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  1. As the title really, after having a think that my 90's cooling isn't as great as it could be what would people recconend? Replacing the viscous centre part with a genuine new one, or would people go down the thermostatic fan route?? Any one fancy sharing an opinion or experience ? Also where people have bought from links would be useful ? Thanks Sammy
  2. Ahh right ok, it's just made me over cautious I guess with the head going!! An no in not using a ****part rad!! Never use their products on anything Important, ever!!
  3. Link to the stat please fella??
  4. Oh just to put some more info in, rad is 12months old along with new Alisport hoses, water pump and stat. Also put silicone hoses on for the heater matrix when the head went. So almost all of it's new! Except the viscous fan..
  5. Right here is the low down, my defender a little while ago had the head gasket go on the M62 whilst towing Anyway long story short it was all fixed (properly lol). After not being to happy with land rovers carp temp gauges put a TIM capillary gauge in, now this is where it gets interesting.....when tootling along the temp is quite happy to stay between 70-80'c but when your going down a duel carriageway or decent A road or give it some greif, it sits well over 80'c. comes closer to 90'.. Is this me being a bit over cautious or is the viscous not working as it should? Or should I bin the viscous and get a decent Spal or like of fan? Oh just to mention it has a full width intercooler on it. Any help would be lovely Sam
  6. Right I apologise in advance an my phone won't let me search... Right the rear diff on my 96' def 90 and I am weighing up the options of using a Salisbury rear axle. What differences are there over the standard 90 one? What will I need to change it over? Sammy
  7. That's them, thank you!! Could not find them on eBay!!
  8. Hi bud, I've had a look on a td5 def in a friends workshop an his has plugs that go into the gauge, I only have the two small bulbs for the vents
  9. Right I've come to fitting my td5 dash and after putting the wiring on after having a bit of a look I'm after the bulbs an holders that fit into the gauges as my loom doesn't have them on where would I get them from?? Sam
  10. Right I have almoast everything to do my TD5 dash conversion on my 300tdi, the only bit I am missing is the plug that goes on the gearbox speedo drive! Where would I get one from? I have searched an searched Sammy
  11. I had BFG A/T's on my 90 and it was scary, in the rain/drizzle was like driving on ice!! would never have them again.
  12. Ive had 4 new Uj's (2 on both props) ive tried for wheel bearing play but there isn't any Is ther a chance the prop could be out of balance?
  13. Right Ive got a bit of a judder at around 50ish MPH an i cant find the flipping cause of it I've had the wheels balanced, ive had new drop arm, sumo bars and track rod ends/drag link ends and new UJ's and new wheel bearings but it still persisits I'm running out of idea's now too! Would the swivel pins cause a judder??
  14. Ill be on the phone within the hour!! we got a contact number an name??
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