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  1. Fitting P38 Rear Seats in a 110

    That is actually very helpful, thanks. I see you have a bulkhead behind your second row seats that gives some rigidity to the upper brackets. Mine would have to be beefier if it was standalone. Considering getting a partial internal roll cage fabricated to give some support to seats, but I'm also nervous about existing seat belt mountings - they are currently through the body above rear sliding windows - whatever strengthening plate may have been added, I don't think the bodywork itself would give much support.
  2. I've just bought some decent leather rear seats from a P38 that I was hoping to replace the existing second row seats in my 1987 110. Currently there is a set of exmoor trim seats that the PO moved back a few inches which gives great leg room for the kids. Seatbelts have been moved back and a frame fabricated for the existing seats. I can modify frame to suit the new seats, but the thing I missed is that the existing seats have the seatback locked in position integral to the seat. The P38 seats are designed so that the top of the seat is locked in position against the bodywork, there is no latch on the hinge between seat base and seat back. So, to get these to work, I need to mount a latch from the top of the tub, below the windows. Has anyone done this (or something similar) before? I'm a little concerned that this might not be a very strong point in the vehicle and be all that would stop the seats folding forward in an accident.
  3. Which gas strut brackets do you use?

    Details about halfway down this page: https://www.megasquirt-v8.co.uk/diff_offroad.php. Video here: But neither really show off the brackets in a good light. I'll try to take some photos of the brackets themselves later. Very robust and with adjustment so that they don't push the bonnet off its hinges. I only received yesterday so yet to see if they'll fit with all of the other gubbins hanging off my wings at the moment. If they do, I'll take some fitting photos as well.
  4. Which gas strut brackets do you use?

    I've just bought a complete set of struts and brackets from Nige (Xcess4x4). Haven't fitted them yet, but, as you'd expect, over-engineered and well thought out. Will probably outlast the bonnet.
  5. Part suppliers

    Britcar is my default. Sometimes I'll shop around, Land Rover Workshop is sometimes useful to search all the usual suppliers. But usually, Britcar offers me the choice between genuine, OEM or other.
  6. Autonomous Land Rovers by end of 2017

    I liked this one: https://creators.vice.com/en_us/article/qkmeyd/meet-the-artist-using-ritual-magic-to-trap-self-driving-cars
  7. Inner fenders, rear

    And still for sale:
  8. Inner fenders, rear

    I've got a set taking up space in my garage that I never got around to fitting. Idea seems sound, although they might restrict articulation a little.
  9. LT85 Sticks in First When Cold

    Just had all the fluids changed by local indy, maybe I'll call them and ask what they used. I may not have done many miles, but the gearbox has been in the vehicle for a few years now, so definitely outside warranty. I'll have a look at the oil and check the level. Thanks.
  10. First thing in the morning, while gearbox is cold, first and second gear are very notchy and difficult to deselect. Tried double declutching, but it feels as though something is trapped and it is getting worse. This morning had to really struggle to get back out of first. Once I've gone about 5 miles, and the gearbox is nice and warm, everything works as it should. Still fine if I drive it again later in the day. Gearbox was a refurb from Ashcroft and has only done a few thousand miles. Maybe something was disturbed on fitting gearbox to new engine? When engine is not running, it slots into and out of each gear beautifully. Perhaps the extra torque from new engine has already damaged the gearbox. Any ideas? Or do I need to pull the whole thing out?
  11. Exhaust Manifold Heat Insulation

    As an (eye-wateringly expensive) alternative, I had my cast manifolds ceramic coated by Zircotech. Didn't really do any before/after comparisons as I fitted them before I had the engine properly mapped. Avoids lots of the issues listed by Fridge. Although some areas do look suspiciously rusty, I'll have to have a proper look. I've also got hold of one of those IR cameras for my phone so may try and take some pictures when its good and hot and see if it makes a difference.
  12. I think SimonR posted that he had used the Audi one, aha thread here: I found one on Ebay. Had it fitted, but it ran on 100% duty cycle, which would kill it quite quickly. Also means brakes lose power when engine stalls. I fitted a one way valve and pressure switch between it and the brake booster, but, depending on the adjustment of the pressure switch, it still runs at around 70%. Somewhere, there is a vacuum leak. The one-way valve is no longer one way, so I'll find a more robust version. There is a one way valve fitted on the outlet from the brake booster which I have a replacement for, hopefully that'll sort it. I'm hoping the few hours that the pump has been running have not been enough to kill it. After buying the pump, I since found out that more recent models of Discovery and RRS also have these fitted. You may be able to find one more easily that way.
  13. Rear Wheel Arches - Liners?

    I bought a set of Lokari liners to try and achieve the same thing, but never got around to fitting. They are aluminium, sort of shaped to fit, with some edging strip and a couple of swages along their length so that they can be squeezed in to position. I have since filled my wheel arches with a fuel tank and tool box so think these will no longer fit mine.
  14. V8 Gearbox Crossmember

    Do these help? New Richard's chassis, but supposed to be the same as original...
  15. Compressor water trap

    I ran a big u-tube in copper pipe to act as an air cooled condenser before the water trap. Every once in a while I open the valve at the bottom to drain the water out, it collects some water so must be working to an extent.