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  1. series3_mad

    Then and Now

    my 90 when i bought it after i rebuilt it and as it is now
  2. series3_mad


    ive been looking at the topics in the archive about megasqurit and im confused about it, as i considering fitting it to my 3.5 v8 on carbs but im not sure if i need a ecu for just the ignition side it or do i need megajolt but does that require a ecu? as not too keen on going efi. Oh and where can i get the kit i need? cheers matt
  3. series3_mad

    v8 wiring

    its a later one as it has the small module on the side of the dizzy
  4. series3_mad

    v8 wiring

    anyone got a wiring diagram for a v8 engine on carbs? cheers matt
  5. series3_mad

    Extreme Trekker 2 Or Super Swamper Bogger

    i run simex on my 90 and wish i upgraded everything first as its cost abit to replace things as ive had a few gears from diffs exit the diff pan afew times, one went when i was driving at 60mph
  6. series3_mad

    Extreme Trekker 2 Or Super Swamper Bogger

    going to be putting loads more pressure on ur half shafts, cv's and diffs as boggers grip more then bfg's will so you'll be snapping shafts lik match stick so wouldnt it be better upgrading your drivetrain before you stick bigger tyres on it?
  7. series3_mad


    will a 300tdi disco 100amp alternator fit onto a defender 200tdi engine? or do i have to alter things? cheers matt
  8. series3_mad

    Parabolic problems

    I had front one break aswell and still havent got round to changing it, but havent heard of anyone else breaking on i just thought it was down to my driving
  9. series3_mad


    Are they still up and running as need to order some revoler shackles but got told they've closed down
  10. series3_mad

    will it fit?

    Quick question, will a truck cab roll cage for a 90 fit onto a series truck cab?
  11. series3_mad

    wheel spacers

    does anyone know where i can get wheel spacers for my series 3? cheers matt
  12. series3_mad

    disc brakes

    Made up a disc brake convertion on sunday: just need to make mounts up for the calipers
  13. series3_mad

    Insa Turbo Special Track

    I order a set from John Craddock yesterday as paddocks had none in stock. They turned up this morning.
  14. series3_mad


    the bit in front of the rad hose

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