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  1. My 2006 Freelander TD4 was taken in for a service in the Caribbean and I provided 10 litres of oil, fuel filter, oil filter and air filter. The garage put in the entire 10 litres of oil that I provided. After the service the engine light started to come on intermittently when driving. Took the vehicle back to the garage and the excess oil was drained. They also identified that the fuel filter was badly fitted and was leaking fuel. That was resolved. Soon afterwards the engine light came on permanently. I took the vehicle to another garage where the fault codes of P1613 and P1E30 was found. The engine light was reset but returned again permanently once I stopped and restarted the vehicle. The vehicle starts okay but runs rough and is lacking performance especially when going uphill with load. Please does anyone know what the likely problem is and the associated resolution?
  2. zimaria

    Rear Door Won't Open

    My freelander TD4 2006 had not been driven for about 5 years. During all those years I was about to open the rear door. I have now serviced the vehicle and put in a new battery and took it for a spin. Since driving the vehicle it has become impossible to open the rear door. The remote control on the key is currently not working as a new battery is needed. I used to open the rear door by inserting the key into the driver's door keyhole. The first turn of the key opens the driver's door and the second turn would open the rear door. Now I do not seem to hear the usual click on the second turn. Please can anyone assist, as the boot is very essential to my use of the vehicle? Much appreciated.
  3. zimaria

    Low Performance on TD4 Especially Uphill

    Hello everyone, I am about to return to the Caribbean but the problems of a hard start is still there as well as the high fuel consumption. The glow plug does not come on when starting and this may be due to the hot weather. Does anyone know what may be the cause of : 1) The hard start 2) High Fuel Consumption
  4. My Freelander 1 Freestyle 2006 TD4 Manual 2 litre has been parked now for 4 years and has not been driven. Please can anyone let me know what work or checks I need to perform on it before driving it next time?
  5. Recently when doing 50 mph and above a strange noise is being heard from the rear of the vehicle (2006 TD4 Freelander 1). The noise is sporadic and sounds like WHOOOOOOOOO and sometimes WOW WOW WOW. I am wondering whether it is a bearing or metal rubbing on metal. Has anyone come across this problem before?
  6. zimaria

    SRS Light On Since Accident

    Okay, I have now wiggled, disconnected and reconnected the pre-tensioners plugs on both the driver and passenger seats. The SSR light is still there but noticed now that its goes off intermittently and comes back on when the engined is switched on. I had the vehicle connected to a diagnostic computer and the following were read: 1) Belt-pretensioner left fault: resistance too high sporadic and is causing MIL on 2) Internal Fault: Replace SDM 3) Battery too high Does anyone know whether its the pretensioner / resistor on the passenger side that needs replacing or is it the SDM (i.e. airbag DCU)?
  7. zimaria

    Oil Change

    FridgeFreezer, The TD4 mentioned in this post is a 2006 model similar to mine. I have downloaded the RAVE manual esp. CD1 (Discovery II & Freelander 1) but it appears that this version does not cover the 2006 model and probably goes upto 2003. Any idea where I get download the relevant version for the Freelander TD4 2006 from?
  8. zimaria

    SRS Light On Since Accident

    Kiwi_110, many thanks for the info. I will look up what SDM means against the diag tool handbook. I hadn't realised that not all test tools communicate as effective as TestBook. In future I will use TestBook if I can locate one down here. On your advice this morning I am re-seating some plugs and wiggling some wires. Particular focus will be on the pre-pretensioner & seat belt buckle of driver's seat, as an experience LR peronnel mentioned these as most likey culprits. Regarding the airbag, as a safety feature, I am relunctant to disable it. Thanks for the sharing.
  9. zimaria

    SRS Light On Since Accident

    Hi Kiwi_110, thanks for the note of caution re tampering with the airbags / pre-tensionsers. On a second read of the RAVE info I agree that it implies that both airbags and pre-tensionsers are deployed if the DCU senses an accident. However, my airbags were not deployed and this may mean that the DCU did not enter locked mode. I am guessing that it's an intermittent problem not related to the DCU that retains the SRS light. Kiwi_110, am I right in thinking that as the intermittent fault is recurring on each ignition then it will not be cleared after 40 drive cycles? Any guess as to what other component may be faulty apart from the airbag DCU?
  10. zimaria

    SRS Light On Since Accident

    Western or anyone else, from the article above, does it mean that once the airbag DCU enters crash lockmode the airbag and seat belt pre-tensioners become ineffective until the DCU is replaced?
  11. zimaria

    Low Performance on TD4 Especially Uphill

    It's a week now since the new LP pump was installed but now I am realising that there are other problems. Although the performance has much improved the hard start is still there as well as the high fuel consumption. I am going to see my mechanic this week and as money is tigh we wll carry out some tests before buying any new parts. I have selected the components below for test as I think are the most likely cause of high fuel consumption and are easy to test: a) turbo boost solenoid, see link for test http://www.landyzone.co.uk/lz/f9/td4-lack-power-70mph-fixed-77147.html b) MAF sensor, see link for test http://tuning-diesels.com/Synergy/FAULT%20DIAGNOSIS.pdf I am seeking advice on the folloiwng: 1) Are there any other components that ought to be tested for high fuel consumption? 2) What components are mostly the cause of hard starts; 3) Fault codes P1260 and P1E25 were read when vehicle last attached to the diagnostic tool. What do these codes mean?
  12. zimaria

    SRS Light On Since Accident

    Thanks guys, in particular Western for proving the pertinent info from RAVE. It now means that I need to replace the airbag DCU. Any idea how much a new one cost?
  13. zimaria

    Low Performance on TD4 Especially Uphill

    Thanks everyone who contributed to this post, especially FridgeFreezer, Kiwi_110, Nickcc & Western. I am now in the Caribbean and would like to provide feedback. I had the PCV and EGR cleaned as both were dirty. Having changed the LP lift pump the starting and performance problems are now resolved. The vehicle seems to be very responsive, performing well across the rev ranges and now for the first time goes uphill in 3rd gear. But the fuel consumption seems to have increased. From the reading I have done it appears the faults below are possible culprits: a) MAF sensor producing too high a signal and overfuelling the engine; (Eliminated this option as no exhaust doe smell of diesel and be stable) (Decided against disconnecting MAF and test drive as performance below 2000 rpm is fine) b) Fuel Rail Pressure sensor; (Eliminate this option as engine starts, has good power and goes above 70 mph) c) Turbo Boost solenoid. (I am thinking this is the most likely culprit as someone here had performance issues which was cured by changing the LP pump and although the performance improved the fuel consumption increased. Like me the diagnostic test tool picked up a fault code of P1260 and upon changing the boost solenoid the problem was resolved). In addition, the boost solenoid cost £35 and is much cheaper than the fuel rail pressure sensor or the MAF sensor. Can anyone tell me whether I am right in my approach or are there more options worthy of consideration?
  14. zimaria

    SRS Light On Since Accident

    Thanks for the prompt responses. FridgeFreezer, please can you tell me where the pre-tensioner is located being in mind my vehicle is a TD4 2006? EggNChips, I had a quick look at the RAVE manual and couldn't find that info. Please can you confirm that the SRS ECU needs to be changed? Any idea of the cost?
  15. I owned a freelander 1 2006 TD4 and was involved in an accident where the front passenger side got damaged including the fender, bonnet, radiator support and shock. The vehicle has since been repaired but now the SRS light is permanently being displayed on the dashboard. I have had a diagnostic test tool attached but have been unable to reset the SRS light and there are not fault codes found. However, the following was shown on the diagnostic tool: Internal Fault replace SDM Fault is causing MIL on In spite of the above message no MIL is being displayed on the dashboard apart from the SRS light. Please can anyone assist by letting me know: 1) How to get rid of the SRS light? 2) What exactly is the SDM mentioned in the message? 3) Does the SDM really has to be replaced, and if so the cost?

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