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  1. My chassis was done in peterborough, and they did a lovely job. Later I got my bumper done in southampton as it was closer since I moved and it was so-so. So there is certainly difference in quality between them, even if they almost all work under the Wessex banner. Also bear in mind they may be able to ship stuff for you, but the shipping I got quoted for the chassis was more than the galvanising itself. Daan
  2. Ok, A friend made me aware of my appearance on the shortlist of the LRO calendar - twice! So I you have a moment spare please vote for me... And maybe have my landy as a pin up of the month! Daan
  3. I would try to source a V8 santana box and use the v8 clutch, as fridge says. I don't understand that the 130 clutch is not able to transfer more torque; it has a bigger diameter, so all being equal, that should make things better. How do you find the 3.1? Would be great to see a feature in special build vehicles. Daan
  4. stainless steel exhaust. Mot. Daan
  5. Hi, this looks like series 3 to me, which was build from 1972. Daan
  6. Along with the ride height, the rear axle is quite weak in stock form on a swb. Change it to the Long wheel base Salisbury axle will keep things alive. Daan
  7. To be fair, a land rover chassis is 2mm wall, and unless you crash it, almost never bends. You just need to stop it rusting. Daan
  8. I even got a mention on page 2: Then there's this...Bobbing back and forth, the slot for his Mother’s 10p sits in the driver’s door. Ok, he probably means this is a toy. But, yes, they are banded by 2" which gives you a cheaper and wider end result than standard deep dish rims (they are 5.5" td5 rims, widened to 7.5"). This gives you a 8mm offset, like a weller 8 spoke or a modular wheel. I have to say, the writer could not have chosen his name better. Daan
  9. And they are underway.
  10. If you remove the shroud, no air gets drawn through the intercooler, as the fan sits behind the radiator. Also, the fan in free air is not as effective as when inside a tunnel. All the electric fan installations I have seen, did not draw any air through the intercooler. Taking off the fan immediately saw a 10 degree temperature rise in the intercooler temps at modest speeds, and much more when stationary (almost stuck).
  11. It is not very scientific, as more drawn power means more cooling, i'd say. Usefull when you need it. Also, most of us have an intercooler, and that changes thing quite a lot, especially at low speeds, like offroading. If you run an electric fan, the intercooler becomes a wasted part at lower speeds. So certainly, in this situation, viscous must be far better. Going fast at high RPm, it is a different situation, F1 cars dont have fans for example, as they go fast enough to cool well without them. But they can't stand stationary in the pitlane with the engine running, as they will cook very soon. Daan
  12. £230 a year on mine - 300 tdi. Daan
  13. I have a few things to add to this, mainly about how to grease your U/Js. Before you all look away, I described my method here: So far, this method has worked and since I do it this way, no U/J failure in 10 years. Daan