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  1. vulcan bomber

    Strange 300tdi noise

    I has similar on my 200TDi, it was one of the bolts holding the alternator together come lose and riggled its way out and into the fan.
  2. vulcan bomber

    Slightly off topic. Forged con rods.

    Aren't con rods normally forged any way?
  3. vulcan bomber

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Me and Richard were discussing this yesterday, it is certainly an option to cut it and weld it. However, I don't know how well the Ali would weld with it being cast, hopefully someone in the know will see this and give you an answer. I doubt there is enough wall thickness there to bolt it back together. My current plan is to make a sump that will extend to the front of the overdrive and also backwards under the crossmember to get the capacity. I'm just waiting to find out what standard material sizes I can get to make it from. I don't know if you'd be able to move the sump you have at the minute on and use one of mine, which is another option.
  4. vulcan bomber

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Ralph, I have been drawing all the bits up on CAD for the Overdrive over the last few days. Soon I should be able to supply a set of Gaskets for sensable money, a sump that fits. And I can certainly make you a spacer up to make yours fit.
  5. vulcan bomber

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    That is an interesting development Ralph. And something I had not thought of. I've spent some of this weekend doing some design work on the sump i plan to make. Looks like I'm heading back to the drawing board.
  6. vulcan bomber

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    The lathes I work and the one i own are lubed little and often, if its a busy day then they see the oil can twice a day, but with only a small squirt. Check your manual, there will be places you need to point the oil can, and yes, pump it through until its clean. then clean it all off and then apply a light amount.
  7. vulcan bomber

    Windscreen wiper removal

    You need a 3/32 Allen key for the grub screw, there imperial.
  8. vulcan bomber

    Seal seating tools

    Delrin/acetal is certainly one of the nicer plastics out there to machine. Plastic as a general will machine with carbide inserts as long as your not trying to do something thin where it will just deflect out of shape. You will do much better with positive rake inserts however. If your machining plastic in the future avoid the glass filled stuff at all cost.
  9. vulcan bomber

    Seal seating tools

    Delrin is a trade name for acetal.
  10. vulcan bomber

    300 TDi crank re-grind

    Wards in Rugby if your close enough.
  11. vulcan bomber

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    I've worked in an environment (and Ejparrott still does) where there's machines that can carry bits of metal over 1 meter diameter and 5 meters in length.... And we would be upset to not hold dimensions within 0.05mm.
  12. vulcan bomber

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    Tool grinding with HSS does take practice, if you have a look on YouTube there are some good videos to get you started. As for RPM, that depends what diameter your cutting... However to give you an idea, our biggest lathe at work (which is a baby in the grand scheme of things but very powerful for its size) uses a 42mm insert drill regularly, it goes through mild steel at 1850RPM... The only reason we can't go faster is coolant pressure. You need to learn about cutting speeds, the formula is: (Cutting speed X 1000) / (3.14xR) So if you had a piece of mild steel 100mm diameter you were finish turning at 325 meters a minute your RPM would work out to 637RPM. Good quality inserts will have starting points for feeds and speeds on the box. Do note that you will need different grades for each material you want to cut, general purpose inserts are garbage.
  13. vulcan bomber

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    Without seeing any insert codes or a manufacturer I couldn't say. Colour is irrelevant, that just tells you what there coated with. What I feel must be said is that as your a hobbiest, you may find your time and money spent better on some quality bits of HSS for grinding into tools. Your machine won't run fast enough or be rigid enough to get enough out of a carbide insert. To achieve a decent surface finish in most materials with inserts you need very high surface speeds, reasonable feed rates and a depth of cut you would also be surprised at. With HSS you can take a whisp of quite easily. HSS is also capable of cutting 95% of the materials we machine in industry, it just takes longer. It won't get through the case hardening on the bits you were messing with at the start of the thread. In industry where time is money then inserts are (mostly) the way forwards.
  14. vulcan bomber

    200 TDI engine sump - Gasket or RTV?

    I used loctite 5940 iirc when I rebuilt my 200TDi. No signs of leaks on my sum or ladder frame.
  15. vulcan bomber

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    That looks like an SCMT insert.

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