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  1. David Llama did one in GRP - can't find a piccy now. A tomcat roof might well fit or close.
  2. I made 2 diagonals which take the towbar loads and also support the floor. The winch sits on this as well. it got a bit bashed over the years as you can see. The towbar wiring is temporary and cannot be improved on; tyraps and tank tape rules! Daan
  3. Cheers, the OP does not have a fuel tank in the way.😃
  4. When you re chassis, you have the perfect opportunity to do this: Daan
  5. So the replies from Badger 110 and Anderzander are releveant to me, especially the keep it going bit; I got 1 hour on my jeep this week, but it was worth it. I now know how I am going to do the engine mounts basically. I have pondered the 'why am I doing this' problem, then I realized I was not enjoying my Landrover anymore, the reason being that there was always a deadline; it has to be finished for an event. It's just this realization that has changed my approach: forget about the events on the other side of the country or continent, and just do something you enjoy doing. When it is done it 's done, but no deadline. This is the problem you have. If it has to be finished in August, you start pushing things and it turns into a job. So rethink the deadline idea, or at least get one car working, rather than 2, and it may not look so bad after all. Daan
  6. MOT on the Landy. Get the Jeep finished. I reckon 2021 will reared its head well before then.... Daan
  7. I am a bit amazed about the going missing problem; many people I speak with that own one are worried about it happening, but when asked about theft deterrents, there usually isn't one. So, yes theft is a problem, but add a few X-engineering goodies at it, and the chances of it happening are very small. Just prepare for it basically. Daan
  8. As mentioned, the compression ratio is what will improve efficency. I built an engine using a 2.5TD block, 2.5 petrol pistons, 2.25 con rods and a 2.25 head with 2.5l valves. I got the compression ratio up to 9:1, achieved partly by using the 2.25 head on a 2.5 and and partly by skimming (2 mm I seem to remember) the head. The power was good, MPG, well it was on LPG, so I never really looked. Daan
  9. Interesting that JLR jumped in. I had noticed things were a bit quiet around Bowler. I suppose to keep paying 26 people permanent staff, there needs some serious cash flow going around and that is never easy in Motorsport.
  10. I have no heating in my land rover, but if I use it in winter, I have a seat heater, it is basically a heated seat cover that you plug in to the cigarette lighter plug. I bought it in Czech republic for a fiver I seem to remember. It is amazing, have to unplug it 10 min into the journey as I get too hot. I have little hot air window demister on the dash to make sure I can see through the window, also on a cigarette plug. Great setup, -10 has been no problem. I would start with covering the grille if the engine does not heat up, as apart from you being cold, there is the engine itself to worry about as well. Either way, don't overthink it! Daan
  11. Ok, so does anyone has a picture of what the INEOS Grenadier is going to look like?
  12. Is that not exactly what makes the defender iconic?
  13. I suppose quality after market is an incomplete statement; It could be Bad quality aftermarket. I stick to bearmach for most parts. In terms of price/quality they have not disappointed me so far. Daan
  14. This guy had a go at fitting it in a series. Not quite a TDI, but you get he idea: http://66rover.com/VW TD/VW TD.html Daan
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