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  1. Just how far on its side can a RV8 run before it has problems such as oil starvation, oil pooling, fuel problems etc? Oh and what is its Configuration (60° V8?) Thanks
  2. Les, are you taking orders? I will supply the axles Superb workmanship....as always
  3. The gearbox is a Rover reconditioned unit (Factory rebuild Unit), So could be from any year!! However as its "Rover" I would have said it was up to 1970, as after that it would have been labeled "British Leyland"
  4. Hello, Im in the process of Modifying the Fuel system. Currently the V8 in in a 2a, but it uses hoses with Jubilee clips on the high pressure hoes which scares the hell out of me!! Can someone please tell me the part number for the flexy hose that connects the fuel line with the fuel rail? Thanks RT
  5. Happy Christmas everyone........even if the snow is Orange!!
  6. Maybe you should "ask the seller" and offer your advice to the lucky winner....im tempted but its another project too far!!
  7. Saving fuel has to be the biggest advantage.
  8. Cool! Mine is SORN now as it needs work!!!
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