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  1. I always use elring gaskets as well. On the 300 there is a nut and stud hidden behind the turbo, my sockets fit through the gap to undo it but it's an utter swine to do. It could potentially be easier with a stubby spanner.
  2. You do need to hold it still for tightening the bolt up properly.
  3. I can lend you one if you want to.pick it up?
  4. Does the white have an orange trace on it? If so there for a volt gauge.
  5. Best advise I could ever give is read the manual a few times first. That will give you a shopping list of all the tools and consumables you'll need.
  6. 300 swivels will have top and bottom bearings.
  7. Can you borrow a flasher relay from another vehicle to rule that out? Doesn't matter if they flash at the wrong speed.
  8. FF if you have something specific in mind design wise I could knock you some up.
  9. I've got the Drawing I made for daily Sleeze last year. I can make you a bracket if you want? Drop me a PM to discuss further.
  10. Richard, having seen a Series 3 88 inch chassis from Richard's, I wouldn't be in a hurry to give them cash....
  11. Fit an altered 90 fuel tank under.the drivers seat?
  12. Cast Iron or Bronze for a sleeve, stainless steel will Gall and make a hash of the seals.
  13. If you change size you'll need a full set of new tyres. I've been very impressed with the Cooper AT3 tyres, I'd have them if I was having ATs on my 110.
  14. Your local motor factors should stock.the pipe for the spill rail for a couple.of quid.
  15. Personally I doubt you'd get it clean enough after this long soaked in oil. It will also provide almost impossible for me to find the middle of the bore after welding it up. I had.noticed the bolt for monitoring pressures. I will certainly use that, but whether I can get something cheap rigged up for you to comfortably do a Cornwall and return trip with is a challenge. I'll see what I can come up with.
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