 2013 110 at work with my 2005 110. https://www.britishparts.co.uk/products/8829-wheel-arch-eyebrow-ALO710010 Hope that helps, Harry