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  1. Might be some inspiration for a simple manual locker fix ( if it's uploaded off my phone right). Simple plate with a phosphirbronze bush down the centre, an oil seal either side of this then the simple rod/Clevis pin/lever combination to push and pull it locked/unlocked. Still got to add a cable to the cab yet as climbing under it to lock it in the mud isn't fun.
  2. Great weekend, nice to meet you all, some great lanes. I'm suprised Pikeys Ram video hasnt made it on here yet! Thankyou for the navigators/tourguides and non organisors
  3. I saw the first ten minutes, got annoyed with what seemed to be pensioners with little else to worry about and turned over. Of course they're entitle to their opinions and objections but they didnt seem to want to listen to or even appreciate that others had the right to use the road and the vehicle groups involved wanted to voluntarily help maintain the road to improve access/safety. I have recorded it and series linked it so may pluck up the patience to watch it fully but narrow minded people annoy the hell out of me.
  4. I'll be out that way, joining Dan. Dont know wether to take the disco or passenger in dans patrol yet though.
  5. I have two of the second (cvx-1000) batteries on my disco, excellant batterys. Bought from the place you've linked to, cheap, quick delivery and excellant service.
  6. Thanks for a great day Steve, amazing how good that small camera is, shame you kept the footage of me making that rocky climb look very hard!!
  7. The sump comes off easy enough, think its a ring of 10mm bolts with a couple of 13mm into the bellhousing. You need to drop the exhaust off the manifold to get room to remove the sump and take the lower engine steady and IRD mount off on the RH. Easy job.
  8. A friend of mine had one exactly like this, 130 cherry picker, his had cracked just in front of the trailing arm, obviously a steel issue. The tipper bodied ones he uses havent shown any sign of this happening. I dont think the boom can be used without the suport legs down and apparently it will not drve until the legs are up. The cherry picker itself is plated as weighing one ton.
  9. The two most common cause of this fault code is the fuel pump and as Sam mentioned the fuel pressure sensor on the fuel rail. It is very easy to check, pull the connector off the sensor on the end of the high pressure fuel rail and if the pins look green and/or rusty this gives the ecu an incorrect reading. The wiring kit is a new connector and loom all the way to the ecu, its wise to replace the sensor but a good clean out with some kind of electrical contact cleaner should be ok in most instances. Airflow meters used to be quite a popular concern but they don't cause any problems nowadays,
  10. They are common for the electrical terminals to brake off the window, you may be able to bodge a repair with solder or similar. It isn't a hard job to replace the complete glass, can't remember how much they are though.
  11. Thanks for the update, hope someone finds out who they are!
  12. Sent donation equal to standing order, easier to send it one go in my mind
  13. And me, cheapest i could find and very quick delivery.
  14. I've now ordered and had delivered the ashcroft kit, Dave also chucked in new diff gears FOC, so big thanks to him. Arrived next day, excellance service. I never did find the land rover parts on microcrap, the descriptions on there are mostly useless! Thanks for the help anyway. I've gone for this axle set up as i'm running 35" tyres, plus the 80 series rear axle has a locker and i had an LSD for the patrol axle, cheaper (ish) than making the land rover axles strong and reliable.
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