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  1. Scary statistics, considering the Grenfell disaster was caused by a hotpoint fridge freezer.
  2. Interesting post on science and chinese whispers. Keep up the good work fella!
  3. Especially when he could have kept them on and let the state pay their wages.
  4. I suggested working from home in the past, but this was always regarded as rediculous; now all of a sudden, it appears perfectly possible. I am enjoying the experience.
  5. This made me laugh: https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/148842/marko-wanted-red-bull-drivers-to-contract-covid19 As long as we can race, the world is ok. Unbelievable, especially when immunity is not guaranteed. Daan
  6. Vaccine is normally 12 months in peace time, so I think, governments are forcing pharmaceutical company's to cooperate with each other and I guess the government will also assist to shortcut and bend every rule in the book to get the vaccine out to the market quicker. So probs. between 6 and 12 months in war time...Time for a poll! Daan
  7. I am a bit reluctant to reply, but the 12 weeks lock down time and last night 6 months time seems all completely made up to me: this is over once a vaccine is produced and the entire population has been vaccinated. How long that takes is anyone's guess, but a year seems likely. At the moment it is even not clear whether people that have had the virus are actually immune.
  8. drill from 2 sides, regularly remove the swarf.
  9. If you connect lh front to Lh rear and rh rear to rh front would have the same effect, but not the roll stiffness problem. On the road you can use the brake light signal to close the valve between front and rear. Also, if the axle height sensors realise you are not in a cross axle situation (so climbing a hill with the rear axle going up and the front axle coming down), you know this via the height sensors, and you can also close the valves. Or leave them closed all the time and only open when you sense cross axling. Interesting project, keep the updates coming! Daan
  10. Wales is doing well: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-51994504 Daan
  11. My rant on Facebook today: so today I went to tesco in Buckingham. Waiting 10 minutes to get in, ok, no problem. I was wearing a face mask. I was the only one. I might have got some looks from everyone, but who cares (Face masks have the added advantage that nobody recognises you). Anyway, the usual no toilet rolls or eggs that we are used to by now applied here too. There was kitchen roll though, problem solved. The English family's were out in force dragging every member of the family along like they always do, drastically increasing the risk of infection. Social distancing has not made to Buckingham yet, especially in the queues. The queues for the tills were about ten metres long, all along through the opposing isles. Tesco has a self scan system. This has the advantage of not needing to queue, which would also drastically reduce the risk of infection, so that is what I used. 1 other person used it too, the rest happily queued up, talking about the devastating corona virus with strangers. It is the 'everyone need to change except me' mentality that is annoying me. The lack flexibility and adaptation displayed here means things are going to be worse than Italy in about 2 weeks time.
  12. Bearmach is currently open for business, but I suspect the roads are going to get closed by next week, so get your order in quick!
  13. Just communicate by phone and leave shopping in front of the door,should be ok? I felt odd today going to work breaking a sweat, so decided to turn around and go home again. I dont have any of the symptoms of the virus though, so probably can do some working from home next week.
  14. There is around a 1000 people from all over Europe coming together, and they hand over cash money which is traditionally one of the worst carriers of germs; It sounds like the right decision to me. A shame, as I have a long list of bits I need.
  15. Very nice, I saw that in Devon at the Dartmouth steam railway a few years ago. It is nice to be involved in something like that, but there is sting in the tail: no matter how much time and effort you put into it, you are always left empty handed at the end of it. Been there too in my younger years, I was volunteering at a dutch steam railway. The landy, however is yours and with the price of classic landys the way they are, you could end up with something very valuable in say 20 years time.
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