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  1. I think Craddocks have (or had) new vent panels. However they were a tad pricey from what I remember...only millionaires need apply sort of price....
  2. Pretty certain now that the sender unit has a 5/8UNF thread which means I can get by with the bits I already have.
  3. Does anyone know... (1) The thread size of the actual water temp sender unit? (2) The size of the thread of the adaptor bit that screws into the head on a Metric head? I think it's 5/8UNF on an Imperial head but I could do with knowing what it is on a Metric one? I think that the water temp sender (or hope that it is anyhow) might be 5/8UNF and this then screws into the adaptor which in turn is screwed into the head. I intend to fit my old Smiths dual water temp/oil pressure gauge into my Lightweight and I'm just trying to work out what adaptors etc I might need with my head being a metric one.
  4. Hmmm....I'm curious now, never noticed 'em before...then again I probably don't come here often enough to warrant any? Ahhh...two squares...but is this good or is it bad...??
  5. Cheers, I'll give it a try sometime and see if that works okay. Ta very much.
  6. Anyone have a link to the plugin or know how do I configure WMP to work with Firefox?
  7. I already have Media Player on the system (XP) do I need a seperate version for Firefox? The media Player works fine in IE and Avant already and I had seen the Media Player download on the Firefox plug in page but just presumed it was meant for it you didn't have Media Player installed on your system at all? So do I just download it from that page again and it overwrites my current version of media player? Sorry if this is a numpty question - but me and 'puters don't get on at all....
  8. I use Firefox and half the time there is a video to watch it won't play it - I get the plug in required message and when i click to download the plug in I get a message saying plug in not found. I have the java plug in and the flash plug in already downloaded so it cant be them (downloaded them from the FF site). It seems to be something to do with Windows media player because it seems to be pictures that use media player that won't work? They work fine on IE or Avant but no go on FF...?
  9. From about 1980 'ish all Lightweights were fitted with civvy hubs and halfshafts as standard and then there would be the ones that had them used as replacements so all in all there is probably quite a few Lightweights that were running around using the none flat type hubs when in service.
  10. Hmmm....there are a couple in the Rally video where cars have gone sideways into trees and solid objects where I suspect people were not getting out in a hurry....
  11. Ahh...reet...in which case ignore my previous post!!
  12. What is the ATU box going to be fitted onto? If it's the Lightweight then don't bother buying the ATU mounting kit for a Defender etc as the didn't use them on the Lightweight. The ATU box is installed basically as you describe in your first post - one big bolt.
  13. I think it's the RLC barracks at Deepcut (?) that now have the records. I'm not sure the address or who you need to contact but I know they still do history searches, I think it costs somewhere around £20? Sorry it's a bit vauge to it might point you in the right direction.
  14. Nowt that several inches of mud in the footwells wouldn't of cured? Missed opportunity.....
  15. Interior light....? Wot's one of 'em then.... It seems to of been misplaced in my Lightweight....along with the sun visors....
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