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  1. Have to say it: Awesome wiring skills! Good progress. Daan
  2. There are all kind of reasons why this is the case, and Tax may be the main reason. I know that in Holland everything car related is way more expensive than it is over here. The pricing policies of car manufacturers is even more weird; I mean the price of a landrover registered on the road is about 200% that of it leaving the factory. As a result of this, Land rover lowers the price pre-tax, so the on the road price doesn't get so ridiculous. This were the return import of cars comes from; you ship a RHD to holland, than ship it back to the UK and sell it cheaper. I can imagine parts hav
  3. As mentioned before, you need to ask yourself what you really need. On 7.50 tyres, the rear axle is as bombproof as it gets (I assume a salibury axle). The front, you might want to consider HD shafts and CV's and a 4 pin diff so nothing breaks. Certainly, if you consider diffs, the Detroit setup will alter handling, as will any limited slip diff, so selectable would be better with your uses. Winches, well if you like travel light, than don't bother, as you carry something wherever you go, and might need it only once. I have seen this though, and would be very keen on this in your sit
  4. Stunning video; Scotland should employ you to promote the country! I fancy going myself now. As a question, how much feasible is doing what you did in a usual Eurobox style car? I can entertain the idea of going with my family, but using the landy isn't really going to work I think. We would use local accommodation, rather than sleeping in the car. We are also limited to school holidays, which would make the before mentioned traffic problem worse. Daan
  5. Well done you Dutch bunch of no hopers. recovery is easy; the same way as it happened, in reverse. Daan
  6. Interestingly, international also had a go at the manifold when they upgraded the tdi to 2.8L:
  7. They quoted test results of a flow bench test for runners 1,2,3 and 4 of the manifold.
  8. According to this video, someone has tested something: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MOlYjBNVWA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUMtruoyOKE
  9. Hi, Protection and performance may have had an involvement in these: http://www.ppcages.com/ Regards, Daan
  10. Given the maltese temperatures, I think removing the Intercooler is a very bad idea. This subject has been done to death, and my opinion has not changed; Fit it, I reckon. Daan
  11. And aluminium bulkheads. I think it is a great product they have there. It is heavy though.
  12. This is a feature that was widely promoted on the Santana ps10 landrover: So they copied that as well. I think they have done a great job taking the best from other offroaders and create a good all purpose vehicle. It is, after all the spritual replacement of the defender. The fact that they could buy an existing facility in France means it is probably the difference between profitable and making a loss. I certainly hope it will succeed.
  13. I am aiming for a jeep that looks cool and is nice to drive, and can keep up with traffic on a motorway basically. The end result won't get any of the rivet counter crowd excited, but i specifically did not cut up any original WW2 parts, as it is just not the right thing to do. As you can see, there is so much other stuff you can use and achieve almost the same result. It also can be very cheap this way if you play your cards right. I have spent 2k so far and I have all the parts to build a working car. The boys are trying it for size:
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