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  1. Did you adjust the brake shoe adjuster? it is the 2 bolts at the back of the backing plate, one for each shoe. tighten up till they drag on the drum, take back about one flat. Also, are the front breaks twin leading shoes? in that case bleeding is impossible in standard form, and the setup needs changing so the bleed nipple sits on the top slave cylinder. Daan
  2. Certainly, the recessed grille is the most important feature of the series 3, so don't loose that. I got it all behind the grille of a SWB series 3 including the intercooler, LHD pas box and viscous fan with a 300 tdi cowling, which was actually extended. I used an LT77S box from a defender, which is about a foot shorter as the discovery/Rangerover. It is just a matter of getting the right parts. Your job is a whole lot easier as well, since you have a LWB. Daan
  3. Roll cage fitted by Land Rover?

    All roll cages fitted by land rover on the factory assembly line (wolf, NAS and 50 th anniversary, 90SV) were made by Safety Devices, so that would be your first port of call for a roll cage. Many special projects (like the camel trophy and Gold 110s) were actually fitted by Safety Devices, not at Landrover. Daan
  4. Well, who would have thought it; a defender worth 6 figures. Keep hold of yours chaps, it could fund your retirement! That steering box is from a P38 by the looks of it. I need to have a look at how they mounted it, as that is exactly what I am planning to do, I have one sitting in the garage already. Oh, this is good: top speed is capped at 106mph. My Polo Bluemotion betters that by a considerable amount (1.2 litre 3 pot diesel), so it really is all about the image, isn't it? Daan
  5. Winches for series

    PTO/Capstan is really the only correct choice for a series! Daan
  6. Road Tax

    We are lucky; it is a factor 10 more expensive in Holland. Daan
  7. Lovely job, good info on the plating also. Keep it going. Daan
  8. 69' Series IIA Build

    Like the wooden templates. Keep up the good work! Daan
  9. 300 Tdi “T” seal replacement

    I don't see a reason why the engine has to come out for the T-seals. There is nothing to stop you doing it in situ: What i have heard people doing in the past is to remove the cork seal and fill up the void with RTV, until it pours out of the bottom. Reasoning is that the cork saturates and eventually leaks. Problem with the RTV solution is that the RTV can end up in the sump, but I suppose the siff would keep it out of the engine, or the filter if its small. It could also well be the crank seal fitted incorrectly, as it is meant to run in on a dry surface of the crank. If this is not done correctly, it will leak. Daan
  10. Land Rover smell discussion

    Remember that movie, it was aired on TV in holland as well, I still have it on a VHS video tape somewhere. The smell is an individual thing of every landrover; Mine smells very special by now, but it depends how deep and where the last swamp was. Daan
  11. Price of steel wheels

    There is a solution for that tough. Daan
  12. Price of steel wheels

    Not a lot. Old sodbury sortout is the perfect place for this kind of thing. Or this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Defender-110-Tdci-Puma-earlier-set-of-5-steel-wheels-Continental-tyres/142630519721?hash=item21357103a9:g:rEUAAOSwUoNaLF1~ I believe from the TDCI onwards, they were tubeless, which should be 2007 onwards. Must say, wolf rims are not for me.... Daan

    Merry christmas, and a good 2018 with many stories! Daan
  14. Blatant plug for your vote...

    Cheers, that's a good start when it comes to mickey taking. Wouldn't have been possible on the LRO forum! Thinking of it, you'd have only 1 day left to try! Daan