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  1. With ref to Mavericks picture , I’m not sure I’m that good a driver to balance a keyboard on my lap while zooting around and more importantly is it legal what with the current hands free laws , surely it would be more effective to attach it to the dash
  2. Eightpot , I don't move in those sorts of circles so I couldn't comment either way but to be fair id agree with you , only commenting on some blurb id read ……. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/red-cross-tests-new-land-rover-defender-in-the-desert/ar-AAFewGq?ocid=spartanntp
  3. It seems the Red cross have signed up to a fleet of them
  4. Even worse , you'll attract admiration from the beardies & hipsters , possibly even cult status 🧔
  5. For what its worth my TDCI Transit connect does not like supermarket diesel but runs better on the shell /esso premium diesels , or like others have said is it in the mind , I have found that a good blat to get it properly hot now and again helps in my case as I do doodle around quite a bit locally .
  6. Hi Gazza, I did just that but with the heated seat kit from Exmoor , the Britpart vinyl covers I got have a mesh type affair in the centre , they look surprisingly good and nearly 12 months later are still in bloody good shape , I wish I had done what Snagger has and only used one of the elements as they do get rather warm around the intimate parts , the Mrs will bear this out as well, I fitted Carling switches to my cubby box to keep it all neat and tidy but they are easy to accidently turn on when reaching around in the cab , hope this helps .
  7. It was a good turn out , some impressive bits of kit there .
  8. Had a quick kite at it myself at Goodwood today , all the time listening to some sexy young beards getting horny over it , I think it was the same herd of pretty young things getting wet when it went up the hill , not sure if they appreciated my mumblings although to be fair I was also moaning about the price of the feckin beer at the same time . On a brighter note , the Twisted stand was impressive but not as impressive as the Army lads hoofing around the forest rally track in some standard 90s who took the time to have a natter to my young grandson , hats off to them .
  9. I think you younger types will find that there's nothing wrong with a soft knob in an off road vehicle or maybe the home environment as larger harder knobs often lead to unfortunate and unforeseen accidents
  10. For what its worth I replaced my wiper system with Bearmach parts a two of years back and all is still good , must agree with Retroanaconda , bit of a shat system .
  11. At least Land Rover will make it as easy to steal as the outgoing Defender , all the local smack heads will have to do is buy a box of tricks from Ambay or Ezon to trick the electronics into unlocking and start it without getting their hands dirty
  12. Maybe the Stop- Go pedal thing was a Freudian slip by the young hip design W ⚓'s of the new Defender aimed fairly and squarely at the likes of us old died in the wool owners who've been airing our views
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