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  1. Knowing the reliabilty of the electrics on my landy, I wouldn't want lives depending on it somehow.
  2. I still think 2 small VNT turbos, both from 3 cylinders each , then merge them together to go through the intercooler would be very much the way to go. making two identical 3 way manifolds is much easier than 1 off 6 way manifold. The turbos can be small and cheap, and will spool up really quick. Compound means you end up with a large and really large turbo in the engine bay. It would be very expensive, very difficult to package, complicated piping route and probably do little at low RPM. All you need to do then is sort out the VNT control. Daan
  3. can you cycle it out on cad? I think the lower links so far back on the rear axle could have a bad result when you get a big hit on a wheel. the axle might rotate around the upper axle pivot and the lower links go past dead centre and move upwards. Daan
  4. Quite how you consider another resto at the same time is beyond me, it must be an irish multi tasking thing. I always find my mind is too busy already doing just one. Keep up the good work! Daan
  5. I think the next big thing is replicas with modern running gear. There is the Mini remasterd, the MGB Abingdon edition and the eagle e-type. I would say a lot of people love the shape of the old classics but don't want to put up with unreliability and performance of them. Modifying the old clunkers is reducing the value, hence a new build makes sense. There is plenty of heritage bodyshells available now, so the biggest part is already there. Daan
  6. Mine is a defender one I believe (bought on sodbury sortout, but I am pretty certain it is). The chassis is a shortened defender 90. I have not many piccys available right now of the complete thing. The crossmember is my own addition though. it is 89", with a standard 88" rear prop at the back, and an early 90 rear prop at the front, to give you an idea about gearbox location. chassis pic, with my old disk brake setup: Daan
  7. Your rear cross member is in the way (depending on where you fitted your gearbox). I did fit one to mine, but it was a bit involved. Have a look on my thread, page 8. Daan
  8. bash it very hard with a hammer, straight on the head to loosen up rust in the thread. If you use an extractor, either square or straight fluted one. The tapered expanding thread type only seems to expand the nipple and make the problem worse in my experience. Daan
  9. I don't remember seeing it mentioned it anywhere else. But the term says it all. Daan
  10. Interesting conversion, keep the updates coming! Daan
  11. My chassis was done in peterborough, and they did a lovely job. Later I got my bumper done in southampton as it was closer since I moved and it was so-so. So there is certainly difference in quality between them, even if they almost all work under the Wessex banner. Also bear in mind they may be able to ship stuff for you, but the shipping I got quoted for the chassis was more than the galvanising itself. Daan
  12. Ok, A friend made me aware of my appearance on the shortlist of the LRO calendar - twice! So I you have a moment spare please vote for me... And maybe have my landy as a pin up of the month! Daan
  13. I would try to source a V8 santana box and use the v8 clutch, as fridge says. I don't understand that the 130 clutch is not able to transfer more torque; it has a bigger diameter, so all being equal, that should make things better. How do you find the 3.1? Would be great to see a feature in special build vehicles. Daan
  14. stainless steel exhaust. Mot. Daan