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  1. Rarer than a series one..
  2. Hi, First day of the new year, and i thought it was fitting to start a topic about my new Project. Yes, Shock horror, after 28 years on my Landy, I decided it was time for a change. My new project is a 4x4... but it is not a Land rover... No, I thought there are other cars about that I fancy having a go at (not many, but still). I fancied a classic car. And the one that started of the whole 4x4 scene, a willys MB Jeep. They just look right and there is so much history to them that that is the one car that always had my interest. They are a bit spendy though, in recent years even complete rust buckets won't go for less than 5K, usually incomplete and without V5, to a running one for about 10K, up to well over 20K for a minter. That was not what I had in mind, and added to this is that in reality, a willys jeep is not much of a car: They tend to have their spec stencilled on their hoods in the uk: And that pretty much says it all; Although added to this should be no heater, manual wipers and almost no brakes. The general advice for these is not to enter a motorway which makes sense, but if I am going to get one of these, I want it to be able to get along with normal traffic. Which is 70 MPH in the UK and ideally a bit in reserve as well. So then my mind goes into modifying ideas, but the problem is that this devalues the car, which just does not make sense to me if you spend a lot of money in the first place.. Like most iconic cars, people had a go at imitating it, most notably the Jago Jeep, based on an escort MK2. Many people have done home grown replicas, usually based on suzuki chassis. Neither of these interested me much, as it is just too far away from the real thing. There is, for us in the Uk an alternative though: the Mahindra Jeep. Generally overlooked by most people, due to having a bad name, they were sold in the UK between 1990 and 1995. They were license build Willys jeeps, build in India with the blessing of Jeep. Their spec is based on the Willys CJ3B Jeep, which is the latest and greatest Willys jeep ever build; They have a 4 speed gear box (as opposed to 3 speed of the original Willys), hanging pedals with a brake booster, a Peugeot Diesel engine, A dana 44 rear axle (very strong) and a chassis made out of thicker material. They tend to be overlooked as they were withdrawn from the UK market due to quality problems and a following dispute between the importer and the mahindra over who was going to settle the bill. Problem is of course that if you try to sell a car 50 years after it was originally was designed, you will have to deal with different expectations. I suppose it didn't help that Top Gear did a feature on the worst car ever made, and guess who came out on top... Anyway, Having looked at this option, I decided it is worth looking into. The rolling chassis is basically identical to the MB, so a replica MB body bolts straight on. The only real difference is it being RHD, and there is no such thing as a RHD Willys MB. So a bit of modding will be required here. It is also possible to lower the bonnet and bulkhead and replace the wings, grille and screen to make it look like an MB. Anyway, A mahindra it is, and this is what I bought: From 1990, with a V5 on diesel and a body falling apart from rust holes, it was ideal for what I want with it. And it was very cheap. Engine did run, but the clutch was seized solid. 30K miles on the clock, these things don't travel far, as they aren't very quick. with a bit of work I dismantled it into this: Into this: I didn't expect chassis were riveted together in 1990, but this one certainly is: So that is where I am now. Plan is to fit a newer engine, I bought a VW 1.9 TDI from a Pasat for it. Disc brakes, PAS and overdrive, and topped of with a Willys jeep replica body, this is going to be my modern day classic car. Daan
  3. I'd say, your choice of parts is spot on, as mentioned before, the length of an original V8 gearbox is not going to work with your wheel base. Did you try to fit cap head bolts? I think the clutch cover would still foul though. I think with this adaptor, you are meant to redrill the flywheel to take a series 3 clutch, which is smaller and would also solve your problem. If all else fails, just swap the flywheel, or get it machined thinner, the least you can get away with. edit: just saw this on our very own forum: Daaa
  4. Daan

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Living the good live! Daan
  5. I would suggest a progressive rate springs. And forget what people say about hd, heavy load etc. if there are no numbers to back it up. To start of with you need to know what your car weighs, how much you are planning to load it up by, and what springs you have currently. Only then you can make a judgement about what rating will work with what you have, using the Redrover spring list: http://www.bilashakaflowers.com/LandroverSprings.htm As mentioned, progressive springs are good, so NTC8572 could be a good one or NRC9462/3. The progressive Old Man Emu springs listed are OME 762, 759 and 757. I personally would recommend OME for the springs, and shock absorbers as well. I have no experience with the airbags, but in the interest of keeping it simple, I would spend my money on OME. As said Anything that is explained in words with springs is hot air, you need numbers. Daan
  6. Well, there is progress to report, not much physically to show, but a lot of hours have gone into it. The main focus has been on the Chassis; It is structurally sound, however, the front spring hangers were twisted, so a bit of jigerry pokery with my neighbours portapower was needed: Also, there is a strip spot welded to the bottom of the chassis rail, and this formed some rust sandwich of about 5mm think in places: I removed the strip, by drilling off all the spotwelds. This also meant all the spring hangers had to be removed. This means drilling off 2 rivets and grind through 2 welds. After all this, I replaced the rear crossmember and front bumper. In jeep world, replacing a cross member means drilling of the rivets, and bolt on a new one, which costs £50. All good, Daan
  7. Daan

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    normal persons don't buy an old defender, but might buy a new one. It is a shame JLR is having a go at people that are improving the Defender, I mean what is the point in this?: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/jaguar-land-rover-loses-court-battle-twisted-automotive And they already had to take JLR to court to actually get the 240 land rovers they had ordered. Why are land rover make enemy's with the very people that like them? Daan
  8. Interesting, a bit like a tomcat, but forward control: They have a big following on facebook, unfortunately Most of the feedback is that it is too expensive. Daan
  9. Daan

    Where can I sell my soul?

    For that money, I would at least want a roof above my head!
  10. Have to say though, if you like a conversion, the Rotodama does tick many boxes: http://www.rotodama.co.uk/ Daan
  11. I suppose it has the right colour for LR4x4 livery. Anyone feeling like kicking of some crowd fund raising? Daan
  12. After last years cancellation, it is all change at the Croatia Trophy; There is a new location, but more importantly there is a new class structure. Apart from the Trophy class and adventure class, there is now also the Legend class; This is a class for production based vehicles. Space frames and portal axles are not allowed in this class, which is good news for us with land rover based vehicles. It means a more level playing field is created and we don't have to retire our vehicles just yet. I would have preferred a maximum tyre size as well, but from where they were with no rules at all, this is big step forwards: http://croatia-trophy.org/ct/info-17th-ct/ Any takers? Daan
  13. That's a very old conversation which has been gone over many times; No, it is not in the manual, but it needs a solid link, no car is road legal without it. The speed restriction is I think 30 MPH for diggers etc, but if you show up with a car with over 300HP, that argument ain't going to fly I reckon. The first rule refers to Nissan steer by wire and the Citroen CX which had full hydro steering. Both have still a mechanical connection which is temporarily disconnected when the engine is started. The connection is spring loaded, so will drop back in once the engine is off, or the system stops working. Still, this car has a Panhard rod, so adding the PSC 4500 steering system would be fairly easy to do and would give hydraulic steering with a mechanical link. I would be keen on doing this, just the 60K euros to buy the car prevents me from it!
  14. Aluminium portal boxes and weight is 1300 kg. My preferred truck for this kind of thing. Hydro steer would prevent you from getting it road legal in the UK though.
  15. The almost winning car is for sale: It would be marriage limiting buying this thing, but 😎.
  16. I put this here, to give it more exposure (no involvement): https://bicesterheritage.co.uk/whaton/land-rover-legends-2/ Daan
  17. It is on again this year; Shame my landy has no MOT.. https://bicesterheritage.co.uk/whaton/land-rover-legends-2/ Daan
  18. Is there a vin number stamped in the chassis? And is this number a from a UK registered vehicle? This is the bit that DVLA is going to ask. Depending on the answer to these questions, you have to plot your plan. If it is the 110 VIN number, you can't use it in the UK to run a 90. Daan
  19. Daan

    New shocks, now .. ?

    OME is one of the best of cheap from my experience, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAND-ROVER-DEFENDER-90-110-OLD-MAN-EMU-REAR-NITROCHARGER-SHOCK-ABSORBER-DA8913/272057421295?hash=item3f57e2cdef:g:O9wAAOSwR7xcZJ39 but Recently the FOX light truck versions are amazing value, and very good ride: https://www.prolinx.biz/pages/Products/ViewProduct/985-24-078-Landrover-PS-Front-Std-Height/ I currently have the OMEs at the front and the Foxes at the back, and both I can recommend. The only problem with the Foxes is that the rubbers are too hard, and with full articulation at 10", the shafts start bending. Daan
  20. Daan

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    It is because a tdi, power steering, disc brakes all don't involve electronics, so you can fix them yourself. A TD5, TDCI, ETC and air suspension do need electronics to work, so you need a specialist to fix it......OR become a specialist yourself. But learning old dogs new tricks is almost impossible, so we stick with no electronics. For Land rovers, I wave the non electronics flag, but this is mainly because of the harsh environments that I tend to go to. For my road car However I have looked into it, and it appears that the diagnostics are quite accessible these days, with read out units from £15 on Ebay, so the market has caught up with electronics. I think it is just a matter of time that people get more used to this, especially now disco3s and newer range rovers are so cheap. It just means one more tool in the box to DIY it basically.
  21. Problem with sub forums is that no one reads it. It was negotiated by people who build a car for off roading only and don't need their cars to be road legal, then others who are having a moan at them for it being not road legal. Crossed wires basically. This forum is grown up enough for it not to need it, but this probably not a discussion for here. That said, this is the only forum or mag I have seen where there are people who actually know what they are talking about when it comes to IVA. The most informative forum out there basically. Anyway, I digress. So OZZY are you getting the 130 that maverick mentioned?
  22. I am the moderator of this forum and I allow you to use the word IVA. It is a stupid rule, designed for people who do not want to know the truth. My car is SVA tested because it needed it. Your planned build, however does not need an IVA, unless you want to extend to a 130 wheelbase. Nice project, keep the updates coming! Daan
  23. I don't think he has a hope in the swamps; his car is at least a ton heavier than the Russian/Estonian cars. But at the Croatia trophy, it doesn't seem to matter much. That said the blue Estonian car was leading until he had a flat tyre and injured himself while dealing with it.

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