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  1. The above post has been approved under the condition that the entire content, views and opinions contained and expressed are the sole responsibility of the poster and do not reflect the views of, its administrators, moderators etc.
  2. Hi All, Just a quick announcement regarding 'DirtyDiesel' who joins as a LR4x4 Moderator for the new "Modified Vehicle Builds & Special Projects Forum" - which whilst new is already proving very popular. Whilst DD may take a while to settle in and work out how all the new buttons works, do feel free to join us in welcoming him, and wishing him well in supporting LR4x4 as our newest Mod Welcome DD The LR4x4 A&M Team
  3. Argh Logged in as making changes to forum software, did that fine, just didn't log off LR4x4 account N
  4. Its not Nice chat for some time with Andrew at Alisport and I'll be hunting the piggybank down, cornering in, and leaving it a quivering wreck when I take trip up to Cinderford poss next week Here piggy piggy ................................... ah there you are ...come to daddy ...............
  5. New guidance for O/T threads and posts, giving a clear picture of what is acceptable. Please read this link - Thanks
  6. New guidance for O/T threads and posts, giving a clear picture of what is acceptable. Please read this link - Thanks
  7. New guidance for O/T threads and posts, giving a clear picture of what is acceptable. Please read this link - Thanks
  8. New guidance for O/T threads and posts, giving a clear picture of what is acceptable. Please read this link - Thanks
  9. New guidance for O/T threads and posts, giving a clear picture of what is acceptable. Please read this link - Thanks
  10. New guidance for O/T threads and posts, giving a clear picture of what is acceptable. Please read this link - Thanks
  11. From the A&M Team : We have had a PM from a member who wishes to stay annonymous (for obvious reasons) but has asked for a thread to be created all about alarming a small workshop. The basic questions are : Workshop has its own single phase supply, 2 windows, 1 door, and 1 x roller shuter LR size door entrance LR90 is also parked inside, often after competitions and is hot and cools (note later why this mentioned) Single story, so alarm unit on outside smashed off previously The Questions and Info is as follows : Cheap (or cheapish) "Tamper Proof" ie if wires just "Cut" alarm goes off 'Numeric Keypad' or 'Key' on / off better ? inside or outside ? Makes and suggested systems ? Infared ? will heat dropping from cooling truck set off ? or are wires or even bluetooth better as connections ? What sorts of sensors / types and how many / where ? Is this possible as a DIY Project, or does it need to be proffesionally installed ? What are the things in a system to look at and check are there ? Similarly - what if in a system should be avioded Any other useful info re alarm systems Do you need a maintain contract ? What goes wrong with them ? How can a alarm be mounted externally on a single stroy building - or maybe place inside ? Any off the shelf recomended system / website / links / worthwhile accessories whilst doing it And even general usefull info around larm system for consideration "Discuss" This may prove to be an invaluable thread worthy of the Tech Archive - so please keep 'Technical' and 'On Topic' A&M Team
  12. How do I edit my adds on the forum

  13. You are likely to find that one or more pistons are cracked - this is a very common problem on this engine. At least piston kits are only about £40 each. Les.
  14. It has come to the attention of the moderators and admins as a whole that members are using this forum to publicly identify BOATs and UCRs - colloquially known as 'green lanes'. It is our opinion that this may have detrimental consequences. Where a green lane is identified on the forums it can be viewed by anyone, whether a member of or not. This means that, for example, someone might post a link to a green lane with the comment that it is a nice lane, scenic drive, etc and it may cause a sudden and unsustainable increase in traffic. I can think of a number of lanes where any large increase in traffic would destroy the surface and character of the lane and upset the land owner, both of which increase the likely-hood of future problems. Another scenario might be if someone posts a link to a green lane and describes it as being very muddy, difficult and a real challenge. Now, 20 years ago that might have been OK and a few others might have gone along and enjoyed it too, but these days it is more likely that large numbers of people will hear about it and potentially large groups of vehicles will make their way there and use the green lane, causing yet further damage. If pictures of such activities are posted then these may very well be picked up by members of other groups who would see the legal passtime of 'green laneing' banned and motor vehicles prohibited from unsurfaced routes in the countryside. They might use the argument that all such routes will be damaged in the same way if vehicular traffic is allowed. So, what is the rule? Well, whatever we decide to set down will upset someone. I would like to say that it is OK to post a link to a green lane which is sustainable - in so much as an increase in traffic will not cause damage to the lane, either to the surface or to the 'goodwill' element of local residents. But there is a line to be drawn there which will be argued over ad infinitum and I for one do not have the time. The rules then, which I am sorry to say is the easy way out, is to say that we will not allow the location of a green lane to be divulged on the forum. If you want to ask for details or to receive details of a green lane then you may do so, as long as the actual detail of the location is delivered by PM or by email. Where a photograph is shown of a green lane or a vehicle in a green lane it will be down to the discretion of the forum moderators to decide if that photograph shows the activity of green laneing in a bad light. Any photograph deemed unsuitable or inappropriate or inconsistent with the aims and interests of LR4x4 and the green laneing community at large will be removed. Thanks for your cooperation. GBMUD on behalf of If you want to advertise a COMMERCIAL EVENT, I.E. AS IN RUNNING A BUSINESS Off Road Play Days /guided green laning / expedition event on this forum please feel free to do so, after all, we all need to get out and about in our Landrovers one way or another! Please also feel at liberty to make a small (or large!) donation to the forum running costs. This not a pre-requisite of Advertising any event just a suggestion but remember that the LR4x4 forum is run without corporate sponsorship and is paid for wholly by donations from it's members - and believe us, a forum this busy is not cheap to operate. Any donation, whether made at the discretion of a member or an amount suggested by one of the forum's moderators or administrators does not infer any rights to post or otherwise to use LR4x4 to contact members with commercial solicitations in any way. LR4x4 is wholly independent of any commercial sponsor and these rules are set out so as not to cause upset or argument later when an organizer/advertiser/donor cannot have their own way. See this thread for how to make a donation to the forum. All donations and their amounts are kept private. Some discount for LR4x4 members would seem appropriate and reasonable, after all, the site is here for, and is funded by, the members. It need not be a huge amount, 10% or a fiver off entry for forum members seems fair and may well encourage users to visit an event. In short, it needs to be clear that making a donation to the forum is just that, a donation, and will not 'buy' any favour or tolerance. The bottom line is, if we think it is unsuitable for LR4x4, or the members complain about it, it will be removed. And please do not forget to mention your events in the forum calendar (link is top right hand corner of the page) so that members are prompted about forthcoming events and event organizers and others can look further ahead to plan events around one another. Thanks The LR4x4 Moderating Team