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  1. This one says it has centre diff lock. Don't want to do the O ring and then have it leak again want the fix to be right the first time?
  2. Hello all, it's been a while but it's time to get the spanner out and fix a bad weep I've developed on my 300 Tdi Defender Lt230. My question is' is it worth trying to fix the leak/ weep on the intermediate shaft ( l'm assuming it's where the leak is coming from) or try getting my hands on a new/ refurbished Lt230 case with the steel sleeve. Would a discovery series 2/2A transfer case fit in a Defender? In all it's got the better ratio for long drives, I believe about 15%. Thanks ted.
  3. Brisbane to Uluru, in August just gone, amazing trip, through Inaminka, Birdsville, Simpson Desert, Mount Dare, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Boggy Hole, Palm Valley. To name a few, in a 1996 Defender 110, 300Tdi, a real beauty!
  4. I have now removed this mud shield, which I thought was a good idea to start with! And probably is, if installed correctly, and from what I've seen when looking for information about the mud shield, to install one correctly you have to knock the mud shield on to the drive flange, if you look closely at the Bearmach drive flange there's a small raised lip near the base of the mud shield, designed to hold the mud shield in place! If knocked in place and then fitted it would probably be okay? Hope this helps?
  5. This is what I was saying pic 2 of 4 shows the mud shield on the drive flange, and when put together on the drive shaft and the 30mm nyloc nut tightened up the mud shield is surely it going to spin on the drive flange and rub against the seal thus heating the seal and destroying it, my 300 Tdi lt230 has the dust cap as in pic 3 of 4, so now I have the dust shield as pic 3 of 4 and the mud shield as in pic 2 of 4. The mud shield sit below the dust shield. Is this correct? Thanks for any info.
  6. Crazy as it may seem! Cars here Queensland, never have to be MOT'ed I tell people about the times I have taken cars to be MOT'ed and had them fail because a over zealous inspector ripped my windscreen wipers apart! There is a down side as the amount of cars you see with bald tyres in car parks is crazy! Just a little nugget of info for you to chew over?
  7. Thanks again, it's my mind working over time, this being a bearmach thing I thought it would be a common upgrade to protect the seal, I thought it was a good idea that's why I installed it but after doing so it made me wonder whether this was a disco thing or later lt230 box design/upgrade?
  8. Thanks for that, I'm sure they are installed correctly, although I've never installed one before! But my thinking is that when the drive flange is tightened up it is pulled on to the mud shield thus causing it to be an interference fit! It's hard to say whether this is the case, I wondered what the general feeling was towards these mud shields, are they good or do they cause problems?
  9. Hello, I've just replaced the rear seal on the LT230 and found the drive flange had a slight groove in it, so I replaced the drive flange for a bearmach drive flange which came with a dust cover for the seal, I have fitted it but am thinking that the mud shield may not have been a good idea, has anyone fitted one of these and did it pan out ok, seems to me that the drive flange is going to rub/heat up on the seal cover? Anyone any info on this. Thanks for any input. the mud shield in question is the one with the nut in it?
  10. . Thanks for that, is there anywhere that has all the torque figures, at a glance?
  11. Hello, hope your all enjoying the summer? I have a bit of a question for you I installed some maxi drive axle half shafts and drive flanges and can't find the torque settings for the drive flange bolts anywhere, I have seen in the Haynes manual that it recommends 47 but it isn't clear what torque settings do you use? Oh! and do you use thread lock on them or not? Cheers ted.
  12. I was told to, get along screw driver or something similar, and when half shaft is out, gently knock the seal around so it's side on then get a long bit of wire coat hanger put a hook in the end and fish the seal out pulling it through the axle/ half shaft hole! Hope this helps ted.
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