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  1. Monkie , I know diesel Bob’s a busy man but maybe he could shed some light on the new versus old stock seeing as he deals with these day in day out .
  2. I tried to buy a set from them some time ago but failed , for some strange reason I wasn’t allowed to complete the purchase I suspect they were out of stock I also tried to find their premises as I was doing a job that way at the time but only came up with a domestic property. Here’s hoping they turn out to be the real deal , 10/10 for the effort your making monkie 👍
  3. Monkie was the seller on eBay based in Cranleigh by any chance
  4. Im waiting for a set to come back from Diesel Bob , complete refurb was £216 inc return postage which i thought was a fair price .
  5. reb78 it is a straight forward job to replace the tips but keep everything clean but without specialist equipment you’ll not be able to test the crack off values
  6. Bigj66 , a bit off topic and a big ask is there any chance you could post a couple of pics of your ply van sides . im just going to do the same and any pics would be really helpful .
  7. That’s a real hoot the first 50 times the grand kids tell her to do it after that it wears a bit thin , they also like to tell her to make an announcement either grandad smells or nanny smells ( the last message is being deputed at the mo ) from the shed to the front room or the other way round . It’s a shame the daft bint doesn’t understand a slight accent muffled by a soggy roll up hanging out of your lips when asking her to play something 🥴
  8. Sounds like the start of a Billy Connelly joke
  9. There was or maybe still is one on eBay as a rebuilt unit for a starting price of £180 , it’s been resisted as no interest first time round
  10. Thanks fellas , so it’s doable but comes down to costs in reality , I’ve got a Discovery 200Tdi lump that I had intended to completely rebuild but have discovered hairline cracks between the seats of number two’s valves and with heads being expensive and getting harder to find a good one I wondered about the swap . Thank you all once again 👍
  11. Hi all , is there a marked difference between the 200Tdi and 300Tdi heads & are they swappable or do you have to sacrifice a goat or some-such , any info greatly received .
  12. I bought a set for my 200tdi from the well known trading website not the dearest & not the cheapest , I think they were Italian but are still doing what they do 18 months later , I’ll gladly dig out the info if you like .
  13. They used to make them in Hampshire but ran out of Alpacas and as for the virgins ........................................
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