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  1. HampshireHog

    Wiper Spindle PRC8495

    For what its worth I replaced my wiper system with Bearmach parts a two of years back and all is still good , must agree with Retroanaconda , bit of a shat system .
  2. HampshireHog

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    At least Land Rover will make it as easy to steal as the outgoing Defender , all the local smack heads will have to do is buy a box of tricks from Ambay or Ezon to trick the electronics into unlocking and start it without getting their hands dirty
  3. HampshireHog

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Maybe the Stop- Go pedal thing was a Freudian slip by the young hip design W ⚓'s of the new Defender aimed fairly and squarely at the likes of us old died in the wool owners who've been airing our views
  4. HampshireHog

    The new Defender is now pointless

    Wernt Land Rover buggering about with a leccy Defender a couple of years back
  5. HampshireHog

    When will it end?

    Roger Clarke , twin 40s , jumpers as goal posts ,etc , etc . Ive just made an awful mess
  6. HampshireHog

    When will it end?

    Just a foot note to the above , my Mrs has just reminded me that the Lotus Cortina argument was closer to 40 years ago and that I had also got stung buying a 1600 GT Mk 2 Cortina that turned out to be a complete shed of S*** and wasn't a GT at all just a standard Mk 2 with a GT dash
  7. HampshireHog

    When will it end?

    Just to chuck my hat in the ring , I think its always been this way . Around 30 years ago I turned down a real Mk1 Lotus Cortina , ally doors, the works , for £800 because my girlfriend at the time ( now the current Mrs Kerby) wanted a Capri , I paid the same money for a M1 AVO Mexico six months later , both of these cars are silly money now , I bought a 2.8 I Capri for £2500 and sold it for £1500 a few years later as the cost of insurance shot through the roof thanks to the scrotes of the day stealing hot hatch backs and trying to drive them like a rally driver , without wishing to sound boring these cars were almost ten a penny and looking back I want to stab pins in my eyes for letting them slip through my hands , but surely its all relative . I wasn't in the market for Landys at the time but I know lightweights went for peanuts back in the day . I totally agree with neil110 above , the scum bags that prey on our beloved Landys deserve have their fingers put in a vice and gently smashed with a 2Lb ball pein .
  8. HampshireHog

    Defender dash

    If its ideas your after , type Land Rover dash into Pinterest , tons of ideas on there ,some good some not so good and some where the designer / owner has been at the hemp roll ups
  9. HampshireHog

    Euro Car Parts

    That's a fair shout , the local Aldershot CAF or who ever they might be owned by now are on the ball'ish but still ive been caught in the same trap as loads of other people , they ask for your reg but when you try and explain that your beloved shed that's parked leaking oils in their car park isnt quite as Solihull made it , a glazed look often appears over their face , at this point I generally suck it up and do the walk of shame past the queue that's grown behind you and retire to the keyboard at home and wait for the various missed delivery slots in the days that follow .
  10. HampshireHog

    Euro Car Parts

    No thanks Fridge , im an ugly ole bugger anyway and don't really want my face rearranged
  11. HampshireHog

    Euro Car Parts

    Cheers then , I tried that in Aldershot the other day , the fella behind the counter is a 6'6" Pole ....with no sense of humour
  12. HampshireHog

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Was it a donkey in some sort of camouflage horse blanket
  13. HampshireHog

    Wiper wheel box replacement

    To quote a t-shirt doing the rounds …. id sooner shove wasps up my arse
  14. HampshireHog

    Any Colour gurus here?

    This any help ? http://www.defendersource.com/forum/f6/help-me-track-down-a-rare-land-rover-color-31480.html
  15. HampshireHog


    Sorry , i didn't look at the site , to be fair it does look quite nice

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