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  1. Can’t believe you ordered plates online! I would have been straight down the local parts store for a set straight away 😂 congrats! I’m still dreaming of a 109 F8 🤤
  2. £1000/ton? surely thats a typo otherwise im off out to buy some £500 disco's did you hit the zero one to many times
  3. not really no I'm in the process of building a 100" but i'm now thinking about a bobtail 110 maybe i should get a 2 door 110 and if it turns out to long then i'll have all the panels to make a 100" already got the chassis
  4. The reason I ask is at a pay & play I go to has got some really bad bits and one bit in particular there is a section that people try use to be drivable but where people fail and spin tyres just digs holes 100" apart with there special tracks i use to have a disco on 33s and a rear locker and got through this section no problem then watched a guy just sit there for like 5min wheel spinning digging big holes, then after him i could not get through but a 88" did with open diffs and to my knowledge no 100" has made it through since but the other weekend I was down there and in my mates 90 with open diffs and 37" boggers I would have made it (I think ) if it wasnt for when the rear wheel entered the hole made by a front wheel I almost ended up on its side so had to reverse out but my mate disco on 35" simex with front and rear lockers didn't even come close
  5. Right everybody says 100" is the ideal wheelbase BUT I've been thinking bout this and I believe that one of the benefits to the 100" wheelbase was that back in the days that everybody was using 90's 100"s were getting through sections that 90's were failing and I put this down partly to the front wheels climbing out the hole the front wheels of a 90 made before the back wheel enter the hole the back wheels of a 90 made. So I was thinking is 100" the "perfect" wheelbase still? I've only ever done play & pays and am noticing that 100" vehicles are getting stuck in the dreaded holes that people have made in there 100" vehicles but 90" is making it which I partly put this down to the back wheels climbing out of the holes before the front end enter. now i know a longer wheelbase is more stable so my question is is a 100" wheelbase still the ideal wheelbase or is 90" or even 110"?
  6. just for comparison this is a disco/range rover 200tdi
  7. I thought the engine mounts are the same on discovery's? Anyway that don't matter as I will be mounting engine as far back as possible just needed to know if the auto behaves the same will no load and weather I can take everything u need off the 300 for the 2? Also I have heard of people fitting torque converter off a v8? What's the benefit of this? Thanks again
  8. I'm building a 100" defender out of a 300tdi Auto but want to fit a 200tdi into it and have a couple of Q's First I have a 200 auto conversion plate so that's not a problem but can everything else needed be taken off the 300? Second can I run the setup without props to make sure it changes through the gears ok as I would like to get it all setup with just the bulkhead fitted and don't think the police would like me driving it down the road just chassis, bulkhead and box to sit on lol Thanks
  9. thanks guys Peter if you could that would be great
  10. can u fit a 90 under seat tank to a 110?
  11. my old mans 300tdi disco has just had its head skimmed but now wont turn over unless you take the glow plugs out he thinks that there's to much compression now the question is by having the head skimmed could it give the engine to much compression so it wont turn over??
  12. Not sure about Benson but its helps me a lot this is the system I will use in my 100" when its built thanks very much! it seams the perfect system if no ones in the back you can push them right forward and have some space in the back if you need to carry anything bigger you can take them out and if someone is in the back you can push them back lots of options will suit me very well thanks again
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