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  1. My 200TDi will hit peak temps in excess of 850 degrees before the turbo, it starts to smell as well. Reliability hasn't been an issue. The harm is done when you hold them temps for long periods. Cruising it sits between 550 and 650.
  2. If you can send me one rich I can speak to my friend Shaun who does hydraulics ect.
  3. The oil filter housing has a tapped hole in it for oil temp readings.
  4. Try a smaller project first, a small stationary engine, or a Minnie Traction engine for example. If your serious about doing a project build then we can exchange contact details and I will happily point you in the right direction. Don't be put off by my build thread, I don't do much in the way of traditional model engineering. Try this and the rest of the series so far:
  5. Here's a link to a build thread on a model engineering forum I use. http://modeleng.proboards.com/thread/8734/5-inch-gauge-9f For the People that were commenting here about the machine the OP is looking at, Harrison make very good machines.
  6. I started mine about 8 or 9 years ago and still not close to having the frames together. I've made it difficult by making it as close to scale as I can from the works drawings, not the drawings Les Warnett produced. along with 2 young kids, and now setting up my own machining business and the 110 to look after, time for the 9f is sparce at the minute.
  7. What sort of scale model you thinking of (I've been building a 5 inch gauge 9F for some years now) because you can get a long way with a lathe with a vertical slide. Another option is to build a quill feed contraption for the mill you speak of... do always remember that a lathe is far superior a mill for Boring.
  8. If your struggling, let me know and I'll turn you a pair up.
  9. Tools for getting them caps undone is on my list as well chaps.
  10. Think Triggers Broom Ralph. No, in all fairness, there's nothing wrong with his disco. Richard, get a move on, your transfer box case is ready for you at last.
  11. Personally, is stick with EP90.... EP90 is easy to drain out and replace.
  12. I fitted a brand new box to my 110 about 3 or 4 months back. It came from LR Direct in a Britpart box and it had an Adwest quality control sticker on it and it has gone on fine. Vast improvement to the steering (still need to adjust the swivels) and no leaking yet.
  13. I'm working on it slowly Ralph, along with a mountain of other stuff. Bolts are 1/4 UNF just so you know.
  14. Ralph, I've made drawings for getting gaskets cut from I've just got to get some samples done to see that they fit. The plastic bits are just pointless washers for the 2 cap head bolts that hold the cases together.
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