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  1. Ok, so does anyone has a picture of what the INEOS Grenadier is going to look like?
  2. Is that not exactly what makes the defender iconic?
  3. I suppose quality after market is an incomplete statement; It could be Bad quality aftermarket. I stick to bearmach for most parts. In terms of price/quality they have not disappointed me so far. Daan
  4. This guy had a go at fitting it in a series. Not quite a TDI, but you get he idea: http://66rover.com/VW TD/VW TD.html Daan
  5. The starter has m12 threaded holes, so for now it is easy to fit it this way. This would mean it is gearbox off to replace the starter, so needs thinking about. There are more problems though, because the starter motor does not currently engage with the starter ring. I think I need a starter motor of a 6 speed passat. I have the ALH engine, which is with mechanical injectors, delivering 90HP. I went with this version because it is the only waste gate controlled turbo. This makes fitting a mechanical pump very easy. A 300 TDI pump will fit, and I got one out of Ed Poores pile of scrap TDi's! Plan is to use this pump, which is set for about 110HP and a large intercooler, aiming for a smoke-free 110 HP. I think the VW TDI is perfect for this size and weight of car. They achieve 130 HP factory, some even 150 HP, while weighing 150kg and it is a tiny engine, so fits almost anything. Also very reliable. Compare this with a Landrover TDI, factory 110HP, weighing 275 KG. I think the 4 cylinder VW is a bit small for a Landrover, but as you say, a 5 cylinder would be lovely. Relevant drawing:
  6. Ok, I'l bite.. I finished the mockup of the adapter plate: I am trying to marry a VW 1.9 TDI engine to the Mahindra gearbox. It takes some doing before they say 'i do'. To make it as easy as possible, I started with a longitudinal mounted version of this engine, from a Passat, as this has the starter motor on the engine side, as well as more favourable engine mounts, a vacuum pump at the side of the engine, rather than at the back, and an engine mounted viscous Fan. At the heart of this is a Valeo solid flywheel conversion kit for a 130 HP TDI. The 130 HP engine has a larger diameter clutch, and this clamps the Jeep friction plate perfectly: I don'e have much in the way of machining equipment, but I do have CAD. I also found a factory drawing with mounting pattern dimensions for the VW TDI, as well as a Factory drawing for the mounting pattern of the Peugeot Indenor engine that normally lives in the Mahindra. This gave me the bolt pattern for the gearbox. On CAD, marying this up ended up looking like this: The good thing is that this will be acurate by design, and Via a waterjet cutter, I can get the adaptor plate cut from CAD. But first the plywood adapter To this can the Mahindra bell house now be fitted: So this is where I am now. next is dropping this lot in the chassis and see what obstacles we find next. It takes a while though.. Thanks for looking! Daan
  7. I have done this event a very long time ago, it must have been 1995; It was a really good event near Lillehammer, and we won the club trail as well! Any pictures/video of this event? Daan
  8. I think this is the best statement of 63 pages.
  9. Interesting. I would stay with landrover parts for the gearbox, as it makes the job about 10X more straightforward. If you think the gearbox is over stressed, I would not go for the single mass flywheel, as it will make life of the gearbox harder. Does the P38 diesel not have an auto option? Daan
  10. Are you sure a rear double cardan prop will solve your problems? a picture of rear prop angles would be good.
  11. The trailer has been Mike'd. I mean, why is it that whenever you post on any thread it involves something mechanical that's been goosed. It doesn't matter what the subject is, get Mike involved and you can guarantee Carnage. Good morning anyway. Daan
  12. Interesting. A shame the Landrover offering has a a year of time ahead. It would great if they were tied on time to market, so there will be a clear comparison.
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