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  1. Think I have got it wrong as engine rotates clockwise then BTDC is to the left of the timing mark & ATDC is to the right!
  2. Many thanks for your time, another beginners question just to make sure I am doing this correctly is BTDC to the right of the timing pointer & ATDC to the left, as per this photo of my setup?
  3. I am trying to time my series (petrol 2.25), workshop manual says TDC with 90 octane or 3deg with 83 octane, modern petrol is 95 octane or above anyone have an ideas of where I should set the timing?
  4. dwd

    rear crossmember

    Xmember now fitted. I found that the corners were holding it off & needed shamfeering to get a good fit. Despite measuring twice it still needed offering up & fine adjustments made with grinder. Now its welded in place I can see that there is no way the old box section will go inside the new box section. Thanks everyone for your time.
  5. I am about to fit new rear crossmember & have plasma cut the old one off. have searched forum but cant work out how much of the original chassis I leave. Does the old original box section have to slide inside the new box section. I know the extension pieces have to cover the old chassis rail box section but not sure if the old metal has to go inside the new or does it butt up against the new? Thanks in advance for any help here. DW
  6. Morning all, I am trying to work out if it is possible to fit a straight drop arm to a 6 bolt steering box, I have been told it can be done with a 4 bolt head but the 6 bolt output shaft is smaller dia', any thoughts??????????DW
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