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  1. Hi Im interested in fitting a hydro assist to my series 2 land rover fitted with 4 bolt pas box and land cruiser axles, just need to know where to fit plumbing on pas box any help with this matter will be much appreciated thanks Animal
  2. yes i'm going to import them from the usa thats not a problem just wanted to know the best ratio to get i thought that 3.88 was available? my buddy has a series with 200tdi and series 3 box with 35's and land cruiser axles and that is sweet just like ratio of defender, but i think he has land cruiser axles from a auto ??
  3. hi i have a series 2 fitted with a 200tdi with standard gearbox and land cruiser 80 series axles with e lockers, i am interested in running a set of 38" tyres but will need to change the ring and pinion but will a R & P of 3:88 be correct? thanks
  4. Hi I am about to start fitting Land cruiser axles on my Series 2 landy 88 just wondered what is the best Brake master cylinder to use, maybe a late LR 110 all round disk ? thanks Animal
  5. animal

    no 2nd gear

    hi yes its a series 2 box so a strip down and rebuild is the only way its as I thought thanks for your help Animal
  6. animal

    no 2nd gear

    I have checked the nut on the rear of the out shaft still tight thanks
  7. animal

    no 2nd gear

    update just took out floor and adjusted clutch shaft 10mmfor then thought what the hell and really forced it into 2nd and now seems ok but still jumping out of 3rd now I'm really stumped !! Animal
  8. animal

    no 2nd gear

    no I will try another gear stick on the weekend as not at workshop until then, also going to see if adjusting the clutch shaft for clearance makes any difference ‚Äč thanks Animal
  9. animal

    no 2nd gear

    hi no I fitted as was but used the old gear stick that was in my truck, have replaced gearbox mounts at time when changed gearbox, I take it you mean the selector rods and not the gear stick. thanks Animal
  10. animal

    no 2nd gear

    hi I'm having a bit of a headache with my series at the moment it all started when I was pulling away after stopping, went up to 1st,2nd 3rd had to stop to let a car past then went to pull away 1st ok but no 2nd ? couldn't sort so changed gearbox for a very sweet 2nd hand unit all fine, sweet as a nut off road for 2hr went to drive home approx 15 miles got about half way again stopped to turn right then again no 2nd !! seems strange that its the same fault. now my truck has a Detroit permanent locker in rear and a limited slip Truetrack in the front which I have run with for approx 10yrs with no trouble with a 200tdi engine and 33" tyres Do you think it could be a fault with the rear or front locker causing wind up ? I have checked the rear output nut nice and tight. any thoughts would be great thanks Animal
  11. hi i have a 1988 v8 130 land rover fitted with a mechanical pto driven superwinch i think its 525, as i am goint to convert this to a 200tdi with lt77/ gearbox will my pto drive fit the new gearbox. thanks for your time Animal
  12. Hi i have a front salisbury axles anybody know where i can get spare half shafts and Cv HD would be nice thanks Marc
  13. Hi does anybody know if a TDS Air Operated Freespool will fit a Champion C9500HS winch Thanks Animal
  14. thanks. so what's going to be the answer are we all to run on AT WHAT is going on in this Country!!! so does this mean that we will all have to have two sets of tyres and swap over on site, if so I might as well get some dumper type tyres or will these disturb the sleeping wild life. I don't know you go to work all week pay every tax known to man and then you still can't enjoy yourself as you might make to much noise! How come druggies, thieves and the like never get hassled like normal people, its not the Taliban we need to worry about but the enemy within.... Rant over Marc
  15. will they pass this new EU laws thanks
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