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  1. Must be safer than you fitting one Mo
  2. I used a sync-mate to resync the codes , i am getting a ground switch for the coils but not for the fuel pump ? but when i run a ground to the pump relay it still won't fire .

    Regards Paul

  3. Sounds like it has lost immo code,will needa reprogram with diagnostic gear

  4. Update had a friend of mine plug in his laptop to the data port and came up with codes P1667 , P1672 anyone know what these codes mean ? Regards Paul
  5. Came home last night and found the RR with its hazard lights glowing , tried to start it today and it just turns over but won,t fire . Messed around with it and found the fuel pump was not running and no spark so this leads me to think it's a problem with the immobiliser . also i ran the battery flat turning it over and the key wont sink with the car , i know the code i have is right for the Becm as i have sinked them before . any ideas ? Regards Paul
  6. 3m make a spray that makes a real easy job of it Regards Paul
  7. Could someone give me the part number for a 200tdi clutch hose Thanks Paul
  8. Ill pop some pictures on as soon as i can , they where from a mark 1 focus 1999 t plate . Paul
  9. I ve fitted some seats out of a ford focus in mine using the land rover frames , so i can still get to the battery . Paul
  10. After lots of looking i have a pair of bolt on mounts , kvu100220 , kvu100230 , and they are a perfect fit land rover are charging £130 + vat for the pair Paul
  11. New pads will need 500 or so miles to bed in . Paul
  12. I have a set of Superpro on my 90 and i am very pleased with them Paul
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