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  1. 255 85 16 - non MT tyres...

    No, I found my 110 didnt handle any different to when it has 235's on.
  2. 255 85 16 - non MT tyres...

    Cooper do iirc the ST tyre in 255/85/16. I run on the STT as 285/75/16 and have no issues. Did lose a little steering lock but its not made parking at work any more tricky than it already was.
  3. Defender 200 Tdi Alternator upgrade

    Just means you have more amps available. Youll be on the limit of what the belt will drive however. I would stick with the 65 amp unit if i were you.
  4. Tyres - arrrrrr

    Iirc the Cooper ST is available as a 255/85/16.
  5. challenge truck alternator.....

    Fit a 2nd one if i were you... No alternator.... No winch or vehicle.
  6. Crack between valves

    Have it pressure tested. Its toast if the cracks gone through. If it hasnt (like on one i know of) its absolutely fine to refit.
  7. Refurbing hydraulic cylinder journals

    Open the holes up and make new pins or open the holes up and bush them back down to size. Or fill the holes with weld and then remachine to size.
  8. Sliding transmission mounts..

    Do you have enough space behind the boxes to move them enough to get a clutch in and out?
  9. Injection pump

    Not a huge amount. A 300 pump will run a 200 engine with no ill effects.
  10. electrical issue - dashboard lights

    Sounds like an earth related issue. Chech you have them all attached and there making a good contact. Earths are the black wires.
  11. 200tdi boost gauge install

    Not as such. I used a tee for the washer jets and related hose on mine years ago and had no issues.
  12. 300tdi Engine Mounts

    Ive got a good pair of used ones in The shed should you want them?
  13. Oil Pump Failure

    300 Ralph. And yes there oil pumps are carp.
  14. Temperature gauge

    Water pumps can fester up over time of you use carp coolant ect. My 110 has a VDO gauge in and the sender if my memory serves is ⅝ unf.
  15. Engine Hoist/ Clutch replacement

    Drop the gear box and transfer box if your without a hoist