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  1. Tools for getting them caps undone is on my list as well chaps.
  2. Think Triggers Broom Ralph. No, in all fairness, there's nothing wrong with his disco. Richard, get a move on, your transfer box case is ready for you at last.
  3. Personally, is stick with EP90.... EP90 is easy to drain out and replace.
  4. I fitted a brand new box to my 110 about 3 or 4 months back. It came from LR Direct in a Britpart box and it had an Adwest quality control sticker on it and it has gone on fine. Vast improvement to the steering (still need to adjust the swivels) and no leaking yet.
  5. I'm working on it slowly Ralph, along with a mountain of other stuff. Bolts are 1/4 UNF just so you know.
  6. Ralph, I've made drawings for getting gaskets cut from I've just got to get some samples done to see that they fit. The plastic bits are just pointless washers for the 2 cap head bolts that hold the cases together.
  7. I've got a friend in Hinckley that would be just the man you need. If your bothered about the distance, we look after a Puma powered 110 that lives in Finsbury Park, the owner brings it up here, simply because he trusts us.
  8. I can't remember where the intercooler on my 110 came from, but the color is wider than the 19J rad sat behind it, it's very thin so no real change in the lag from the turbo and I had to cut the inside of the wings out to get the inlet and outlet to fit. Best £30 you could ever want to spend.
  9. Got a part number for the cap Ralph?
  10. I bought a Teng one for work about 10 years ago, don't know if it's suitable for you but the quality is excellent. We have to empty half of it out and then 2 guys struggle to carry it when we have to move it. So it's certainly strong enough.
  11. I would be open to a reasonable offer for it when ive finished with it.
  12. The cow on the line with the cooler take off on the stumpy 380 is the seat box has to be adjusted to allow the adapter and pipes to fit... I have a housing with a thermostat here Richard, and yes, it's another project on my growing list to make something so I don't have to cut my seatbox on my 110.
  13. I has similar on my 200TDi, it was one of the bolts holding the alternator together come lose and riggled its way out and into the fan.
  14. Aren't con rods normally forged any way?
  15. Me and Richard were discussing this yesterday, it is certainly an option to cut it and weld it. However, I don't know how well the Ali would weld with it being cast, hopefully someone in the know will see this and give you an answer. I doubt there is enough wall thickness there to bolt it back together. My current plan is to make a sump that will extend to the front of the overdrive and also backwards under the crossmember to get the capacity. I'm just waiting to find out what standard material sizes I can get to make it from. I don't know if you'd be able to move the sump you have at the minute on and use one of mine, which is another option.
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