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  1. Thanks Jon. That’s reassuring to hear it’s been done. In the U.K. I’ve bought a few Land Rovers “blind” just from photos and have sent transporters to collect so hopefully a similar approach would be great. the house purchase is taking longer than anyone thought so waiting till I’ve got the keys before I start the ball rolling. nonimouse, I’m holding off from contacting your friend until I’m 100% ready to proceed. I’d hate to waste his time if the house purchase was to fall through.
  2. Thank you - I found a few but if I get stuck I might take you up on that. similar to yourself I found that the quotes charge, even from big companies was less than fuel/ferry costs.
  3. Giles, Nonimoise - thank you both very much indeed - that’s really kind of you and I’ll certainly be in touch. The house purchase is going well, assuming no issues then I should have my new workshop in around 11-weeks. There is a lovely shed on the back that is perfect for storing the next project. As soon as we have exchanged contracts I’ll be ready to pull the trigger on the Range Rover purchase.
  4. Thank you all - that's really helpful. I had understood that the majority of the late 2-doors had been fitted with the 2.4VM and sold primarily in France. However after looking through the links above there are lots of different models on the market, something I've just learned today - so preference is of course V8, followed by Tdi and then either of the VMs - but I'm not overly fussy. The tricky bit will be finding someone in country who could help me in getting it home. Arranging transport is straightforward, but the ideal would be a local staging-post where I could have the vehi
  5. perfect. Thank you! That's just what I was looking for, already found a few contenders.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm aware that we have a number of members from mainland Europe and was looking for some advice. I get my new workshop in a few months and I will have space for another project to join my Series and Defender vehicles. I'd like to buy a Euro-spec 2-door range rover classic (late '80s early '90s) - so most likely a 2.4D. Now these do pop up in the UK occasionally, so I'm familiar with the pricing. But if I want to buy from the source, could anyone advise on the best websites to look for vehicles for sale in the south of france and in spain? ebay.fr and ebay.es don't seem to be
  7. Ace - thanks guys. So looks like my A: Indicator | Tail/Brake | Reverse----------&----------Fog | Tail/Brake | Indicator is the winner. That's really reassuring before I start ordering the cappings and paint to do the job. I already have a high-level brake light as standard, so that's one thing off the to-do list.
  8. Thanks Steve - I couldn't find that when I looked earlier. Scanning through - its looking promising: says that: brake lights need to be a matched pair, they need to be a minimum of 400mm apart, a minimum of 350mm from the ground, a maximum of 1500mm from the ground. Doesn't seem to be any rules on how far inboard they are. OK! Reversing light(s) have no regulations other than being at the back and havig no more than two. OK! Fog lamp: one, on centre line or off side, 250mm from ground min/1000mm max. OK! indicators: 400mm from side of vehicle, 500mm apart, 3
  9. Hi all. I'm aware that there will be a lot of people here who have built their own specials and I'm sure there'll be some good knowledge of lighting regulations. One of my project vehicles is a 2010 90 CSW. I'm just ordering the parts I need to fit NAS/95mm rear lamps. The twist is that I want to fit them in the same way as they were fitted to genune 97MY NAS Defenders - i.e. in a row along the bottom of the tub. I've already found the correct NAS corner capping with a cut-out to allow the outboard lamps to fit close to the body side and moving holes/tigging up isn't an
  10. Evening all. I've been bracing myself for the expense of buying a roof rack for my Defender 90. Every post, thread and article I read points to the same thing. Brownchurch roof racks weigh a ton and are tough, but aluminium roof racks are better (if you can run to it) on account of them being far lighter - meaning less body roll and more weight capacity on the roof. No issues there - just have to save up. But... I've just opened a Britpart catalogue (not my usual reading but it was lying around) and they have their version of a Brownchurch roof rack - the contoured type
  11. Thicker centres! Thanks Western that explains it. they certainly seem deeper but with them being wider I wasn’t sure (and visiallually struggled to tell) whether it actually moved the tyre sidewalL out all that much or if it just spread the tyre width a bit more.
  12. Hi folks. May be a daft question but did the original 127s and 130s come with 750 tyres? (Rather than the later ones that came with 235s) if so, I can’t get my head round why they came with 6.5j rims. Would it really widen the track by that much? Or would it have been more about having more meat in the rim for strength? reason I ask is that I’ve always fitted 130rims to my series builds and have a set in storage replays for my new build and I remember when the last one was finished expecting the track to widen much more than it did with 750s fitted.
  13. Thanks Pete. i hadn’t heard of them before but as soon as I saw the names I recognised Emrys from the CLR writing staff. just called them and am taking it up there tomorrow for them to have a look.
  14. Hi folks. just looking to see if anyone could recommend someone to repair the footwells on a defender near Manchester? It’s a couple of small repairs - probably not a full footwell but looking for someone who would know how a bulkhead is fabricated and who could let in new steel with the bulkhead in situ (butt-weld and linish flat) rather than a normal mot-patch) im loathed to do it myself - still haunted from all the series ones I’ve Done over the years. thank you.
  15. Guys - that’s incredibly useful, thank you! I'm picking up the 90 on Tuesday, once back I’ll have a weigh up on access to see which parts I need to remove to access the rust but will bear All the above in mind. The point on the alarm is really handy to know - I’ve never had a LR with an alarm before so all new to me.
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