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    Intermitant wiper parking problem

    I hope that this may help anyone else with a similar problem. There could be several other causes of the park mode not working on the Freelander wipers but this was what I found and how I cured it. My Freelander is a 2005 3 door but I'm sure that this should apply to most Freelander 1's but at you own risk etc... Fault: The park facility didn't work either when the wipers were operated on intermittant, wash, single wipe etc.. The motor is located directly infront of the driver side on a RHD Freelander. First of all I removed the wiper arms, 2 push in caps removed with a thin bladed screwdriver then a 13mm socket to remove the nuts holding the wiper arms. They are different so don't mix them ! Next you need to remove 3 retaining clips, easiest way I found was to just screw a small self tapping screw in the end until was finger tight and then gently pull it out with the middle of the fixing attached. Pull off the rubber trim under the bonnet which is also holding the plastic trim in place. Carefully remove trim panel. After reading a few reports and comments I decided to check that power was getting to the motor park connectors. I picked out some of the potting compound to check on the terminals that the voltage was switching when it should and it was !! If you are not too confident with a multimeter I would get a friend to do the tests, nothing complicated but help is always useful. At that point it was looking like a £60 touch on fleabay for a new motor but I thought that may as well try something else, whats the worse that can happen, I will still need a new motor... I decided that as the motor was riveted it would require the heads drilling out to allow the cover plate to come off. I drilled out the empty unused holes in the motor to take some selftapping screws I had to hand, no point taking it to bits if I couldn't get it back together again. After gently lifting the cover plate I found this, and this It looks like the motor had become very hot, maybe someone had tried to use the wipers when they were frozen to the screen and the high current taken had caused the disc to melt as the wipe contact on the wiper motor had got VERY hot. Nothing for it but to clean of the lump of plastic so it was at least fairly flat and then reform the wipe contact so it could slide freely over the disc. It was then just a case of reasembling the motor with the screws I had tried earlier Refill the potting compound with some sealer and test with one wiper arm fitted. All was well, so re assemble in reverse order of when you took it to bits, check all is well and go and have a cuppa.... Thinking all along that you have just save yourself at least £60 for 20 minutes work. Phil
  2. Phil-w

    Intermitant wiper parking problem

    " FIXED " Managed to sort it... Took photos so I will try and post a "how to".... Full info to follow but thanks to all who offered advice and info. Phil
  3. Phil-w

    Intermitant wiper parking problem

    Not had time to dismantle the thing yet, been doing "Important" things with it at mo' you know, MP3 stereo fitting, Parrot Bluetooth hands free kit. Hope to get round to it next week, trouble with it going dark earlier now, don't want to start and have to leave it in too many pieces over night.. Will post back once I get to the bottom of it... It may help someone else out... Cheers Phil
  4. Phil-w

    Intermitant wiper parking problem

    Update: Done a few more tests..... It would appear that they do not park properly in any mode i.e intermittent or continuous in either speed..... Right folks, are the "Park contacts" obvious or am I better waiting for the Haynes manual which is in the post somewhere (And will THAT even show them). would appreciate any comments. Phil-w
  5. Phil-w

    Intermitant wiper parking problem

    Thanks for that.... Will have to look at that... Just need to get a manual or at least some more info on the unit before diving in... Cheers Phil
  6. Hi, Just swapped my V plate 5 door for a 05 3 door and have a little (Hopefully !) problem. Wipers appear to work fine on normal or fast but on intermitant they go up and instead of going down and waiting for a while before starting again they stay vertical then go down after a few seconds before starting again.. Strange fault but not got a wiring diagram to find out if a relay or timer of both may be involved. Any ideas folks ? Thanks Phil

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