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  1. Please post pics from the event. Daan
  2. 300TDi belt tensioner.

    I modded the snap ring by cutting a corner of it: This will make it much easier next time, as you can just remove it with a screwdriver. Daan
  3. Oil and temperature safe hose

    why do you need it flexible?
  4. Crank rear oil seal

    I hadn't realised your box is out already, so that is perfectly possible. On the 3 bearing it is a split seal, which need heating up in some boiled water to stop the rubber splitting. Daan
  5. Crank rear oil seal

    I am afraid it is rather involved as you need to take of flywheel and bellhousing. I supppose you could try moving the engine forward in the chassis and do it in situ, but it is rather delicate that way. Daan
  6. I reckon nr 1; still recognisable as current, but renewed. Daan
  7. New Leaf spring suppliers

    GB springs, everybody is raving about them. if they are green than they are rocky mountain I think. Daan
  8. New Leaf spring suppliers

    GB springs seem to have good write ups. I have to say nothing else apart from parabolics would be on my list, especially as it is a reversable mod. Otherwise, removing leafs on your existing springs? Daan
  9. Series Tdi's - refinement and noise levels

    I have a 300 tdi, on 300 mounts and 0 sound deadening. Interestingly, the noise at speed from this is quite ok, the only problem is tickover; this is truly horrific. I have never been able to sort this. At speed I also have to deal with simex tyres, which makes the engine noise sounds like a whisper. But basicily i generally cruise at 70 MPH. this is with 4.75 diffs and a 1.2 transfer box (lt77 with lt230 box). I have to have decent speed, as a weekend offroading in Wales involves driving there after work on a friday night and come back on a sunday night. Daan
  10. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    I used the standard rear prop, fitted the engine and box to suit this location using my own mounts on the chassis, and used a def 90 rear propshaft at the front. All standard parts. Daan
  11. tyre/wheel

    Yes that will be ok. Daan
  12. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    What about me?
  13. 6 speed TDi

    You can go to taller transfer box ratios.
  14. Calling all 109 owners!

    The series is more beautiful though. From the outside, it is a series no question to me. Inside, a defender is much better. Why not combine the 2 and build a Hybrid? Daan