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  1. Once again, thanks for the updates and experiences. Just to clarify - if I go down the spacer route they will being fitted behind steel wheels. Presumably hub centric ones (like I referenced in my first post) are what I am after? Cheers, Paul
  2. Hi, Good to hear from people who have used them and not had any ill experiences. td5defender - many thanks for the before and after shots. Anyone else? Cheers, Paul
  3. Snagger, Thanks for taking the time to post. Interesting to hear your experience of using spacers. What brand wheel spacers were they? It's the first instance I have heard of whereby they spacers caused the detrimental effects you mention to stub axles. Has anyone else experienced this who can comment? Cheers, Paul
  4. Many thanks for the replies. I've a much better understanding of the situation now. If I went down the wheels route; I'm guessing most tyre fitting places would swap them over for a reasonable cost. Plenty to ponder - thanks again...
  5. Bowie69 - thanks for your reply. I am away from home and will be for some time. I'll have a look at the photos on my phone and see if there are any photos I can show to indicate what I'm after. 255/85R16s would mount on either a 7" or 8" rim I presume? with an 8" rim giving the tyre a 'squarer' profile? Is one beneficial to the other? Thanks in advance.
  6. OK - thinking about rims then: If I am unsure of the current offset am I right in thinking that ET0 is what I need to replicate the effect a 30mm spacer would give? Where are people seeing them at £40 a rim? (I'm currently working away somewhere with a very slow internet connection so my GoogleFu is throttled at the moment - any help gratefully received) I'd prefer this route but it is good to hear from at least one person that the spacers haven't been an issue. Cheers
  7. 16" Black steel modular style. Wheels and tyres bought as a package from (I think) Paddocks.
  8. Good morning, I'm thinking of a set of the aforementioned spacers. Haters gonna hate. That's fine. It'd be boring if we all thought exactly the same Recently fitted 255/85/R16 BFG Mud Terrains (KM2) & would like them to fill out the arches a bit more. Yup, I'm that shallow. The extra steering lock would be nice too. I looked into a set of steel Wolf style wheels with an ET0 offset but for a set of 5 wheels followed by getting my tyres swapped over, spacers are better value. Now, I have researched the pro's and con's and, so far as I can work out, the horror stories are very few and far between. Fitted correctly, with genuine LR wheel nuts, torqued up to recommended torque, red Threadlock and a dab of paint to provide a visual marker along with periodic check - say 3 months - & I can't envisage a problem. Have you bought any? If so which did you go for? I've shortlisted Rakeway (expensive option but well made one would think), Optimill (slightly less expensive but provided with genuine LR nuts) or A.N.other I am not aware of yet. Its not a product I want cheap off eBay! Basically recommendations from those who have them please Cheers, Paul
  9. Removed the indicator dash light and the problem is resolved. I've ordered one of the BoB modded ones so hopefully that resolves the issue. Cheers Western
  10. Hello, Setup: 1986 90 fitted with LED lights all round. RDX / Bolt on Bits adjustable relay Additional LED indicators at roof height at rear. Hazards working fine. All lights working Problem: Everything has been working OK. This weekend I was routinely checking the lights & noticed that when I indicate either left or right all the indicators come on - if I indicate left then the left indicators come on brightly but the right indicators come on too albeit dimmer. Still enough to be confusing to other motorists though. Same vice versa if I indicate to the right. The indicator lamp on the dash seems faint too whichever way I'm indicating. Does this sound like an earth issue somewhere? I've no idea where to start looking so any guidance much appreciated. Cheers, Paul
  11. I have one of Niges kits too & its bloomin' marvellous. Top work.
  12. I ummed and arred about this for ages. Bit the bullet and ordered Genuine, don't regret it for a second. A dream to fit compared to a mate who went for a cheap pattern part. He had to faff / swear / struggle for a few hours per door and his were a poor fit and he ended up replacing them in 6 months. Somethings are just worth paying for. I did both sides in about 15 mins. Do it right, do it once. Good luck
  13. Yup, already have LEDs on rear so have flasher relay in place. Any idea if 73mm lights are a straight swap size wise with Military ones?
  14. Hello again, I got massively distracted last time I was home and only had a quick look at the lights; I saw how they came out but didn't actually remove them. I'm toying with the idea of replacing them with standard style lamps but Wipac LED versions; I run lamp guards & the Wipac LED maps are waterproof to IP67 which should suffice for my offroading these days. Question is; once I have removed the original military lights, are the standard 73mm lights a straight swap. Also, any reason not to do this? Cheers, Paul
  15. Cheers qwakers, looks decent and a considerable saving on the Blue Sea one. Many thanks
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