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  1. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Certainly looks better than the one I have here. Chaps, the bluing you see is done at the manufacturing stage, it appears there is a join there so they obviously heat and sweat the parts together. While this thread is current, does anyone have any GKN parts they want to get rid of?
  2. 2.5d NA

    Engine rebuild with expensive rods and pistons for 100BHP....... Just throw a 200 TDi into it. Conversion is well covered and the engine produces over 100BHP in factory tune. A bit of fettling will get you to 125ish without costing a penny more than the engine did. Coversion is well documented on internet land.
  3. 300TDi overhaul

    Pistons can go out the bottom if the crank and oil jets are removed. Wooden handle on a mallet will do the job.
  4. 300TDi overhaul

    Top bellhousing bolts not given me any issues in a 300 disco, i go in through the top. Always forget to refit it though for some reason.
  5. The RM unit looks somewhat more compact than the GKN Unit.
  6. I can make a backplate with a step in the back face to go around the crossmember if people think this would work. The sump still needs measurements so I know what shapes i can produce.
  7. Peter there are as I say, a few options to look at. I have considered making a new rear cover where the filler plug is, but I dont think that would allow the overdrive to be removed with it still on the overdrive. I can do similar to what your excel CAD shows but you don't gain much capacity. the way forwards is similar to the effort shown in your 2nd picture. It would certainly allow a lot more capacity. Would people prefer this or my other option of me making a new rear cover, but having to remove the cover before removing the OD unit on a 110? I can also get gaskets made for a lot less than Devon sell them for. Any input welcome.
  8. Anything at all would be helpful. I assume the Rock Mountain unit is similar size wise to the GKN Unit.
  9. 300tdi injection pump play

    Very normal in my experience. The pump shaft sits in plain bearings with no control over the play you describe.
  10. Its till on my list of jobs to do, i have got a very poorly GKN overdrive in my Attic and I have a couple of methods to make a sump. What i need at the minute is some pictures/measurements of a fitted overdrive on a 110 and a 90 to see what i can put where. If you can get me some pictures I'll see about making a start.
  11. Why the slots in an exhaust flange?

    Cost 10 times a much to water jet, thats either plasma or laser.
  12. Why the slots in an exhaust flange?

    Plasma cutter should plunge through the center of the waste in each hole, then cut the shape of the hole. Switch off, move and repeat the same for all the holes, then cut the outside last of all.
  13. Stolen Discovery

    300 manual. Havnt got any numbers for it. Just the reg.
  14. Stolen Discovery

    My mother in laws Discovery went walk abouts on we think the night of April 3RD. On the face of it its a scabby wreck but its had all the rusty bits cut out and replaced, so a lot of money and welding has been spent on the vehicle, so carries a lot of sentimental value rather than cash value. The Discovery is dark green with a Reg of N205LSE. Other things to make it stand out are slightly taller springs, cooper st tyres, 245/75/16. A bar with a pair of spot lights that need wiring up. Its missing the rear bumper end caps and the nearside bumper light is smashed. The towing electrics are not very tidy either. It has no sunroofs and at the minute just the drivers seat and Dickie seats are fitted. The Vehicle lives in Overseal, near Swadlincote Derbyshire. Also, had very little fuel in. So if anyone sees or hears of anyrhing sounding like that, id appreciate hearing about it. Thanks.