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  1. im looking at the same sort of thing at the moment but have settled on this ........i think .https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-cdp152b-bench-drill-press-230v/ to be fair i cant make my soddin mind up and at this sort of price a lot look like the same machine with different colour schemes .
  2. That grey looks nice against the galvanised cappings
  3. Bloody hell , is this one of those furlough stories
  4. Rust oleum is good stuff the satin black gives a nice finish , not trying to tell granny how to blow eggs , quick blast back to solid and away you go
  5. I got hold of my mate in Aus and asked him about purchase and shipping etc , he pretty much said the same as you fellas , I asked about getting it over here via his mates in the forces , after much Aussie squaddie bad language he said his side wasn’t much of a problem but tying up with his mates in our forces wasn’t a starter especially with what’s going on all around the world at the moment. I bit the bullet and ordered a 6000 rpm version from Demon Tweaks £125 delivered so not too bad , thanks all once again. To cackshifter , I’m sorry if I high jacked your post .
  6. Funny you should say that , after reading the reply’s from Mo & Red I duly set about trolling the net for a 4000 version , found loads abroad , mostly in Aus but didn’t have much luck here in GB I tried boat yards and the like but couldn’t find one , but my goddaughter married an Aussie in the mob so when I’m able to get hold of him I’ll see if he can buy one and ship , I’m not too up on importing and the like so I’m hoping he is and will be able to help. With regards to Mo & Reds previous comments on revving the bejesus out of a 200TDi , just because it states 6000 it doesn’t mean you have to take it there . Thanks all for your reply’s .
  7. Appreciate what Mo & Red are saying , im assuming the 4000 units are as easy to set up as the 6000 ones ?
  8. Many thanks Western , from reading the previous posts It seems the VDO gauges are very popular , ive seen the Merlin motorsport website and it would seem to be an average price . Thanks once again.
  9. How easy are they W driven ones to set up ?
  10. Same as mmgemini really , the enthusiasm is there but the joints are screaming in protest at replacing shocks , springs and the like , cant wait to get on with some wiring and servicing . The only silver lining is the time factor at least im not trying to squeeze everything into a couple of weekends to keep my 90 on the road , very very strange times at the moment I think you would all agree , so hope all are keeping well and staying as safe as can be .
  11. Maybe this is what Gezza is aiming for https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/road-rover-coming-by-the-end-of-2021-with-electric-powertrain/ar-BB11DvnB?ocid=spartandhp
  12. Right if we're in a pub , mine a Guinness and Red your in the chair
  13. Hi Nick , ive just had four BFG 265/75/16 AT2 fitted ( many thanks to the members who have posted reviews ) with the writing on the inside I hasten to add . My spare was an embarrassment so I bit the bullet and bought a 7x16 modular , load rating 1050kg , from Craddocks and had the best of the original tyres ( 265/75/16 Traction track Insa Turbo ) fitted as a spare . Hope this is of some help .
  14. Fridge , you must have one hell of a kitchen to be able to get your Land Rover in there
  15. Sometimes having a mate round just to talk boll**ks and give a hand with mundane jobs or a different view on what seems to be a real pain in the parts at the time
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