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  1. Water pumps can fester up over time of you use carp coolant ect. My 110 has a VDO gauge in and the sender if my memory serves is ⅝ unf.
  2. Drop the gear box and transfer box if your without a hoist
  3. Weld a nut onto it is another trick.
  4. The way you'd machine a shape like that would be through EDM which stands for Electro Discharge Machining, also known as spark erosion.
  5. Which is practically impossible to do!
  6. From the 200TDi's I've owned/fixed I've noticed the early engines have the extra breather but the later engines did not. However the extra breather pipe was reinstated on the 300.. When I rebuilt my 200 I blanked the extra pipe off and I have not noticed any difference.
  7. If you find out what needs doing I can probably help.
  8. sorry, i'm going into hiding......
  9. I'd fit it, fill with EP90. Quick blast round the block, drain it and refill with oil. Then change it again after 500 miles or so.... Or rebuild the current box quicker than you do 500 miles.
  10. Sounds like a layshaft bearing starting to throw the towel in. The layshaft gets faster with road speed, the reason you won't hear it in 4th is that 4th is straight through the gearbox, so although the layshaft rotates, it won't be under load. I've had one go on me in spectacular fashion a few years ago. Used 4 high and low to get me home.
  11. I can lend you the proper tool for the job if you want it....
  12. I replace them if there is any damage on the hexagon or if they have been used a few times.
  13. My 110 is the same..... Changed so many i don't take the prop off any more. I just do them lying under the 110... I think it comes down to being the UJ that gets covered in the most road snot.
  14. No the seal does the sealing. Doesn't need any help. Iirc the proper rocker seal has the half moons moulded into it.