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  1. water pump bolts 2.5NA

    A good thump on the end with a hammer before you start attempting to undo them can also work wonders. Also a 6 sided socket and then replacing them with proper bolts wouldn't go a miss.
  2. Transmission level relative to chassis

    Sump is parallel to the chassis on the 110 so do that with a gearbox attached and you should be right.
  3. R380 for 2.8l 300tdi upgrade. Needs upgrading?

    Your R380 would benifit from having an oil cooler thats for sure.
  4. How can I stop a permanent live flattening the battery?

    Trigger a relay off the oil pressure warning light between the battery and aux fuse box. Then you'll only be able to use the mentioned bits when your engine is running.
  5. Yes, heat the ali housing, not the steel bolt remains. If it goes really badly i could repair the hole at work, but the stat housing will have to come off the head, meaning there is a risk of more broken bolts..
  6. Thread size and form

    UNF not UNS... S stands for special and its not special, just not common.
  7. STC1172

    Ive got the majority of the contents of 2 richard. if there's anything specific you want, just shout.
  8. Diagnosis confirmation needed

    Ralph, its a 300 pump Richards got from me on long term loan.
  9. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Good effort Ralph.
  10. 110 CSW 300Tdi shock absorber advice needed.

    If your happy with the Ride of your 110, stick to standard Land Rover stuff. You could use 130 rear shocks to increase the damping effect but you probably wont notice much different if you dont load your 110 up. For aftermarket stuff, I personally would only ever use Koni Heavy Trak shocks. Adjustable, and lifetime guarantee.
  11. 200tdi battery recommendations

    I have a Varta 072 in my 110, given me 11 years service so far.
  12. Handy Negative Electrical Connection

    Any bit of body work would be fine. I usually run any earths to the closest screw/bolt.
  13. 255 85 16 - non MT tyres...

    No, I found my 110 didnt handle any different to when it has 235's on.
  14. 255 85 16 - non MT tyres...

    Cooper do iirc the ST tyre in 255/85/16. I run on the STT as 285/75/16 and have no issues. Did lose a little steering lock but its not made parking at work any more tricky than it already was.
  15. Defender 200 Tdi Alternator upgrade

    Just means you have more amps available. Youll be on the limit of what the belt will drive however. I would stick with the 65 amp unit if i were you.