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  1. You can rule all the electronics out by wiring the solenoid to a normal switch.
  2. Personally, I dont think the Salisbury is particularly difficult to overhaul yourself. If you have a spare one kicking around then why not get some practice in on that?
  3. If you have plugs to the standard head lights and fog light then it's not a military loom.
  4. From underneath you will see a cut out in the B post where you can access the bolts/nuts
  5. I have a friend who runs a business in Hinkley that builds cages to MSA spec ect. I can pass his details on if you wish.
  6. You can get bulb paint to do this as well.
  7. 20.21 will be 3/8 bsp, and its probably Tapered as well. The outside diameter of a thread will never be over size.
  8. Looking at them threads, the pinion thread is mostly full of the thread from the nut. If you can attack them with a wire bush, a 60 degree file ect they will probably be ok. The nut on the other hand is not. The pinion could also have the thread reduced in size and a new nut made to fit if sourcing another pinion turns into a laborious task.
  9. You (or rather I) could drill and tap the adaptor housing on the gearbox where the thermostat and oil cooler hose for the gear box are.
  10. Dont get carried away wiring them in, just an ignition live off the main loom, to a bulb, to the 2nd alternator.
  11. I run 2 65 amp alternators on my 110, and I just use an ignition live, through the 24volt warning light on the dash to the 2nd alternator to excite it. Perk of 2 alternators is you just keep driving when one breaks. Theres many ways of charging batteries in a vehicle but I see a pair of alternators the easiest to obtain spares for in the wilderness, hence why I chose that route.
  12. I can certainly make them, but one or 2 wouldn't be a cheap exercise... if there is enough people after them on the forum maybe I can make enough to give you a sensible price?
  13. You need to check your flasher relay has the facility. Should have 4 pins on it.
  14. Your correct with the black bit. The silver piece goes on the block where the alternator and pas pump bracket bolts on.
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