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  1. Parts rant!!!

    Must say, Bearmach seems to have the price/quality ratio about right in my opinion. Otherwise Genuine. Daan
  2. exhaust flanges

    I still have 1 slip joint in the system. This was mainly because of space restrictions (together with a stainless screw clamp you can get to about 66 mm diameter). The good thing about having at least 1 slip joint in the system is that there is still a bit of adjust-ability in the length of the system. This can be important as the welding may warp the tube slightly, and the exhaust will expand when hot, which could make the fit not as intended. Daan
  3. exhaust flanges

    have a look at my last instalment of my hybrid. Daan
  4. exhaust flanges

    V bands, definitely. What diameter pipe are you using? Daan
  5. Self lubricating underside

    Does the sump leaks at the back? Probably the T-seals needs replacing (involves removing the last main bearing cap). crank seals are among the usual suspects to. If you replace any running seals, check if the sealing surface is smooth. Daan
  6. EP90 Website

    A build thread would be great, and would spur on Mike to get his finger out. Daan
  7. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    The golden engine... Nice job! Daan
  8. Morale of the story is.....

    I find replacing it with something electric rather scary myself. As you noticed, it does actually run without it, so you can always come home by bypassing the pump. Daan
  9. It looked like a DC100, but less curvy. Daan
  10. You are on Borrowed time. Daan
  11. I didn't have time to get my phone.
  12. Great result on a budget! Are you not carrying a spare wheel on the stage? Good to see that a landrover based vehicle with the old TDI can still produce results as well. Although i am sure you'd rather have him behind you... Daan
  13. I reckon I have seen the new defender prototype in white and black painting though.
  14. Please post pics from the event. Daan
  15. 300TDi belt tensioner.

    I modded the snap ring by cutting a corner of it: This will make it much easier next time, as you can just remove it with a screwdriver. Daan