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  1. Daan

    More legroom in Series.

    Moving the whole bulkhead gets very complicated, and any more movement from the 3", and you start running into all sorts of other problems, like the fuel filler. Further back also means less luggage space and you cannot really look out of the window anymore. The 3" is pretty much as far as needed and is achievable. You are welcome for a test sit, next time you are in the country. Daam
  2. Daan

    More legroom in Series.

    I used to have this in my series 3 originally; in the first picky you see a slight bulge about halfway up the slope were the original filler hose was. There is a riveted plate to blank of the original filler neck. It can and has worked with the original filler neck though. Currently I have a 90 tank; on the 3rd picture you can just see the pipe leading to this behind the rollcage leg. The original filler has been used. The hose is a breather pipe, otherwise you can only half fill it (90 tank has the feeder pipe at halfway level). The seat base is my own design and sits exactly horizontal. This works well with the volvo seat, as it is tapered. Hope that helps. Daan
  3. Daan

    More legroom in Series.

    The s3 swb has a bulkhead which goes up straight and than halfway up slopes backward. i have removed the spot welded finisher panels and made the panel slope backward from floor level. Than make a connection at the top to connect the both lh and rh side of the tub. the holes I filled up with aluminium sheet. It is a fairly big job, but worth it. I didn't want to remove it completely as i want it seperate for heavy loads shifting forward under braking. Some pictures attached from my modifications. The sit postion is really good and comfortable for my posture. I might replace the volvo seats for Defender seats one day, as they look a bit second hand by now, But for functionality and being able to sit on them for days on end, they are hard to beat. Hope that helps, Daan.
  4. Daan

    New product from xcess4x4

    They usually pre- tension it in the opposite direction before welding, the big question is obviously how much. I have not managed to bend an axle yet, even when I rolled it. I was just curious how many people actually managed it.
  5. Daan

    New product from xcess4x4

    Anyone on here actually bend an axle? Daan
  6. fill it with brake cleaner, close of the pipes so it wont dissolve. Leave overnight . Drain and flush with water. Done. Daan
  7. Daan

    Volvo C202 build

    Lovely truck you have there, warninglight. A build thread would be great please. The modified builds and special projects section is not restricted to the green oval. Daan (moderator)
  8. That pretty much sums up offroad motorsport; It is not about who is best, it is about who is left. Simbughinnis used to run 2 dampers for this reason; one in front of the axle and one behind.
  9. Daan

    ibex 300 build

    Would you do it again? Daan
  10. Daan

    Rotodama Rediscovery

    Camper is the first thing that came to mind. Do we have a price for the kit? Problem for this kind of thing is the huge amount of work and money involved to build it, while mechanically it already has gone round the clock once - at least. You can buy a decent transit for 5k on ebay that just works. A real land rover enthusiast probably wouldn't buy it as it doesn't look like a land rover. So who would buy it? Daan
  11. Daan

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Neat job. Daan
  12. Daan

    ibex 300 build

    Apart from personal satisfaction, you will achieve didly squat. This is why so few people start this process, let alone finish.... Keep at it, you are nearly there! Daan
  13. Daan

    Venturing off road again.......

    Defender V8
  14. Daan

    LT230 ATB

    My Detroit Truetrac (and the Detroit locker) have done me proud. Daan

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