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  1. Hi Jurriaan,

    In an old post (March 2010) you put a photo of a 90 with an Ifor Williams wheels/tyres to lower its heigth... do you have some reference of wich wheel/tyre fits the defender while clearing the brake discs?

    Many thanks in advance,


  2. Just mount it on an overland vehicle. Might be usefull on the way to South Africa. You only have to find someone who's travelling that way...
  3. Pete, What software do you use to get the digital gauges on your touch screen display? I have some similar plans, here's a test-fit:
  4. I'd say get a Disco or Freelander next to it so she's happy also. But it seems you already have both
  5. Thanks guys! Just ordering the tensioner and idler and the partsbox is ready for the engine's 200.000km service & check-up
  6. What's the timing belt kit to use for the International HS2.8TGV? Found 2: 300TDI to VA117353 1x ERR1092 Timing Belt 1x ERR1972 Tensioner 1x ETC8560 Idler 1x ERR7293 Front Cover gasket 300TDI from VA117354: 1x ERR1092 Timing Belt 1x LHP100860 Tensioner 1x LHV100150 Idler 1x ERR7293 Front Cover gasket What's the correct one to use for my 2.8 TGV, and what's the difference between the two tensioners and idlers? Are they interchangeable?
  7. There are some really useful replies in a tread I've started a few months ago: http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=53113 Still had no time to mount the paddle thing in fathers Ninety though.
  8. I was a twelve year old boy who thought scale Landies were way more interesting than looking at piles of parts
  9. Might be going again after not being there for years. Last Billing visit was 1998...
  10. In a One Ten, there's a piece of foam which fits between bulkhead and heater. With parts book on my desk I can't find an item number for it. Who can help me out? It's a 1984 110 LHD.
  11. Think you're right, here's a picture of mine in a Disco if you want to compare: http://www.mijnalbum.nl/GroteFoto-I6UEP7PB.jpg
  12. Would like doubles. Rear is also double shock mounts on both corners. Will be a heavy car up to expedition specs as soon as it's 'finished'.
  13. Did the same a few months ago. And yesterday also.
  14. What's your experience with twin shock absorber mounts/turrets on the front? Any suppliers to avoid? I'll use shocks just as standard rears with eye on top and pin to the axle because I have those laying around in the correct specs, so would be nice if those will fit. Already galvanised would be nice also, as my chassis is galvanised also and all the bolt-on-bits will be galvanised also. Don't think there's any difference between 90/110/RRC/Disco, but the car is a One Ten.
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