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  1. Given the maltese temperatures, I think removing the Intercooler is a very bad idea. This subject has been done to death, and my opinion has not changed; Fit it, I reckon. Daan
  2. And aluminium bulkheads. I think it is a great product they have there. It is heavy though.
  3. This is a feature that was widely promoted on the Santana ps10 landrover: So they copied that as well. I think they have done a great job taking the best from other offroaders and create a good all purpose vehicle. It is, after all the spritual replacement of the defender. The fact that they could buy an existing facility in France means it is probably the difference between profitable and making a loss. I certainly hope it will succeed.
  4. I am aiming for a jeep that looks cool and is nice to drive, and can keep up with traffic on a motorway basically. The end result won't get any of the rivet counter crowd excited, but i specifically did not cut up any original WW2 parts, as it is just not the right thing to do. As you can see, there is so much other stuff you can use and achieve almost the same result. It also can be very cheap this way if you play your cards right. I have spent 2k so far and I have all the parts to build a working car. The boys are trying it for size:
  5. That's waiting for the right deal to come along! I reckon I took a year build time and several thousands out of the budget by buying this.
  6. It is a Toyota steering wheel and column. This was included in the sale, together with a toyota steering box. It is the horendous box in front of grille arrangement, and is, together with the steering wheel, going to the only right place for it; the scrap bin. I have a plan for the new steering wheel.
  7. No, just been scraping paint off. The chassis is structurally very good actually.
  8. An update, long overdue. There is 0 progress to speak of, due to me trying to get the landrover back on the road. But The project is far from dead, and I am keen to continue, once the landy is running again. Instead of doing work I went shopping: Check out this little Gem: I found it on Ebay, from a chap who imported a car from Thailand in 2006; He realised the body was not the same year as the chassis, and decided to get a matching WW2 body for it and sell this body. It is basically an M38 Jeep body (50s military Willys jeep as used during the Vietnam and Korea wars). So not qu
  9. I'd say get a good 300, it will easily earn itself back. A 200 is easier to fit to your car though, so that might be a consideration as well. It is a shame LPG never took off here, as it makes a lot of sense to use it, rather than burn it off at the refinery. One other route to consider is to get Calor gas bottles delivered to your home, and swap out the tank when it is empty, and get them refilled. This is what users of Forklift trucks are doing; not sure of the legality of this is on the road, but worth considering.
  10. I'd say the forwards/backwards configuration is done to reduce axle roll up when cycling up and down, and therefore reduces wear on the bushes. I can't think of any other reason why you would do it otherwise. It obviously didn't matter much in the end so was changed to both shocks going forward.
  11. In their defence, they produce decent stuff: looks a similar operation like the abingdon mgb or eagle e type. Totaly rebuild and improved. Nothing wrong with that as far as I can see.
  12. I would get an old rangy one that has wide angle u/js and shorten that. I use standard 88" at the rear and rear 90 at the front. The radius arm setup means the angle is minimal. Also a reason to get max bump travel, rather than droop.
  13. Are the 20" springs the tomcat ones? I did consider them, but they won't tell you the rate, which made it a bit risky to buy. Would be good if someone on here had a go with them. I reckon that polybush on your suspension arms ain't helping flex. The front prop should be much better, as diff nose rotates pointing upwards when the axle droops. Looking forward to see the results! Daan
  14. I reckon it's 10 " you have to play with. I run police rangy springs at the back (rated at 170), and OME2764 at the front (rated at 220). Both are about 17" long. On the car, they compress to 12" at ride height, with about 5" untill the axle hits the bumpstop. So 5" bump, and 5" rebound untill the spring relaxes. You need a bit more, as the shock in articulation moves up further than the bumpstop. So an 11" shock should do it. The 17" length of spring I think is the result of its max compression being limited by the spring going coilbound. I am not a fan of dislocation. This picture is qu
  15. Did you buy 2 identical batteries new? In which case, just parallel them up.
  16. Indeed, Landrover 17H (don't know your real name), please, we play nice on this forum. Daan
  17. The zeus kit looks to me like a total non starter for the reasons stated; No series wheels on a series? And non standard consumables. It means you are stuck with them for consumables for ever. Apart from the fact that Zeus could dissapear . It just does not make sense to me. When the Heystee kit has an option that uses standard landrover consumables and allows you to fit standard wheels.
  18. Not so much new, but you can still get this: https://uaz.global/cars/suv/hunter Maybe not that exiting, but you can also get this: https://uaz.global/cars/commercial/classic thing of beauty! Daan
  19. Yes adding coil spring seats should be ok by that rationale, however that is not what a designa chassis is: Does that look like a series chassis? I can't see any leaf spring mounts. But adding a p38 steering mount to a series chassis should be ok. Daan
  20. Yes, I think it is. You have just added something, rather than changed, if that makes sense. Also, parabolic springs are legal, as it is a direct replacement for standard. Like changing a coil spring for one with a different rate. These are just details that you may worry about if you read the ruling in detail, but the spirit of the rules are less stringent. This is indeed the problem. I went to great trouble to get the Q plate to make mine legal, but I have to say that with so many people completely ignoring the rules and getting away with it, why did I bother?
  21. I really cannot see the point of downgrading an engine; turbo charge and intercooling is pure gain on any diesel engine with no disadvantages to speak of. If it is too much power to take for a series gearbox, just reduce the max fuel adjuster a bit to reduce fuel delivery. You will still have all the advantages of the turbo and intercooler, and you will never see full power. The best fuel consumption and therefore the best solution by a long way IMHO.
  22. Gosh those shocks are big diameter. you can't have damper shaft protectors on there or they would clash.
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