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  1. Well after further investigation I have narrowed down the cause of the indicator / gauges fuse constantly blowing when the ignition is turned on. Turns out the rear wash wiper rotary control switch on the dashboard has burned out and has been fusing. I had a real worry that I had caught a wire in the roof when I recently removed the lining to insulate it, but thank the lord that it wasnt. The wiper motor on the back door is fine, so replacement switch it is.......just a rear shame that its a Landrover part and almost fifty quid to boot.......bugger
  2. wow and i thought the colourful language was only me, but looks like i'm in good company.....i thought i had one of those special editions.....an Effing Landrover!
  3. thanks for the help, im sure there will be more issues soon
  4. its the standard radiator cooling fan i guess, sorry im a bit of a novice
  5. HI just started as a new mwmber with a 99 T Plate 110sw. Im having an issue with the cooling fan on the radiator running constantly from start up.....is this normal...or is something bust? any help would be appreciated...cheers
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