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  1. Yup, already have LEDs on rear so have flasher relay in place. Any idea if 73mm lights are a straight swap size wise with Military ones?
  2. Hello again, I got massively distracted last time I was home and only had a quick look at the lights; I saw how they came out but didn't actually remove them. I'm toying with the idea of replacing them with standard style lamps but Wipac LED versions; I run lamp guards & the Wipac LED maps are waterproof to IP67 which should suffice for my offroading these days. Question is; once I have removed the original military lights, are the standard 73mm lights a straight swap. Also, any reason not to do this? Cheers, Paul
  3. Northern Paul

    Ignition live wiring to accessory Blue Sea fuse box

    Cheers qwakers, looks decent and a considerable saving on the Blue Sea one. Many thanks
  4. Northern Paul

    Ignition live wiring to accessory Blue Sea fuse box

    With regards switching the ignition live side with a relay, would this be suitable: http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/product.php/648/high-current-relays (Durite 4 pin, 12v 100amp relay) Thanks, Paul
  5. Northern Paul

    Ignition live wiring to accessory Blue Sea fuse box

    Thanks for the replies. Mad-Pete, that's probably the way to go. miketomcat - the one I linked to has two separate bottom circuits thus allowing a permanent live block of 6 fuses and a switched ignition live block of 6 fuses ianmayco68 - Thats the one that I started looking at (was thinking 2x 6 fuse boxes; one permanent live and 1 ignition switched) but the one I linked to would allow me to contain everything in one box. Can I tap into any ignition live to activate the relay? Cheers, Paul
  6. Hello all, Whilst I am refurbishing the 90 I am looking to install a tidy solution to additional wiring circuits, with regards fusing them. Some additions will be on permanent lives; interior LED lights, stereo, amplifier whilst others will require ignition switched lives; heated seats, heated windscreen, lightbar. I'd like a solution that leaves me some leeway for future additions and came across the Blue Sea ST Blade Split Bus Fuse Block: https://www.bluesea.com/products/5032/ST_Blade_Split_Bus_Fuse_Block This would allow 2 isolated groups of 6 fused circuits to be contained in one housing ie, 1 for permanent live and 1 for ignition switched lives, giving 12 in total. I would be looking at mounting it on the central bulkhead behind the passenger seat to allow easy access (my seats don't have removable bases). What would be my best option to feed it a suitable ignition live ie where should I tap into? Thoughts, ideas, criticisms? Thanks in advance, Paul
  7. Northern Paul

    Landreiziger blower motor switch kit

    I'd be, you know, hypothetically keen too... Paul
  8. Northern Paul

    Has anyone any experience of GRP4x4?

    Cheers for that Boris. What size did you go for?
  9. Good afternoon all, Having recently re-painted the 90 & decided to remove the A-bar (and its big Roolights - Lightforce copies) & I quite fancy an LED light bar. Now, I can't afford Lazer or suchlike & during my hours of browsing the interweb at work I came across this: http://www.grp4x4.com/products/parts-accessories/accessories/defender-54-night-hawke-led-bar-kit.html However, I can't find any information, besides what's on their website, nor any real world reviews. The price would be at the top end of what I am willing to pay. The vanity in me likes the look & the lumen output seems huge. Has anyone had any dealings with GRP4x4 - good or bad - that they would care to share? I'm sure people will have opinions on light bars & I'd be interested to hear peoples pros and cons of them, especially if anyone has one of the aformentioned ones from GRP4x4. Over to you good folk. Thanks in advance, Paul
  10. Excellent - hopefully these will be out easily when I get back from work. Thanks for your replies Paddy & Red90 Paul
  11. Planning to fit the variable speed intermittent wash wipe upgrade / modification to my 90, following the useful information in these threads: https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/927-adding-intermittent-front-washwipe-to-older-9011/ https://forums.lr4x4.com/topic/20391-variable-intermittent-wipers/ At the moment the wash / wipe stalk on my ex-military 90 appears to have: push the button on the end: washers spray & give 4 wipes of the screen up 1: slow up 2: fast If I press it down it does nothing at all, except returns to the off position - what is it supposed to do? Will I need to replace the stalk as part of the intermittent wash wipe upgrade? (I know I need the Autosparks loom & the relay) When the intermittent system is installed what position on the wash wipe stalk is intermittent supposed to be at? Is there a facility to just do a single 'one off' wipe? - this is what I thought pushing my stalk should be doing Ta, Paul
  12. Good morning, As per the title thread really. I have limited electrical / mechanical knowledge & have removed the screw on lenses & bulbs. How do I remove the lamp units from the wing panels? Any guidance or pictures would be gratefully received. I am at work for another week or so thus have no access to the vehicle presently. Cheers, Paul
  13. Northern Paul

    BFG Mud Terrain tyres 255/85/r16

    Excellent info thank you. I found BFGs UK site lacking in detail but didn't think to check with the US site. Lesson learnt! So, it seems that 16x7 will be OK. 16x8 would be good too. Many thanks to you all for helping me with this! Cheers, Paul
  14. Northern Paul

    BFG Mud Terrain tyres 255/85/r16

    Hi all, Many thanks for your replies. I didn't realise that the KM3 is due out soon. The BF Goodrich UK website doesn't list the 255/85/r16 as a size for it though. It seems my GoogleFu was weak yesterday - I've had a bit more success (Thanks DaveTurnbull for getting me going again). Paddocks do seem to have them as do Black Circles. What I was hoping for was a wheel and tyre package deal (I should have made that clear in my original post). My current steel wheels are rather tatty and I fancy a change from black 8 spokes (and a random steel disco wheel) to black modulars. I emailed Paddocks direct and they have quoted me the following: Hello , Please find below the price/s you requested for 255/85r16 BFG MT KM2 mud terrain tyre fitted on 16x7 Black Modular wheel including building + balancing, uk mainland delivery + vat. set of 4 x = £828.00 inc vat set of 5 x £1035.00 inc vat Regards Noel - Customer Advisor AEW Paddock Motors Ltd. What concerns me slightly is that if I utilise the wheel and tyre calculator website ( http://www.tyresizecalculator.com/tyre-wheel-calculators/tyre-size-for-rim-size-width-calculator ) it tells me that 16x7" rims are way too narrow for the 255/85/r16 BFGs. Or am I getting it wrong? Or are Paddocks getting it wrong? What is the general consensus here? I don't mind having to source the tyres and rims separately, I just don't want to be ordering the rims in the wrong width. As for offset....? It seems a minefield. Any further advice gratefully received. Cheers, Paul
  15. Northern Paul

    Swing Away Spare Wheel Carrier of choice?

    Hello again, I finally tracked down a photo of the Masai one and it sits very offset to the drivers side. It just looks wrong to my eyes. The design looks great but I just couldn't live with it in that position. I managed to track down a Mantec one at a very reasonable price so the choice is made! Thanks for all the replies, Paul

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