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  1. If you search on amazon / ebay etc for 'Novsight' you get a whole load of results similar to the above.
  2. There's something 'weird' with LED and HID lights in certain lights - especially in dusk, and when the road is damp - it seems to suck all of the light up and makes you think there's something wrong with the headlights... I've been told it's because both LED and HID emit a very narrow range of light colours, whereas a normal bulb emits quite a broad range, so the latter will work better in all conditions, even if not as bright..
  3. Thanks - Closed Cell Foam tape now ordered!
  4. I used high ZDDP engine break in oil when I first started mine up, as it's recommended for use when doing the initial bedding in of an engine with a flat tappet cam: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112847890025
  5. Hi All I recently lined the roof of my 110 with foil backed camping mat in order to keep some warmth in and reduce the condensation on the bare roof.. It's worked a treat, but I'm still getting condensation on the roof ribs, enough to still drip annoyingly down your neck at inopportune moments... Any suggestions on how to tackle this? It looks like some of the ribs I could cover in mat as they aren't used to secure the headlining, but any suggestions as to what to cover the ones with that do get used? I tried gaffer tape and it doesn't cut the condensation down at all, maybe som
  6. The ones like this: They seem to clamp better with more even pressure, but they are a fair bit more expensive than a standard jubilee clip..
  7. AFAIK @Les Brock has a 90 Diesel Auto which may be running now so may be able to comment more...
  8. When I did the engine swap on mine I used silicon hoses and joiners as there's a variety of awkward bends for the top / bottom rad hoses that I couldn't find off the shelf pipework for. I spent weeks pulling my hair out tracking down and fixing leaks - no matter what I did I couldn't get it to all seal nicely... I tried different jubilee clips, hylomar on all of the joints, etc etc It drove me totally bonkers as it would all go back together, appear to be sealed and then a few days later you'd spot a few drips underneath... Then I'd check all of the jubilee clips and they would need nippi
  9. The ZF actually suits the V8 quite well on the road at least - you plonk it in gear and it's generally relaxing and wafty like other cars with big engines and auto boxes (as refined as a 110 can be!). You need to provoke it a bit to make it kick down, but when it does it goes pretty well... In terms of MPG - when it was a 3.5 (with Thor manifolds / Megasquirt) on simple BLOS LPG it would do 10-12MPG depending on the type of journey, so probably 14 or so on petrol (although it was rarely used on it!). I dropped in a 4.6 last summer and it's not done many miles since with lockdown, pro
  10. ZF 6HP26 in the RR, quite probably the disco as well if it's a 6 speed..
  11. Hi I mentioned I was doing this on another post and was asked to put up a thread on my progress... I've been running a ZF 4HP22 converted 110 for a while now. The previous owner built a custom central box with a RRC auto shifter mounted on it. I've been looking to increase the storage space and do something a bit different - after looking at the price of the Ashcroft NAS console I decided to look at alternative ways of mounting the shifter, when I stumbled across a thread on a US defender forum where some people are using a Lokar floor mounted stick shifter: https://www.defender
  12. https://www.truck-lite.com/27275c3-2.html shows as having a heated lens, but doesn't look like it's ECE approved...
  13. If they have the relevant ECE markings on the lens then you should be fully OK...
  14. The relevant MOT bits have already been posted on this thread BTW:
  15. I think most MOT testers use a bit of common sense - an LED bulb of 'appropriate' brightness in something like a sidelight shouldn't cause an issue (or really look any different to the original!), the rules are supposedly to stop people putting LED / HID replacement bulbs in headlights with poor beam pattern which causes dazzling/safety issues for other drivers..
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