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  1. Check eBay out they come up from time to time
  2. I have a used one complete (4 stud) with drop arm in my shed, I renewed mine about three years ago in an attempt to identify a vague steer issue, renewing the steer unit didn't solve the problem. It has no leaks, you can have it for some beer tokens if you arrange a courier, hope this OK.
  3. Hi has anyone used these as an upgrade http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ASI-for-Land-Rover-Defender-200tdi-alloy-Intercooler-65mm-core-UPGRADE-200-TDI-/291442160681?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item43db4e7429 Thinking of buying one, ta h
  4. Hi, I adjusted the nearside steering lock stop and now on full right hand deflection I have around 5 mm clearance between the drag link and ARB ball joint assembley thanks Harry
  5. Thanks yeah I agree, will look at adjusting the stop locks, ta
  6. Hi, yesterday I fitted a front ARB to my defender 1990, 90. All went well, I also had to fit the bolt on brackets to the axle as my axle didn't have the brackets on. Now I loosely fitted and offered the Arb up to the chassis rail, marked , drilled and riv nutted ready to bolt the brackets to the chassis rail. All is fine except on full right hand lock the drag link just comes into contact with the Arb ball joint at the nearside. Has anyone carried out a similar mod ? that can offer advice, I am tempted to grind a few mm off the Arb where it is bolted to the ball joint fixing to provide clearance.
  7. Hi can you take all four off arms off at the same time with the landy on the road, my thinking is to take all off and get the new bushes pressed in at my mates garage, return and fit, ta h
  8. I changed the dampers last year, just got a bit itchy on the net searching land rover steering improvements and came across the arb posts. Will steer away, pardon the pun, from the whole arb set up i think, ta
  9. Been searching and started thinking about fitting a arb to my land rover ht 90 to seek further stability on the motorway. It hasn't got any of the brackets to accommodate an arb, either axle or chassis but I can purchase these from extreme 4x4. The rear would need some fabrication work as the Dixon Bate angled tie rod and the exhaust would be in the path of the arb. Just a thought But could i fit the front only, would this be legal/safe and beneficial ta h
  10. After my trip to Scotland 600 miles or so, on parking up back home I had two small pools of oil seeming to come from the engine to gearbox bell housing. My conundrum is that I had this renewed..probably about a year ago and it's been solid up till this trip, If I take it back to the garage then I wouldn't expect them to do under warranty but don't want to pay to have it redone for it to go again. What's your experiences with this type of oil leak. 200tdi in a hardtop 90 ta
  11. Thought I would update you on my trip to Scotland, all went really well. The windscreen wipers got a bit over excited driving through a storm on the way back today , at one point thought they were going to come off as they started going over their stops,i guess that they need readjusting and securing.. Only worrying points are a nice oil puddle or two left ....looks like one is from the engine cranckshaft seal which is upsetting as i only had it renewed 6 month ago, will try and upload a photy from the trip.
  12. After some scrutiny i think the brackets are not completely matched to the a frame...but a little fekling should sort it out.
  13. I used 160 amp but only because they were free, i am sure you could get away with less. Any isolator from a car accessory spare shop will do. I also got 25mm industrial cable buckshee to make up the loom.
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