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  1. The best advice for buying anything from Withams, is go and see what they have, look in the boxes to work out what is exactly in there, the descriptions can be a little vague... it's a great place wander around, loads to look at... cheers John.
  2. The bottom mast bumperette brackets are on sale on ebay, not cheap, but if your planning on mounting a mast, they're a god send. Other brackets do appear from time to time, and there are dealers in Wolf/WMIK equipment around, you just have to find them. Sorry I can't be of more help. Goodluck. John.
  3. From what I have seen, the shorter brackets are normally mounted above the doors of the built in Jerry can holders on the military spec vehicles, and the longer brackets, elsewhere along the side of the body. Hope this is of help. cheers John.
  4. Hi Andy, just read through the above, and sounds like an alarm issue which would affect the lights, central locking and windows... wonder whether the alarm unit is at fault...? good luck John.
  5. Nope, not mine belonged to a guy called Steve, think he was up Staffordshire way, he brought the wmik cage down I bought from him, and took a few pics of his motor while he was there. Mine is more like a prototype vehicle/project, just needs finishing off and painting.... pic below... cheers John
  6. Recently took my 110 with a wmik cage on the back down for an MOT, the guy doing the MOT didn't mention the legalities of the spare wheel mounted on the side, just made sure it was secure.....
  7. Here's a pic of the 110 wmik roll cage with the spare mounted wheel on the off side....
  8. Hi Tim, I know a place that sells the spare wheel bracket you want, but they don't have the round clamp part that holds the wheel on, usually £15. If your interested let me know.... cheers John.
  9. ok, the csw is on hold till the "Wolflet" is completed....

  10. Hi Chris, where abouts are you, I've just acquired a wmik cage for an on going project. If your down my way, your more than welcome to pop in and have a measure-up..... cheers John.
  11. Just finishing off the FFR 110 Military, then it's onto the 110 CSW... :)

  12. is always busy....

  13. hello mate, nice to see back in the fold.... I've got range rover axles the 90 in the workshop at the moment, your welcome to pop in and have a look anytime... cheers John.
  14. First time for me and the boys at Billing (sunday), as always it's an interesting experience going to new places, plenty to see and do, organisation seemed a little lacking in places but overall was a good day out. The offroad course was excellent especially the water and mud runs.. looking forward to returning next year....
  15. Hi, any chance on popping up and having a look at your landies..? I'm based down near Lakeside, so not too far away...cheers John.
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