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  1. I'm living on east side of Hungary not so far from Romanian border (Debrecen). If you need help on that area you can contact with me. Few weeks ago had very good trip to Romania and in the Romanian mountains with 3 Disco (2- D1, 1-D3) I can suggest this place for sleeping, (Pensiunea Moara Zsigmond), and there are several nice place close to there.
  2. Found the problem after removed the fuse box. Several month ago did a small welding. - That was the reason
  3. Hi I have an issue with 300Tdi Disco. (LHD) Problem started with random F14 fuse blowing, when select reverse gear. Removed the center console checked the reverse switch and cabling. Switch is ok. Harness is ok till the engine bay. All rear lamp trailer cabling, dash instrumental and rear mirror cable disconnected from the circuit. Short found on Green-Brown cable, what is the switched outcome wire. Discovered that the short relates to fuse box. If move it a little, or knock it, the short appears or disappears (on GN wire) Is it any chance that something went wrong is fusebox? Currently I can't disconnect the connectors from the fuse box, because not a lot of space there, and can't see how to release them. Can you please give me any idea or suggestion how to remove the fuse box without remove the whole dash? Anybody had this type of problem with fuse box? I'll upload a short video about how I can enforce the short.
  4. Hi, Disco 300Tdi 1996 One of the AC condenser fan stuck. Blowing the 30A fuse. Currently I removed it, and only one working. (I don't know If I can use the air con only with one condenser fan) Can you please help what can be the good aftermarket replacement for this fan? I tried to find original second hand unit, but here (Hungary) not found, and I'd like to install new/newer fan.
  5. Thanks the links. The relocation kit is very good, but the shipping price to Hungary is little bit expensive. This is why I like to made my own bracket. Barna
  6. Hi Would you be so kind to help me about what the Defender steering damper eye dimensions are? I would like relocate steering damper on my 300tdi Disco, and use Defender pin-eye type. The dimensions are need for prepare a bracket, but still I have no Defender damper. Thanks, Barna
  7. Update: Power lost again. Diaphragm shaft lubrication not solved the problem. Removed the injection pump, and sent to specialist. The problem was that the turbo boost sensor pin and mechanism corroded inside the pump body. Everything else was ok. Specialist had never seen that. Rebuild the pump, and now I have a “new car”. Power and torque are much better then ever before. Boost comes around 1500rpm. It was cheap tuning (approx 90 Pound was the rebuild cost here in Hungary)
  8. Hi BogMonster Problem solved Thanks your help. The diaphragm shaft stacked. After a clean and lubrication, engine had back the power. It seems now little bit better than before. Strage that no any internal lubrication for the pin and shaft. Thanks again. Barna
  9. The boost pressure builds up but on high rev. and slowly (0.95 Bar). Most of the power not comes back. Not checked the waste gate jet, but I think if the waste gate has leakage, boost can’t build up. Today, we will remove the fuel injection pump and send to specialist. (He mentioned that in the high pressure head locates one small filter that can blocks the fuel too)
  10. Hi First of all, sorry about my poor English. I have problem with my 1996 300tdi Disco (manual, no EGR, not EDC). Without any notice lost the power. Currently the engine is like the simple diesel. Symptom: Max speed is 90km\h No smoke with full throttle. Boost pressure building up very slowly No any wrong noise from the engine Start without problem. The engine is 300tdi 240k Km. No EGR, NO EDC This is the list what we checked and tested: Tank full with diesel Sedimentor clean Flushed the fuel line No air in fuel Fuel filter new (tried with two different brand) Air filter new No blockage in air pipes and intercooler No blockage in fuel line Turbo ok Boost line is not leaking Fuel pump boost sensor membrane seems to be good. Not feel any lake Fuel lift pump working fine. Pressure is 1.2Bar Tried to run the engine with external test fuel tank: No difference Tried different diesel Injectors age are approx 40k. No smoke! Measured the turbo boost pressure: the max is 0.95 bar at 3000-3200 RPM, but building up very slowly. (In the past I felt the turbo boost around 1800 rpm) No any special noise from the engine, Idle is good, running like before except power. It seems that no enough fuel for the engine. The strange thing that was no notice before power lost. On weekend it was ok, next time on Monday after start, felt the problem. I have no idea what can be else Would you be so kind to help me, where can be the problem? Barna
  11. Expect the small clunk is with the transfer box, no special reason for re-shim. Working well, but lot km is in it. Only why I started to think about it that friend of mine Disco’s transfer box centre diff gone on this week. I have a spare (used) transfer box. If it is to difficult to remove the centre diff for temporarily checking and re-shim, I’ll overhaul the spare one and replace the whole box.
  12. I’m thinking to re-shim the LT230 centre diff. It has cover 240’000 KM and I don’t know when shimmed in the past. My dilemma is that, is it possible to remove the centre diff without remove the whole transfer box unit? (Disco 96’ 300tdi) What is the easiest way? Thanks, Barna
  13. Thanks Cipx2. This is a huge help for me! I’ll start to check first the connectors and the “antenna” Barna
  14. Dear Cipx2. I tested the method that you mentioned. Red warning light up When I’m keeping the key on the crank position and press the lock button, that engine start immediately. What does this mean? Barna
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