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  1. If that's the correct terminal it's just a length of wire from that terminal to the number 4 heater plug and they will be wire as per the TD. That's how I did my 200 conversion from 19J.
  2. The problem you have is free hand drilling a steel bolt surrounded by Aluminium will never end well. Where are you located?
  3. Can the component with broken bolts in be removed from the vehicle? If so, up un my Bridgeport Mill would be the best way now imho.
  4. My main and aux batteries have there positive connected via an isolator for an internal jump start facility, and so when you have big loads running (winch or inverter) both alternators are supplying.
  5. Are the bulb holders in them lights?? It's not the backlighting lighting them up is it?
  6. You might not see it. My 110 needs new bushes in the trailing arms, but when you get a bar in it or MOT it theres no movement. Its exactly the same problem as your having.
  7. If you know what size and style bearings your using, I'll have the sizes to work to.
  8. Cant help with a drawing, but I can turn the part up for you.
  9. The crack is perfectly repairable by a competent welder. The problem will come from then having to rebore where the valve seats fit, then you will need new, custom valve seats to fit the new bore size. It's not a cheap process unless you have a pile to go at, and I don't have the funds behind me to buy up the heads because they go for stupid amounts of money.
  10. That sort of thing, yes. You may need to do a bit more than that. Put the nuts loose on the studs and a small pry bar in the gap perhaps. But it will just be carp/crud keeping it in place.
  11. Spot on ideally. I can put an axle or diff onto one of my milling machines and then use it to plot all the positions. However, if someone has already done this I can save myself a job. I'm looking to laser cut a plate to cover the hole while the case gets shot blast.
  12. Anything other than these then. To be specific, the front axle on my 1989 110.
  13. Are they not all the same? Diffs being interchangeable and all that.
  14. Does anyone know the bolt pattern for the studs on the axle case for holding the diff into the case?
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