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  1. B) Contact Erika Spencer at erikaspencer@ricmuseum.com. She is the assistant who takes care of all the vehicle histories. Cheers Derek
  2. Pictures of the set up would be great Mark. Many Thanks for the info, it is all helpfull. Cheers Derek '82 Airportable B)
  3. B) I agree with Tonk. Parabolic springs should have come stock on Land Rovers. I was really amazed at the difference in ride. Not that noticable on the pavement but first rate off road. As Tonk suggested get in someones truck that has them, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Cheers Derek '82 Airportable Rocky Mountain Paras 2 leaf front 3 leaf rear
  4. I guess now that you have bought the yellow you really are serious about painting it that colour. I suppose you still have a chance to paint it NATO green. NATO green is so.......so.........so........COOL!!!!!!!! I have just received word from a mate of mine that he has just picked up 5 Gallons of it. Just what we need to paint the fleet. You'll really stand out with a yellow truck and that is a great safety feature, just like Keef's Barbie Pink Airportable. Greg the bodys coming off after Copper Canyon. Maybe we could call a coffee night sometime next week. Meet at Serious coffee at Mill Bay at the top of the Hat. If you wish you could ride with me on the 2nd. My missus won't be coming along. Cheers Derek '82 Lightweightairportablehalfton B)
  5. It is if you have the right amount of cash. By the way Greg it's good to see you on this forum. We should have coffee sometime soon. Cheers Derek B)
  6. Has anyone set up a 24 volt to 12 volt dipper? I would like to set up the lightweight with a CB and an outlet for a 12 volt cooler box. Has anyone experience with this? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Derek '82 Lightweightairportablehalfton B)
  7. B) I happen to like being a Land Rover Addict. My missus has been calling me that for a number of years now. The disease has been getting worse though and now I have a place to go to talk to other addicts, just like AA. If funds are required please post an address. I too am willing to dig deep in my pockets and donate whatever is needed. I don't post to much since I don't have much to say but I sure like the company. Cheers Derek '82 Lightweightairportablehalfton
  8. B) 1982 Airportable bought from auction in Suffield, Alberta, Canada. Now resides on the left coast of Canada, Victoria, BC. I have now owned it for the past 3 1/2 years. Now has RM paras, RM overdrive. 24 volt FFR. 2.25 petrol rebuilt by me 2 years ago. Suffix C transmission rebuilt this past spring. Dunlop radial rover 235/85R/16 tires on 109 rims. Named Gertie after my old mum. Has not let me down once. Cheers Derek '82 Airportable. PS I would like to put up a picture as well but haven't a clue. Can someone put up instructions. Tah,D
  9. B) I would like to get the history for my '82 Lightweight. Would anyone have the address for the military transport archives that would have this information. Cheers Derek '82 Airportable.
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