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  1. Or try SP Panels , they carry galvanised or non galvanised items , reasonable prices , the galvanised cappings are a bit hit and miss as to when they’re in stock , reduced staff at the galvanising place I think
  2. When using oxalic acid don’t breath the powder in or get it in your eyes it’s nasty stuff , unsure if you can get it in liquid form , I made that mistake years ago getting stains out of green oak before oiling it up to a finish ,admittedly I was using it for days on end but still nasty gear
  3. Follow the carling wiring sheet that should come with the switch , available on line as well , and take the feed from the dash illumination, red / white trace I think or white / red trace .
  4. The most important thing is your out and about and its putting a smile on your face
  5. Bugger, i didn't know i would need plasters before i started . Thank you once again Western , just found an adaptor on Merlin motorsport website .
  6. Brilliant , thanks Anderzander . Ive just replaced the old standard gauge for a vdo one and am going to swap the senders .
  7. Hello all , could anyone tell me the thread on a water temp sender on a Discovery 200tdi . Thank you in advance .
  8. Western if I weren’t for social distancing and the fact Cornwall weren’t so far from Aldershot , I’d give you a kiss . I had kind of sorted it in my head but just needed a bit of clarification on the green/white wire , yes I followed the instructions supplied but it was the rats nest I uncovered ,and still need to sort, that threw me , thank you once again .👍
  9. Finally got around to fitting the new blower control unit , nicely designed bit of kit and an easy fit ...... however I discovered that one of the goons who previously owned my old 90 has had their greasy mits in more of the wiring loom , this time at the heater box end , see attached pic , can’t begin to work out why the merry hell he, she or it cut the multi plug off and tried to splice in extra bits of wire to replace it . I’m after a bit of clarification on the green /white (green/slate) connection to the new controller box , is this the from the motor , any help / info greatly appreciated
  10. OK Arjan , for being a smart arse , if I get any issues trying to buy this heater control your now my designated interpreter 😂
  11. Enough , enough .I only speak English ..... badly !
  12. I tried to translate that and came up with , I caught you or your welcome , I’ll go with the latter .👍👍
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