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  1. Roof Rack fabrication project

    Neat jobs on all roof racks here. With regards to loading up the roof rack, I often see people putting the heaviest things at the highest point; spare wheel, hi jack and fuel/water cans. All things I would put as low in the car as possible and put light stuff higher up. That's why Camel trophy cars used to roll over a lot. My 2p anyway. Daan
  2. Colour scheme '63 Station Wagon

    I am pretty sure sand was available at some stage, I have certainly seen a few that looked to have their original paint. According to this website, it was available from 1959: http://www.expeditionlandrover.info/Series_Land_Rover_paint.html Daan
  3. Colour scheme '63 Station Wagon

    As a big fan of series landies, and Sand as a colour for them, I'd say that the limestone grille was a later addition, as was the black wheel centres. The roof on hard top versions usually were white, but the station wagons were sometimes the vehicle colour. Not sure for what reason these were differing colours, perhaps you could choose on ordering one? Yours looks like this one: https://bringatrailer.com/2014/10/08/tropical-roof-1964-land-rover-series-iia-88-station-wagon/ Groeten, Daan
  4. New Series - RR Heavy

    I have to agree with the brain cell engagement, however, I tend to live in some kind of fast forward life where in between arrival from work, have dinner, take the kids to bath and bed, walk the dog, get my shirt ironed for the next day, make lunch for the next day, hopefully watch a bit of BBC news (which I record so I can fast forward the boring bits), I might have 10 minutes on Lr4x4 (i am a moderator after all). On a good day, There might be an instalment of your most excellent SOUP series. I suppose you have a feeling where this is going now.... One thing you could do as well, without compromising on content is to do more episodes with fewer topics. That would make it a more regular thing and more achievable to follow for many people. Definitely share it to death on Facebook, but I think I already mentioned that. Regards, Daan
  5. Adventure Overland Show - Spring!

    Always wondered were the word Boobs came from; Now I know!
  6. New Series - RR Heavy

    This is the kind of thing that makes it snow ball; if you post to say ten of these kinds of groups, you only need about half of the members to share it with their mates and you get into telephone numbers of viewers. the content is good enough for many people to look at it. So not doing the the social media thing would be suicidal I think. We of LR4x4 will view it all, but it is a relatively niche group. Are you posting to many forums? One thing I will say though; with the internet generation, the attention span of many followers is not that great, So I would do more editing. It is not a criticism of the content, and I know you put your heart and soul in this, but I just think many people cannot stay focused for very long. Keep up the good work! Daan
  7. 300TDi overhaul

    The crank probably will need attention to the main bearings and main journals at this mileage; it is probably worth trying to find a good used one? Daan
  8. I would use neither to be honest. I don't actually know what you want to do with the car; but the tyres are already 12.5 inch wide, which will mean them sticking out 2 inch already. We keep talking about scrub radius, but the fact that you go bigger in diameter, means that the scrub radius changes also, but in opposite direction. see here: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=scrubradius&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwidrM337OLaAhUmLsAKHUV-DYcQ_AUICygC&biw=1920&bih=900#imgrc=AJB03P1m0DxYFM: The same is true for castor. I would work out the scrub radius with the original design of the axle, with a 205-80/16 tyre on 33 mm offset wheels. Then work it out with a 37" on the offset wheels you have. I don't think it is that far off. You can always re centre the wolfs, as wheel spacers realy are the work of the devil. If you are hell bound on the swivelspacers, the Kahn wide track has these, and the axels are 150 mm wider than standard. so it's been done and possible. I just cannot see it benefiting you necessarily. Daan
  9. It does appear the 'S' in twisted is actually a dollar sign. But good luck to them, if they can sell at these prices, why not. I read somewhere that they bought 200 new defenders, just before the production ended, so they are the only ones that have brand new stock (if they haven't sold them all yet). Daan
  10. ibex 300 build

    Go for it mike! Have you been allocated a VIN number? I had to stamp it in the chassis at the MOT station, observed by an approved MOT tester, which he then had to sign for on a DVLA form. Daan
  11. Easiest would be D2 axles. But then, there is not much to be gained; it means it does not fit well in existing tracks and you will have trouble fitting in between trees. What is your issue with cutting the foot boxes? Daan
  12. ibex 300 build

    I drove to the SVA on the old registration ( as in the donor car that I had driven for 3 years like that already). But you can drive it without plates, provided you insured it on the VIN number. Daan
  13. ibex 300 build

    Another rule that is written somewhere in the rule book but seems to get forgotten about by testers. In the week running up to the SVA, I phoned every land rover parts store in the country to try get the right speedo drive gear, without succes. I ended up going as is, only to be told that as the test centre does not have a 4wd rolling road, it s not a testable item. Daan
  14. ibex 300 build

    I reckon the tyres with the matt lee wheels are going to pass. It is arguable as you could call them spit rims rather than beadlocks. The whole load rating thing is a bit theoretical, as on my SVA, noone asked the question. Alternativly, the wheels on your 90 or 110 any good?
  15. Hi, and welcome to the madhouse. the 300 is different, but you can use the turbodiesel bellhouse to make it fit to your box. It does not solve the problem of the engine mounts, which are different and in a different postion. Also, exhaust is different as is turbo inlet and several other things. A 200 tdi is by far the easiest and will fit with all standard land rover parts. But try to find a good one is very difficult these days, or get a rebuild one. Top speed will be a bit better, and you can vary transfer case ratios to improve it further still. Daan