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  1. Steady on fellas those puddles looked bloody treacherous
  2. Snagger , your such a spoil sport , one of them were on my xmas list
  3. The one in the foreground must of been delivering a smart garden shed
  4. Paime , please post your views after getting your ATs dirty , ive been following this thread with interest as im currently on an ageing set of 265/75/16 Traction Tracks , I only do shortish trips so the noise doesn't really bother me or the handling on the road , as for laning again no dramas .
  5. TRW here as well , no dramas after 2 years
  6. Will Sir Jim / Ineos have grief from Land Rover if the Grenadier is a copy of the old Defender ?
  7. By all accounts JLR sold four new offenders every minute after the unveiling, seems the metrosexuals are awash with cash . The bit that tickled me was ... the iconic 4x4 was scrapped in 2016 after 68 years but has been resurrected tough , trendy , hi-tech and as a hybrid
  8. Im getting seriously confused about the whole beard no beard thing and which side of the line you fall for having or not having a beard , now after watching the ad , they've chucked a woman into the mix and im now im worried about offending or not offending younger owners than myself and should I call her a woman , lady or cross axle gender , bender defender .
  9. With ref to Mavericks picture , I’m not sure I’m that good a driver to balance a keyboard on my lap while zooting around and more importantly is it legal what with the current hands free laws , surely it would be more effective to attach it to the dash
  10. Eightpot , I don't move in those sorts of circles so I couldn't comment either way but to be fair id agree with you , only commenting on some blurb id read ……. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/red-cross-tests-new-land-rover-defender-in-the-desert/ar-AAFewGq?ocid=spartanntp
  11. It seems the Red cross have signed up to a fleet of them
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