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  1. Looks like they are releasing the episodes over the next few weeks, so make sure you time your free trials appropriately! We watched the first three (only three are out so far) last night - seems good so far! Interesting with the amount of help they are getting from Harley and Rivian - especially the latter where they have the first two prototype trucks ever built! It does seem that they aren't holding back on the technical challenges either - when there's problems with the bikes they are highlighting them rather than it just being glossed over..
  2. Yup, will be watching this! CB's Extreme Frontiers and I believe the older Long Way series are on Amazon Prime as well if you have access to that..
  3. I think a lot of that has gone away with modern injectors and the improvements in spray - my little 4 pot 1.8 turbo is happy idling on 660cc injectors (on MS3), plenty of people are running 1000cc injectors with no problems (mainly in the US where E85 fuel demands +30% fuel). There's virtually no point in going much bigger than standard in a LR though!
  4. Do any EV6 style injectors drop straight in? If so that brings some more options.. I have a spare GEMS fuel rail and injectors somewhere, might have to do some investigation...
  5. A 4 door Jeep JK, which I would imagine is roughly the same size as a 110 is about $8000 https://www.hardbody4x4.com/uploads/6/4/2/2/6422733/usd_-_jeep_pricing_-_retail_sept_2018.pdf
  6. Spotted this on another forum and thought it may be of use for some of the people on here... https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=8&t=1885095 It details some newer/better drop in injectors that are much more modern than the standard (ancient) lucas ones, so should in theory provide better fuel atomisation and possibly a bit better economy...
  7. Once it's a bit better setup I'd be happy to - at the moment it's still a work in progress trying to work through all of the niggles, and I've not been able to do any 'proper' cold start testing as the weather hasn't got cold enough yet!
  8. Maybe a bit late, but I fitted an AGM battery to mine based on other threads on here a while back: 019 Enduroline AGM Start Stop Car Battery 95Ah - https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/enduroline/019-agm/ The 019 fits into the 110 under seat battery tray pretty much perfectly (although I think the floor has been altered at some point in the 110's past). I went AGM as apparently they cope with being sat for a while and discharging better than a normal battery, 850 CCA seemed high enough and it actually worked out cheaper than the equivalent non AGM size. They are also sealed so
  9. I've looked at doing similar so will follow this with interest.. One thing I did wonder is what happens with the rear seat belts - if you move the rear seats back then the seat belt shoulder mount is going to be in front of the occupant - so it may be uncomfy or potentially unsafe.. Not entirely sure how you'd get round this without moving the entire seatbelt mechanisms and mounting points..
  10. Looks like the spring rates are: Flatdog +2 : 220lbf/in OME +2 : 200lbf/in The FD ones are rated as medium/heavy duty, the OME are rated for up to 50kg extra weight and have v8 specific ones (but typically are a few quid more expensive!). Have just ordered the OME ones - will see how I get one with them... Thanks again!
  11. Thanks both - will have to get researching!
  12. Hi All Doing some work on the 110 today and have spotted that both front springs are broken... Current setup is De Carbon shocks all round - front part number v45 3883 23 which I believe is +2 compared to standard length, so would need +2 springs to suit. Existing springs appear to be aftermarket, no markings other than being very orange and now in multiple pieces! Majority of usage is on road with the occasional green lane. It's a 110 CSW v8 so has a little less weight on the nose than most. Any suggestions on springs and poundage? Thanks! Jon
  13. No - they don't look *that* different to the wipac crystal lights, they certainly don't stand right out like the ones with the big bug eyes like the JW Speaker. They look different lit up - obviously the colour temp of the light is different, and on dip only half lights up - one half is low beam, the other half high. There's also 2 LEDs in the middle bar which can be used as DRLs, but I've never bothered..
  14. Hopefully I'm sorted - £130 ebay special alloy rad actually looks very good, and came in a box suggesting it's not a chinese special but from a European rad specialist. If the weather holds I'll try and get it fitted later and will take some pics..
  15. One occasionally working vehicle, one soon-after not working vehicle which was got rid of sharp-ish!
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