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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-46841831 Now with CCTV footage
  2. Just been a thing on the local news (HTV West) about a company based in Sling who were stealing / stripping various Land Rovers - looks to be the same people. Somebody Barrington appears to have just been given a jail sentence at Bristol court for it. I didn't catch all the snippet to get the full details. It doesn't appear to be on the BBC News site yet either..
  3. =jon=

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Until very recently I had a 2010 L322 TDV8 RR. It cost me more in repairs than any other vehicle that I've owned. Incidentally, the second highest in repairs would have been the Toyota LC 120 that I owned, but all the works for that were carried out under Toyota warranty...
  4. =jon=

    Random musings on the D4

    Possibly smooths airflow over the bottom of the suspension / wishbones when at speed? My old L322 had similar fitted...
  5. =jon=

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    Unless you know you have a fuel pressure sensor hooked up, it's probably a red herring - MS has lots of inputs that can be used for allsorts, so if one of them is mis defined or isn't there but is enabled in software you can get weird bogus readings...
  6. =jon=

    Random musings on the D4

    I like the look of that I had a D4 3.0TDV6 as a loan car for a week or so when the 322 was in the garage. It had obviously led a hard life prior to becoming a loan car, but it was really nice - near RR levels of comfort, rode well and was absolutely cavernous inside.
  7. =jon=

    3.5 + Thor -> 4.6 + Thor

    Yup - I've got the screenshots saved - much appreciated! Do you know what thread etc the fittings you got were?
  8. =jon=

    3.5 + Thor -> 4.6 + Thor

    Morning All, I'm hoping to (finally) get round to swapping the 3.5 in my 110 to the 4.6 I've had in the shed for yonks over the christmas period. I'm busy making a shopping list of stuff I'm going to need (mainly from Fridge's swap thread) so I can get everything ready as sourcing parts may be a bit tougher while everyone is on hols... I've already got MS2 + EDIS fully working with a thor inlet, so that side of things should be reasonably straightforwards, and the new lump has the crank triggers etc. So far my shopping list consists of: Oil filters + break in oil 19mm hose x lots for making the various water hoses up New engine mounts, for while it's out. injector seals for when the fuel rails get swapped over. 16 x Seal - Fuel Injector - ERR7309 - Genuine 1870mm 7-vee serp belt (not using aircon) Some way of bodging the PAS pipes together Anyone know what the threads are so I can source the right compression fittings? I've got a remote oil filter + cooler so hopefully that will swap straight across.. Anything else I'm missing?
  9. =jon=

    Central Locking Rod Clamp

    Thanks - I did think of the choc block connectors, I'll have to have a look and see if I can fit it over the existing lock/unlock rod... I do have a crimper, will have a look and see if I have some crimps that may work
  10. Hi All I've been investigating why my central locking has been a bit iffy on one of the doors - it's an aftermarket kit made of up solenoids that have a rod that clamps to the standard lock/unlock bit on the door. The clamp that joins the two rods has broken up - looks like it's gone brittle and disintegrated. Any bright ideas on where to source a replacement? You can buy a new solenoid / kit fairly cheaply, but it's a bit of a waste when all I need is a tiny part of it... I've found one place that does them on their own, but they want £4.40 ea for them http://www.machine7.com/product.php?xProd=3318 Any other ideas?
  11. =jon=

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    OK - if the landy is starting and running and is reasonably drivable, then you probably have a spark map of some kind already First thing is to check that the MS and the physical hardware are reasonably in collusion with each other - in Tunerstudio go into Ignition Options, and there should be an option called 'fixed advance' - with a choice of 'table' (which will use the spark map in one of the 'ignition table' sections'), or 'fixed timing'. (I'm reading off an MS2E map, so the options may be slightly different) If you choose 'fixed timing', one of the other fields will ungrey itself (timing for fixed advance) and you can force the MS to spark on whatever value you put in there - so pick a value that lines up with one of the timing marks on the pulley. Then start her up, put the timing light on and check that whatever value is in MS lines up with what the pulley marks say. If they don't line up, you can adjust 'Trigger Angle Offset (deg)' up or down until they match up (so 10 BTDC in the MS lines up with the 10 BDTC mark on the pulley). Once you've done that, set Ignition Options / Fixed Advance back to 'use table' and check that the timing isn't still stuck at 10 (or whatever you set it at) and assuming your ignition map isn't all the same value, that the timing changes if you blip the throttle Now if you go back to tunerstudio, if you open up 'ignition table 1' - you should have a little circle hovering somewhere round the table - where is dependant on the current revs and vacuum, which moves around as you rev / drive / whatever - the point under that marker is whatever the timing is at that point. The table is probably something around 10ish bottom left hand corner, dropping as you go vertically and rising as you go horizontally. If you paste a pic of that table one of the grown ups who properly understand how to tune spark maps will be able to help
  12. =jon=

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    Are you talking about setting the base timing, or after a spark map? If you are running a distributor, normally you set the base timing up to whatever the book says - so at idle it's running at (eg.) 3 BTDC, normally by twisting the dizzy (with vac advance disconnected). A bit more twist changes the whole timing curve advanced or retarded. On the MS - you should lock the timing to a fixed value, then check that the mechanical timing with a light and make sure that the two match - so if MS 'thinks' it's running at 3 BTDC, mechanically that's correct. Then you set up your spark curve/map in software.
  13. =jon=

    How to earth MS like a pro?

    I'd probably pick up earths on the body side of the earth strap. If you are fitting a wideband o2 sensor make sure that the grounds for that go back to the same place as the MS ground can cause major issues...
  14. =jon=

    Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    Subscribing. I've got MS2 + EDIS at the moment on the 3.5, with a BLOS LPG gas carb. On gas there's a second spark map and a zero'd out fuel map. When the 4.6 goes in I'm going to swap to multi-point gas - although I'll use an LPG ECU to drive that, MS3 supports a different AFR target on the second map, so I should be able to run full closed loop fuelling and get a bit more economy out of it.. I've got MS3 on my turbo'd MX5 already, so know my way round the settings reasonably well already
  15. =jon=

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    My crystal ball predicts that it will be positioned as a 'lifestyle' vehicle somewhere size / cost wise between the Disco Sport and the Disco 5. If you look at the D5, it's nearly as posh as a RR inside, and apparently has lost the massive load areas that the D3/4 had. It's hardly the working vehicle that it used to be. They also cost a bomb. DIsco sport is a 'posh family SUV'. Not sure if there will be a SWB / LWB type offering, but I reckon there will be a county type version, and a pick up or DCPU at least. The DCPU may be a 1.5 cab type thing like is popular with the americans. I wouldn't really see it as a 'working' vehicle in the same way the old one was - the pick up will be similar to the new Merc pick up - a bit too posh to fill full of rubble, pitched at the site foreman who wants to be seen as a bit above the workers, but not give the impression that he's too good for a 'working' vehicle... Both versions will come with an assortment of LR Branded lifestyle accessories - bike rack, surf board rack, wicker picnic hamper with matching LR etched crystal champagne glasses etc for the man about town who obviously needs such a vehicle to advertise his exciting ourdoorsy weekend activities

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