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  1. Boris113

    Has anyone any experience of GRP4x4?

    Can't say I have any experience with GRP (although the mounts are nice). I bought one from Raptor 4x4 and have been very happy with it. The annodising on the ends isn't great and has started to lift but 2 years on it still works fine and hasn't suffered from the condensation issues some seem to.
  2. Boris113


    You could try Alive Tuning or Flatdog, both advertise Dinitrol application and they are both in Lincs
  3. Boris113

    Soft top type

    The canvas looks similar and uses the same type of fixing poppers as a Mohair roof that we had from Exmoor trim, it may be worth giving them a call.
  4. Boris113

    BFG Mud Terrain tyres 255/85/r16

    255 85 r16s are fine on a 7j rim. We had them on the 90 pictured below on 7x16 boost alloys. It did need hubcentric spacers to maintain any form of turning circle though. If you are going for modulars, get some with a larger offset than boosts and forget about spacers.
  5. Boris113

    Breakdown cover

    That's interesting, I've just checked the policy doc on my Flux breakdown cover (bought as part of insurance) and there's no mention of weight limit. They also don't specify weight limits for trailers, the only caveat is that it must have a 50mm ball hitch. That said I've not yet had to call them out.
  6. Boris113

    Range Rover Classic Swivels

    For minor corrosion, I applied several coats of paint then sanded it back to smooth the surface. It was a bodge but it stopped the leak for another 6 months. I'd be interested to hear how you get on JB weld, I have an axle that needs a swivel rebuild. Harry
  7. Boris113

    110 brake calipers - rebuild or buy

    I was in the same dilema a month ago. Like Ballcock said above, I also weighed up time, cost and the chance of messing up the o-rings and having to wait for more to arrive with no car. In the end I bought new AP branded ones which were about £70 +vat each.
  8. Boris113

    Campsite recommendations, mid Wales

    Slightly biased as my uncle runs the place but Pant-Yr-Onnen is a nice spot, good/clean facilities and plenty of space right on the shore of the lake, it's about 3 miles from Bala. They don't open until 24th March though so it depends when you are going. http://www.balacamping.co.uk/
  9. Boris113

    Show me your Camping setups

    If it's just me or we go away last minute then we tend to sleep in the back of the 110, with the bike removed there's space for 2 of us, I am 5'11" and can lie flat / stretch out without hitting the back door. The lockable boxes making the floor have chequer tops so there's some rubber backed carpet door mats on top for insulation and then we on sleep self-inflating camping mats. Plenty of insulation in the roof/side panels keeps it warm and condensation free. Best of all it's pretty subtle and doesn't attract the attention that a roof tent or large camper might do. For longer trips we tend to take a tent to get a bit more room and you don't have to move all the kit around in the back before sleeping or pack up everything to fetch a pint of milk etc. We use a Quecha XL3 which goes up in a couple of mins and has held up to some awfully strong winds. There's an awning on the side which gives room for cooking / beer drinking in the rain. Very happy so far with the set-up, compared with a roof tent it's much cheaper and flexible. Overall height of the vehicle remains below 2.2m which a lot of car parks seem to be across Europe.
  10. Boris113

    110 Hard Top

    I sourced a roof, sides and rear door on behalf of a friend from Foley specialist vehicles, don't recall it being cheap but the panels were immaculate take-off versions from a Puma. Might be worth a call.
  11. Boris113

    V8 R380 Differences - D1, D2 and P38

    Thanks SumDarkPlace, possibly managed to find an R380 locally last night, I'll likely get it rebuilt when funds allow before fitting to upgrade the carrier bearings and convert to suffix L internals at the very least. Accumulated the correct transmission tunnel, v8 front prop and seatbox so it's just a case of flywheel and clutch assembly + sundries. The conversion won't be done soon but I'd rather get all the parts ahead of time and it saves fitting the auto to pull it out/swap it at a later date. My Dad used to have a 3.9 v8 90 with an auto box and I was never a fan, whilst there are many advantages to an auto, I'd prefer the control of a manual. The 90 is a keeper so I'm not too fussed about the resale value Cheers, Harry
  12. Boris113

    V8 R380 Differences - D1, D2 and P38

    Thank you for the quick response Fridge and Dave, I'll go with the Discovery version then. I currently have the engine, exhaust and an autobox, it came from a 3.9 D1 which the previous owner subsequently fitted to his 90 so I know that all squeezes into place I'd prefer to go for a manual box rather than the auto version. With regards to the boxes, is the ZF autobox/bellhousing the same length as a v8 r380? I'm trying to keep on a relative budget and if the build is possible in stages, that's ideal. In other words can I fit the engine, existing autobox and sundries for the interim, keeping the transfer box in it's usual position then at a later date, pull out the autobox and wedge in a recon R380 without having to move engine mounts fore or aft? Thanks, Harry
  13. Boris113

    Defender 90 TD5 heavy clutch

    My TD5 had the old type of coil spring and a very heavy clutch. I bought the Britpart kit which for £30, is a great mod, it's now as light as a 300tdi and unlike most products in a blue box, it seems to fit and work properly. No other parts needed changing, just remove the old spring and fit the new one with bushes, the holes and locating slot were already present in the pedal. I found the easiest method was to compress the spring in a vice, use a few cable ties to keep it closed then move to the car and once in position, cut the cable ties to release the spring. https://www.britpart.com/all-parts/da1266/ With regards to gear slop, as well as the nylon cup below the gearstick, check the sides of the gearlever turret for excessive wear, the locating pins on either side can cause wear to the soft casting leading to slop, mine had a similar issues and after replacing both and readjusting the bias springs, it feels much more precise.
  14. I'm hoping to fit a 3.9 Rover V8 into the 90 soon and would ideally like to couple it to an R380 gearbox. Finding hens teeth is easier than finding a Defender V8 R380 so the options appear to be 1. take defender diesel box, fit v8 mainshaft then locate v8 bellhousing at great expense or 2; find complete disco/RR v8 R380 and using Ashcrofts conversion kit, swap the selectors to bring the g-box lever up in the correct place for a Defender. I lack the tools/skills to dismantle and swap a mainshaft so the disco option looks to be the ticket. Hunting on eBay has shown a few different versions of a V8 R380 to suit a disco 1, disco 2 and P38. I've got my head around the bearing differences from suffix J to L but was unsure if there were any further differences between D1, D2 and P38 gearboxes that may cause issues when fitting into the 90? Thanks in advance, Harry
  15. Boris113

    What happened to the Devon 4x4 forum?

    You aren't wrong, Faceache can seem like a broken record at times, if there was a better search function it would make it far more useful.

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