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  1. Keep your fingers crossed it isn't - I paid £800 from Australia for mine!!!! Yes, EIGHT HUNDRED QUID!!!!!! That was the cheapest option after days of searching the web/breakers.
  2. Just realised that there is some sort of inbuilt filter which changes words like carp into something less rude such as "ploppy plop plops". carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp. carp.
  3. That'll be me then. Mine wasn't the conversion it was the full 2.8 TGV fitted. Thanks for linking Sam. It is manuals which the TGV destroys. The only problem with my auto is the small torque converter loses some of the power/torque. My fuel economy is carp either way. You don't fit a 2.8 TGV and a full width intercooler then drive it like a vicar! Future plans are an Ashcroft upgrade with bigger torque converter. Pulls like a train everywhere. It's very difficult to know when the turbo kicks in as it just grunts from 800rpm upwards. Pulls much better than my old 3.5 and 3.9 RRCs.
  4. Remove the carpet and soggy sponge and then dust the floor with talc (cue laughter) and wait!!
  5. Happy to help. I'd love to see the finished photos.
  6. http://s244.photobucket.com/albums/gg26/auf_wiedersehen_pet/ The inner edge is still visible on mine. Some people have cut it much deeper, following the line of the new arches which looks weird when the door is open. I cut mine so it would look good with the door open. The mudflap bracket will disappear, I made a replacement which needs the corner chopping and bracing as the new arch sits with a little bump. Holding my new 50mms up against a 75mm hole - I need to take more off!. Shout if you need more.
  7. Thank you - a lot of time and effort gone into it! Ta. I haven't forgotten you. We've had so much rain I've not had chance to get the photos.
  8. You are a superstar, thank you very much. :D :D I'll get the photos for you as soon as I get some free time in daylight - probably next weekend. If I forget (highly likely) please, please, please email me on steeleseries1@gmail.com which will flash up on my phome straight away. I bumped into your YouTube clip via your recent bullbar question - my money is on without BTW. Have you thought about an A Bar/Winch Bumper combination. Mines a Devon 4x4 and chopped Defender A Bar welded on. All my own work!
  9. This.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160784637634?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thanks for the offer. the distance between the screw holes would be lovely. Could you also measure the distance between the front point and the rear point where the arrows are on the photo. I'll be happy to take any photo you need of the rears, including with the arches off. Just let me know. I did mine 18 months ago. They were purchased new from a guy who'd bought them a week before, opened the box and given up!!
  10. Does anybody know if the 75mm 5 Door Arches can be removed and replaced with the 50mm 5 Door Arches as a straight swap? Is the footprint and screw hole spacing the same? I've removed my 35mm spacers and want to reduce the wheel arches by a similar amount. I've tried emailing Flatdog three times - waited two weeks for a reply. Phone constantly engaged. They do seem to be a "triffle tardy" in communicating with customers. anybody would think I want to get a free set but I don't - I want to pay £140 for a set. If I can get a definate "Yes" they will fit then I'll buy a set via the internet t
  11. Yesterday I fitted my Terrafirma steering damper. Today, on a fourteen mile round trip, the Disco wobbled over every bump and cat's eye including one particularly "interesting" moment when I clipped a cat's eye exiting downhill on a M-way slip road. It took one hundred yards, both lanes of the slip road and 30 years driving experience to get it back under control. At its worse, the steering wheel was bouncing 45 degrees in each direction. I've just refitted the rusty 17 year old LR damper with rock hard bushes and it drives like a dream again!! FYI 315/70/17 BFG ATs (six moths old) on Preda
  12. Don't touch galvo flexi pipe. It will last six months before it breaks. I purchased a long length - cut into three pieces - gone in 18 months!!
  13. Do you mean Falken? http://www.falkentire.com/
  14. After a lot of thought, I bought a brand new genuine LR throttle potentiometer from Australia - £800 as opposed to £1000 in the UK. It's been fine for six weeks then suddenly, the same symptoms again. Can the new part be faulty? Can I afford to fix it again - er, no! What on earth can I do?
  15. Hi, Thanks for the info. The answer is no and yes!! It doesn't look like it but it does fit in that position. In my paper parts manual, those AFMs show as petrol engine parts. Googling them shows them as petrol too.
  16. The parts manual gives numbers for the hoses on either side but not the AFM. I've trawled the internet to no avail. Can anybody help?
  17. The gas axe beckons..... Serviced, fuel and filter changed, sedimeter, intercooler hoses changed. Still as bad.
  18. Ouch! I've just seen the price of the throttle position sensor!! £600 plus!! I hope to God it's not one of those as it's getting worse.
  19. Hi All, I've just picked up my Discovery from the garage having had a new starter. As soon as I started to drive it something didn't feel right. At car park speeds (1,000 rpm) it felt "stuttery" as if the revs were on/off/on erratically. On the road, it pulls and runs fine apart from the 1,000rpm mark (typically 20+ mph, whiff of throttle to keep it moving in traffic) when it feels like a misfire/stutter/hunt. Any ideas? I have a good relationship with the garage so there are no worries about going back to them - I just can't see how a new starter could affect anything. Is there anything w
  20. Thanks for the tip Bowie69. As I know absolutely nothing about gear boxes and the Disco is in for a hub seal next week I'll get my mechanic to do it.
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