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  1. thanks for that, maybe i should have mentioned that mine is a manual. and it occurrs once i have changed down.
  2. Hi All, I have a 97 d2 3.0 v8. Recently whilst slowing for junctions etc i keep getting a jolt, it feels like from behind, i'm trying to work out if its from the propshaft uj worn, or something worn in the gearbox. Any ideas? Alex
  3. Disco 1 1997 v8 I'm having real problems getting the rotor arm off to replace it with genuine part. I don't want to heave it off because i know it can knack up the dizzy. there is a small amount of lateral movement but the arm wont budge upwards to come off. Is there a knack to doing it? any special way to get it off? cheers Alex
  4. inertia cut off switch? don't know if this version of the disco has it, but surely this would prevent starting and prevent doors from locking etc? Alex
  5. how did you check the battery? sounds like the battery isnt holding charge and may be duff, it will take a long time to fully charge the battery just driving the car several hours. if you are only doing short journeys this will not charge it up. this would be worse on cold days as you suggest. try having the battery tested at kwik fit or a local place that sells batteries, halfords etc. before buying a new one. alex
  6. anyone thought of just the plain old fuel filter blockage?
  7. LPG backfiring can also be caused by faulty HT LEADS. check all leads are in good condition BEFORE replacing parts. The resulting explosion blew the intake pipe off, the airbox into 3 peices and a nice hole in the bonnet (hood) lining. Alex
  8. surely, chip, cam, roofrack plus 450kgs plus running in hotter air gonna have a significant affect on mpg's. air con? all adds up i suppose. Alex
  9. new o/e dizzy cap and cleaned up the old rotor arm as it was stuck, and i know if i pull it the wights and springs will go pop. roared into life good as gold. cheers all once again. Alex
  10. does th us spec have the dreaded SPIDER? was the cause of my initial probelms with no fuel. I initially ran a wire from the fuel pump to a live feed and started it like that until i eventually pulled out the spider and bypassed it. Alex
  11. i'm moving down near to THAT FARM.... seems like landrovers grow on bushes down there!!!!! Alex
  12. are amplifiers directly replaceable? or is it full dizzy? just checked the dizzy cap and it looked like theres lots of tracking marks. I dont think it o/e cap either. Alex
  13. does begin to sound like the coil is the culprit, it will have to wait till tomorrow afternoon now, its dark and the wolves are howling.... and i'm on nights, thanks Alex
  14. i couldnt hear the injectors firing when it was turning over. Alex
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