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  1. I don't think you'd ever make it impregnable - but the more irritating you make it the less likely they are to bother, if you stop the doors being able to be unlocked with a spoon or easily opened by bending the door and opening the lock catch then it's much more of a PITA - trying to crawl through a broken window at chest high covered in broken glass is much less fun for a tea leaf and much more obvious...
  2. Just attacked this - some pointers in case anyone else runs into the same.. Removing is the easy part - circlip came out easily enough, gave the cap a prod and out it came along with a dribble of oil. Be careful when removing that no parts fire themselves at your eyes / corner of the garage / never to been seen again. O ring does appear to be 19mm x 1.5mm. Apparently you should use Viton rings to avoid the oil attacking them. The old o-ring was very hard and brittle. Reassembly is the reverse of removal - maybe if you have LR special tool number 798 (oil cap plunger installati
  3. You can get the plates that you put on the inside of the hinge nuts that stop you opening the doors by removing the hinges: https://www.landroverdefendersecurity.com/collections/exterior-security/products/door-hinge-security-kit
  4. Yep - I've seen those but they require fairly major surgery to fit.. I was curious as to either why nobody has adapted a 'standard' door catch for deadlocking (or retrofit one from another model), or why LR never bothered with them, despite fitting them to Discos / RRs etc and the latter Defenders coming with all the mod cons like remote locking which would make it easy to operate.. If you secure the hinges and prevent the doors being opened it adds a reasonable layer of security as trying to get through the windows is a pain, and the interior is cramped so trying to defeat something
  5. Nope: From the P38(?) or possibly early L322 Owners manual: As said it's pretty common on most newer european cars - and on RRs and Discos!
  6. Pretty much every modern car has deadlocking / superlocking that means you can't open it from the inside once fully locked...
  7. Hi Just thinking idly about Defender security, and was wondering why nobody has come up with a set of deadlocking door catches similar to have been fitted to every other car in the past 30 years, or if the defender door catch fitments are shared with anything else in the rover range that does have deadlocking? That would stop the obvious route to get in of smashing a window and unlocking a door. Most of the deadlocks that I have seen are van type bolts with an extra keyhole, which are a bit overkill for most people due to the need to drill large holes! Also thinking idly - are
  8. So you did! At least it looks like if I can get the cap circlip out and the cap doesn't move I can potentially prod it from the filter side if needed... Looks like a fairly awkward job to do it while everything is in the engine bay though
  9. Hi All I appear to have developed a minor oil leak from below on the front cover of my GEMS v8: It's leaking from the arrow - there's a cap which appears to be held in via circlip. Google suggests that that the cap should have a viton 19 x 1.5mm O ring on it - but it probably isn't the oil pressure relief valve as that would be above the filter by the pressure switch, but there were various configurations used with ports blanked off when not used. So - for anyone else that's taken one of these apart, what's behind the cap, and if it's not the pressure relief valve am I
  10. For those with Defender front seats in the back, is there enough space to fit a front centre seat in the middle instead of a cubby? It looks like it would probably fit at a squeeze...
  11. I do - I'll have a proper look at it tomorrow. Typically I got it to start on LPG, moved it down the drive to have a proper investigate and in doing so seem to have fixed it - fuel pump now primes as per normal and it runs sweet as a nut on petrol or gas.
  12. Thanks - there is a bundle of earths back there which goes to the tub. It all appeared to be dry and good condition. Would make sense if the LH indicator lamp on the cluster was faintly illuminated too if they are round there...
  13. Hi It appears I have an intermittent bad earth on my factory 110 v8 (originally 3.5 on carbs) somewhere around the fuel pump. Went to start it up today and it wouldn't run - you could hear the fuel pump prime but much less noisily than normal. While it was priming the fuel gauge was sat at empty, as soon as it finished it's prime it would sweep over to the right level. Left hand indicator arrow on the cluster was also faintly illuminated at one point. I think the pump earth is poor, and its back feeding through whatever else it can off the same loom - so I guess the earth for the pu
  14. Do big trucks not have drums because they are air operated rather than hydraulic?
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