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  1. Hi all, In the end I insured it through Adrian Flux(yes I know) for £90 I think. I concluded it was a price I was prepared to pay as when I started looking for how much id need to spend to get one in similar condition (more than the 2k I said above), i wanted something at least. I have done as the rest of you suggested and made it stand out and made a mother and father of a hitch lock too. Thanks all
  2. Hi all I've recently brought my 16ft bateson back to the uk and I quite like it as I'm sure other members of our society would too. Has anyone any recommendations for trailer insurance in the event it does get nicked? Worth about 2k. Any suggestions welcome Thanks
  3. You would have a few other options in Ireland. Why are you being pushed for VRT when you have proof of owning the vehicle so long outside Ireland? Usually this is only applied if it is a recent purchase. I see you mentioned a business. SOme people were taxing discos as crew cabs, but if you are going down the camper route, id just take the rear seats out. Theres no reason why you couldnt have 2 commercials. Pm me if you want more details. Other Irish members might be able to help too. Hugh.
  4. That oil is all I use in my landys. If it would go in my motorbike Id put it in there too! I have done over 200,000 miles in my 300tdi and still uses no oil. I change every 5000 miles.I was recommended it by a haulage operator in the UK who ran over 1000 trucks. When you buy in bulk its not much more than buying it off the shelf in motor factors. Hugh
  5. Mine is fitted directly under the steering column with extension pipework through the bulkhead. H
  6. was there any change when you went over to mineral?
  7. Just seen this, what oil are you using? H
  8. I would have thought that either a small abit of oil on the clutch or the flywheel worn. H
  9. Hey, I've got purple ( interior light?), Red/green White black Green /brown light Green /brown dark Green Thanks Hugh
  10. Hi all, I'm in the middle of trying to sort out a chassis loom problem /short. In the long term I'll need to pull it out but I need to get to work tomorrow so does anyone know what the white plug on the bulkhead is used for? I think the black one is the rear lights but can't work out what the white one is for? When I unplug it, my problem goes away. Thanks
  11. I feel this topic is something that is going to come up more and more over the next few years as good 300s become harder and harder to get... H
  12. Thanks Guys, You wouldnt happen to know the diameter of the steel pipe either would you? Im trying to make up a adapter to connect it to standard fuel hose and Im miles away from the vehicle to be able to measure it. Hugh
  13. Hi, I am trying to find out what the fittings are for the lift pump on a 300tdi. Does anyone know what the screw fittings are that connect onto the lift pump are and where I could get some? Ive searched ebay to no avail. Thanks, Hugh
  14. Hi mate, Have you any idea what sort of route you will be doing? H
  15. Thanks mate, I might give them a call in the morning. I do see all your advantages to putting a lt77 in and Im seriously considering it. H
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