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  1. You don't need a tool, a torch and eye will do. Beter a little to soon than to late.
  2. I want a tire in this size and even good as the BF Goodrich AT, suggestions?
  3. Here some pictures. https://www.flickr.com/photos/67443370@N07/sets/72157628021727364/
  4. Found, but delivery date half May. I go for new pistons.
  5. The AE partnumber is R45000 0.20 but what is the rover number
  6. Does someone know the part number for the piston rings from the AE pistons first oversize (+0.20)? Can i use the kolbenschmidt rings partnumber RTC645720?
  7. After greenlaning in France, very cold conditions. My steering wheel was out off center. Nothing was bent or lose. The only option is, that the internal manual steeringbox has skipped a tooth. mayby it's possible when there is a great force at the pitman arm when the box is in turning position at the opposit direction. Knowing that( there is always play when turning. Did someone had the same experiance?
  8. I have the parts list in pdf, i can send it by e-mail
  9. Does someone know how to set the timing correct with a gauge? Does someone has the correct bosch data.
  10. Check the earth from the engine to the chassis first.
  11. Checking is not so expensive and i know that bad timing can cause blue smoke, there not so much difference between unburnt oil or diesel.
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