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  1. Range rover V8 turbo: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/range-rover-janspeed-turbo-spares-or-repair/163815538229?hash=item26242abe35:g:pTsAAOSwAOVdUZXT Daan
  2. I think someone on here was involved with this idea at some stage, but decided better of it, as they were intending to take the car as is, without rebuilding anything, and he said that was madness. Which judging from this video is probably a fair assessment. Daan
  3. There is many people who have done this. Like this one: Or this one: Bear in mind that virtually every R380 you find is about a foot longer than the box you have now. It is possible to get an R380 with a shorter bellhousing, but there are very few of these around. Ashcroft has done a re run of this bellhousing. Your best bet is an LT77S from a defender with a conversion plate to mate to the V8, to get the shortest combination. Daan
  4. Not that many for me, I tend to stick with what I have for a very long time. NL: 1 Land rover series 3, which I still own. Bought when I was 17, from news paper delivering round. Intention was to have it running when I got my driving license, which almost succeded. 2 Renault 5 bought from fellow student for a crate of beer. owned for 3 months to get me to a work experience. 3 Fiat 127. Bought for students trackday at Zandvoort. It lasted 3 heats before no2 connecting rod came out UK: Peugeot 305 diesel estate very good car Peugeot 405 stdt estate very good car Peugeot 406 hdi estate very good car Peugeot 206 hdi not so good VW polo Bluemotion Very good car, had it for 7 years and still going. Mahindra Jeep. has potential. Daan
  5. Have to say, coolnvintage do nice builds and nice photographing, but the cars are nothing particularly special: from what I saw, they all have the original engine and gearbox, just changed springs, shocks and wheels (I am not a fan of the black wolf wheels with wheel spacers, but I am probably alone in this), and up cycled the interior. They have a nice finish, but nothing to me that would warrant the 6 figure price on them. Daan
  6. A mentioned, wheel spacers are bringing all sort of problems; If you want to go wider like a defender, fit coil sprung axles, while continuing to use leaf springs. This also gives you disc brakes and higher gearing. A few people on here did it by fitting spring perches to the axles to match the leaf springs. Daan
  7. It looks the same (granted the casting number is different). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FREE-FITTING-Range-Rover-P38-1994-to-2002-2-5-TD-Remanufactured-Steering/262109818042?fits=Plat_Gen%3AMK+II&hash=item3d06f66cba:g:S48AAOSwabhUVKWf Anyone on here has a 70th anniversary defender to have a look at?
  8. The bolt pattern is obviously different from the standard box, but with some fabwork that should be ok. On the 70th anniversary, it looks like there is a spacer plate to bolt between the box and chassis. I have never seen a 70th anniversary Landy, so I am guessing. The orientation is different on the P38, so the idle shaft sits outside the chassis rail, as opposed to inside the rail for the defender. I have got a LHD p38 box for this reason, so the idler shaft sits again on the inside (of a RHD vehicle). I can post a picky tonight if you like. Plan is to fit the box over the winter months, hopefully for my landy to be used again next summer. Daan
  9. I'd say it is a bit wide, but it depends what you want to do with the car. It is just that for off roading in a forest you might have to contend with trees which are narrower than your wheels, and that can only be solved with a chainsaw. That said, if you manage to take out 1.5 inch off offset on the wheels, its probably give you what you want. The biggest problem is probably going to be the steering ball joints on the front axle. Daan
  10. Most professional race cars have hard lines everywhere, except were it needs to be flexible because of wheels moving around. Hard lines balloon less , are lighter and more compact. And cheaper also.
  11. Does the Volvo not have an expansion tank you can use?
  12. Hi, You can do this, depending on the length of thread you have on your u bolts. But I would start with removing the prop and slacken off the bolts of the shackle a bit. Drive it around for some time and let the springs settle, and do up the shackle bolts again. They tend to sag a little from new, then settle at the right hight. Daan
  13. This is good: Range: +260km (official range tests to be finalized) The Plower defender is a mad Idea in my opinion; I mean we are struggling to get a good range on any normal car, so a 2+ ton brick? And how far does it gets you off road? It is a Dutch thing, we are being green here, but where is the genie pack to run it? Speaking of Dutch inventions, and electric busses, there is (or was) this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superbus_(transport Thunderbirds are go! Invented by the only dutch man in space, so it must be good - or so must the politicians have thought, and happily ploughed a lot of taxpayers money in it. It was very success full; except for the flat batteries after 2 laps of the testing circuit. Daan
  14. P38, no question. The standard ball joint fits, the spline to the steering shaft fits, or at least can be made to fit with standard parts, and last but not least, it is Land rover approved: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&id=F7E22AB4B1C8662A8AFA42F844A95E79ED7CEBB0&thid=OIP.tllfotafEkoLfYUKaAdcygHaE8&mediaurl=https%3A%2F%2Fs3.amazonaws.com%2Fthe-drive-staging%2Fmessage-editor%2F1516212972810-lr_classic_defender_worksv8_170118_21.jpg&exph=1280&expw=1920&q=defender+70th+anniversary+edition&selectedindex=155&adlt=strict&ajaxhist=0&vt=0&eim=1,2,6 What I am planning to do on mine. Daan
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