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  1. We did a very similar route a couple of years ago, if you have the time a detour via the Gorge du Verdon and the national park surrounding it is well worthwhile.
  2. I mounted it on the rear quarter, just above the number plate - sorry not a great picture. I think the mount was one of these https://www.thunderpole.co.uk/fixed-body-mounts/thunderpole-side-mount-kit.html
  3. Whilst more an LR garage than a breakers, you could try Hayward Revive, they used to have a pretty large yard full of parts/dismantled vehicles.
  4. We used to have a V8 90 with a TD5 rear exhaust section on it and it was fine with the rear canvas rolled up regardless of whether the windows are opened or closed. More recently a v8 series 1 has arrived with an exhaust out of the PTO hole on the crossmember, with the back rolled up it makes your eyes water under acceleration and opening the windows or removing the door tops doesn't seem to make a difference - I'd keep the exhaust exiting to the side personally
  5. Depending what type of charger you use, you may well be able to get a connector from the manufacturer. I use a C-tek maintenance charger which is permanently connected to the vehicle when parked and it has a little socket which pokes out by the passenger seat to connect into. https://www.amazon.co.uk/CTEK-Indicator-eyelet-practical-indication/dp/B002MT8S7E/ref=pd_bxgy_263_img_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B002MT8S7E&pd_rd_r=7eaa9d0b-0215-11e9-877d-f372ef316dca&pd_rd_w=WP0EF&pd_rd_wg=CNvsl&pf_rd_p=466c8fd0-3653-4c9b-86fa-f9bc8fd2ae35&pf_rd_r=W1Y4C1Y6V1996C5EJY7G&psc=1&refRID=W1Y4C1Y6V1996C5EJY7G
  6. Hi Mo, Mike and Ross can you kindly send PM me your phone numbers? Mo - I'm coming back up north on the evening of the 19th if that suits you? Harry
  7. Hi Ross, the Science Centre is pretty much on my route down, I could meet you there and collect the springs about 4-4.30pm on the 18th? Hi Mike, I'm aiming to get to Poole for about 7pm and coming down via the A34, M27 and A31. Would somewhere that route would suit you? Mo - if you'd like me to get the diaphragm back up thats not a problem, happy to get it part way back if that helps at all? Cheers, Harry
  8. Ok, trip all sorted so happy to help if I can. I'm heading from Leicestershire to the Cotswolds and on to Poole via Southampton on 18th Dec and coming back late on the 19th.
  9. The Toyota tax is very much the same in Zambia. We looked at buying a few recently to support remote construction sites and the base spec 79 single cab is $47,500 duty exempt whilst the double cab starts at $58,000. Add in the ridiculous duties charged and that goes to $69,400 and $77,000 respectively. That said Toyota clearly have a market, every other vehicle on the roads seems to be one.
  10. If buying HD steering arms and new joints as Sam mentioned in his post it's not that much of an increase and once done, a TRE can be changed much quicker with just a couple of spanners.
  11. Just waiting for work to confirm the date of a meeting but it looks to be 18th or 19th December, I should be able to confirm on Monday.
  12. If you are changing the TREs, drop arm and adding HD steering arms, it may be worth spending a touch more and getting the Gwyn Lewis kit that emits the drop arm ball joint and converts to a standard track rod end.
  13. I'm going from Leicestershire via the Cotswolds to Poole in a fortnight if that is of any help?
  14. I think it was this one Paul. https://www.raptor4x4.co.uk/raptor-4x4-led-roof-light-bar-300w-51-5.html
  15. I've also used Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure with good success around a cracked windscreen seal. Just got to sort the other 25 leaks now...
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