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  1. Thanks Gary, will get back to bro in law and get more info.
  2. Have searched without success so hope I am not asking a question that's been covered before. It's my brother in laws 51 plate 1.9 tdi Freelander question as I know nothing about these modern electrickery vehicles ( mines a 200tdi defender). He has been advised by garage that one of the fuel injectors is playing up at idle and he is looking at getting service exchange or repaired. Question is please: are they matched/coded to ecu or whatever or can they just be repaired and refitted or service exchange ones just be fitted? Many thanks and sorry for stupid question.
  3. Old topic I know but how did you get on with the transfer box?
  4. Have you checked the crankshaft front pully is not loose?
  5. Where did you get the replacement panels Simon, need a couple on mine.
  6. Other reason for increasing oil level could be cracked head so hope it is injector seals. I personally wouldn't bother changing timing chain. John
  7. If you cannot find a supplier in the auto industry try aircraft suppliers such as LAS in Devon as the majority of light aircraft are American and use UNF and UNC hardware.
  8. Its in my Diary so fingers crossed. I think that for the last four or five shows I wanted to go to including Santa Pod finals something or someone has managed to stop me going :-(
  9. Think I have sussed it from forum help. Thick later pads were SFP000250 which is what I have been supplied. Thinner ones are SFP000280 so will head off to get today. Will let you know and thanks for help :-)
  10. Hmm, that is well interesting that there are diff pads. This axle is non ABS and I thought the pads were BUT it is something well worth checking :-) Looking at the two links you put on; there are several part numbers on each, which are the ones for the two pad types ? Thanks
  11. Sounds like a similar prob I had on my 1990 Disco where the lights kept failing and I traced it to a high resistance joint on the Multi plug to the light/indicator switch. The connector was under the steering column panel/shroud. Don't know if the same for the ignition? It wasn't very obvious what the problem was as the pins looked ok but they weren't :-) Good luck and a big welcome to the forum :-)
  12. Interesting little issue with rear brakes, Have a 2003 110 back axle assy fitted to Gordon (1993 200tdi 110) and I ordered new pads. Went to fit and they are too thick by at least 2 mm. Even without the SS shims. Discs are on minimum thickness 12.2mm as per manual and I have removed the wear lip, otherwise in very good condition. Pistons are flush with the caliper bar about .5mm. Tried both Ferodo and Mintex both exacty the same dimension. Distance between caliper internal faces is 47.5mm which is the same as a spare set at the local garage. I am completely confused :mm Any ideas anyone?
  13. I bought a shotgun alarm which is small device which takes a blank shotgun cartridge and is triggered by a pull cord. Only problem I have is where to put it as Sod's law I will forget and blow my ears out. I intend to put it outside the vehicle so the noise attracts attention. I do chain the chassis to a big gate post (delay only as I know it won't defeat them) so was thinking of fitting the pull cord to that somehow. Was also thinking 'Tracker' the subscription monitored one but after reading this thread I may not bother.
  14. Brilliant, thanks for that, good info :-) What current can a 2.5mm cable take?
  15. Very interesting thread as I am about to wire up all sorts into my cubby box. What do you mean by 'proper connectors' Bowie69?
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