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  1. Somebody sent me a link to this. Doesn't seem like 15 years ago. Rather a lot of artistic licence has crept in with the passage of time but it was damn good fun 😁 https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/features/subscriber-extra-exploring-landie-capital-world There was a link on here to the original full article with loads of photos, but it seems to have expired.
  2. Thanks Dave. Very sorry to hear about Ian.
  3. This is on a 2015 Puma 2.2 110, but I don't think it matters. Can you fit alloys (standard LR type such as the Tornado/Freestyle or the later Boost) onto a vehicle which has Ashcroft HD drive flanges and shafts fitted, this sort: https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/drive-flanges/859.html They look thicker and I'm not sure if alloys will go over them or not, as I know there are fitting issues on older vehicles with the original thick type LR drive flanges.
  4. Slow deflation from a nail hole, tyre sidewall gradually gets v v v v v hot - bang flubbleubbleubble bits everywhere - often not much warning if you're driving in a straight line, if cornering the handling will go a bit spongy with the sidewall flex.
  5. I always carry one (sometimes two) though in reality all the punctures I have fixed recently have been removing nails/screws/other stuff in my workshop and fixing a hole then putting it back on the vehicle. I think the last time I had to do a roadside puncture repair on any of my vehicles was probably getting on for 15 years ago, though the wife had one a couple of years back with a sharp rock right through a nearly new BFG MT (tears). The judgement is probably best to be made on the basis of where you are and what happens next if you have a puncture. If you are in the UK and can call the AA then fine, carry on. Here, if you're out in the sticks somewhere and rip a tyre, it's potentially likely to be massively inconvenient and there are no recovery services.
  6. If it's 50mm it should have a flat on top of the ball, if it is 2" then it will be round on top.
  7. If in a corner one wheel reads 50mph and one wheel reads 30mph, you are about to have an effin great big accident so probably won't be looking at the speedo
  8. Coffee/keyboard
  9. I'm confused ... do they want to be seen, or not?
  10. I always thought a 90 looked right on 265/75R16 - here's my old one, some way from the nearest Tesco
  11. I don't think there are many D Sport owners on here to be honest. Sorry - I don't know anything about them!
  12. Interesting, thanks. Hadn't thought of the dim-to-off bit, the Puma is the same. I guess the tangs need bending for the larger ones so 36mm is maybe the right size.
  13. I wondered if the ones that only radiate light in one direction would spin around in the fitting with road vibration?
  14. OK thanks, hadn't found that but it's a whole light and more expensive than Mud, I just want bulbs. Ebay cheapies seem to be "you get what you pay for" as is often the case, so I think unless there's a firm rec, it's a toss up between the Nak ones or perhaps these : https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/239-philips-x-treme-vision-led-12v-38mm-number-plate-interior-festoon-bulb.html
  15. I've just put a MUD interior LED into my Puma and am pleased with it, but we've got three vehicles and buying another five of them is a bit spendy! Has anybody got a recent link to any of the LED replacement bulbs to fit into a standard Defender interior light fitting that they could recommend from having bought one recently? I'm not even sure from an Ebay search what the size is - quoted in different places as being 36mm, 38mm, 39mm and 42mm among others! Nakatenanga appear to do a decent looking one (and call it 38mm) but don't post to this part of the world and I don't see them sold in the UK. Recommendations from direct experience please?
  16. They are quite popular here but I don't particularly like them as in my view they are not that good at anything - clunky as hell with a NATO ring, fiddly with a 50mm ball and less solid than a NATO with a rope or chain on. Jack of all trades but master of none, which is fine if that is what you want. I've got a dual arrangement on both my 110s with a NATO on the crossmember for off road towing (and if I use the Sankey though if I did it would probably fall to bits now!) and a combi ball/jaw on a removable Southdown hitch (300Tdi) and Terrafirma receiver hitch (Puma). The other vehicles just have a combi hitch on their standard height towing point so I can tow my boat (ring hitch on an unbraked trailer) and Ifor tipper (standard 50mm ball).
  17. Soft hoses ballooning under the pressure?
  18. Bbbbut it has Terrain Response. Bong bong <fzzzzt> Looks like some sort of washout or maybe quicksand. Any vehicle that deep in salt water is scrap, and even the scrap isn't worth much.
  19. Have used KL71s off road and on gravel roads and I was never impressed. They were OK when brand new but rapidly deteriorated and were in no way comparable in performance to the BFG MTs in deep mud or slippery conditions. My wife (who does off road tours, or did when there used to be a tourist industry) commented how much different the vehicle was when we put BFGs on all the 110s - the KL71s would spin and spray mud everywhere where the BFGs just plough through.
  20. Dammit, that is one of the best all-round suppliers there is and very good sending overseas. Peter Lamb is really helpful - such a contrast to some of the arrogant "I don't have time to look at my emails" types that I've come across who seem to think they are doing a favour by taking your money! First Four will be very much missed.
  21. The same reason as most forums, to prevent blatant spam and trim up people who turn up with an attitude.
  22. If it's a vehicle sold here then I would have thought it had one originally so the wiring etc is probably there. Can't imagine why it would have been taken off though the FIDF had some odd ideas about reverse lights at one point, if they ever had it.
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