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  1. have two 200 tdi one at 90,000 and one at 130,000, both still with original water pumps .
  2. I have fitted three Richards chassis , one to my 1991 110 Hardtop, one to my 1994 90 station wagon, and one to my son's 1998 110 pickup. Working alone and seven days a week, each one took approx three months but other than engine and gearbox and the transfer box on two, everything was completely dismantled and treated.I don't see the point of not doing this if you intend to keep the vehicle.For example it is the ideal time to deal with any rust on the bulkhead and properly treat it and apply wax oil while it is upside down no problems, just so time consuming - good luck
  3. Run both of my 200 tdi's without them - one for the last 18 years -no problems
  4. Couldn't agree more with Snagger, I have just rebuilt my son's 110 300 on a galv chassis and over the past 3 years have done the same with my 90 200 and 110 200. It took many weeks on each but the amount of corrosion I had to deal with in all three was considerable. There doesn't seem any point to me in not doing the complete strip, the results are well worth the effort. All three onto Richards chassis.
  5. what are these called please and where are they available ? They hold the wiring in place on the bulkhead on the 200tdi and 300 tai Defender
  6. Well on with putting Richards chassis onto my sons 1997 110 and thought you may like to see what it was like under the cross member !! I have rechassised both my older 200 tdi's but they weren't tis bad at that point. New chassis painted and ready for engine etc
  7. delayed reply as it hasn't happened for three days, as soon as I ordered relays then all seemed fine so not yet installed. Steve - the fuel gauge was going to full as soon as ignition on - I also noticed that with ignition off the fuel gauge went to full when the sidelights were turned on. The fault may have disappeared when I removed and replaced the relays to check the part numbers so I hope it was just a poor connection but don't begin to understand why it caused those symptoms - will put in new relays and hope that is the end of problem. Thanks for your help
  8. Thanks Part no seems to be AMR 2548 - YWB 10027 - there are two on my 110 plus the wiper relay and the flasher relay
  9. Thanks for response, will get one ordered, assume this is part PRC 8230 ? Don't understand why this would cause the fuel gauge to show full when the tank is almost empty ?
  10. Came to start 1997 110 this morning and when key turned appeared dead except oil and charge lights came on but no turn over of engine, strangely the fuel gauge went off the scale although the tank is virtually empty, temp gauge stayed at zero. Horn also dead but clock still running. Went back after few minutes and started up and ran perfectly. Just tried again and dead as before. Any ideas please where to start ?
  11. Yes they are certainly there on both my Defender 200 tdi's, I lost one and had to order more; part no. LJC100270
  12. I've had that happen and caused by fuel lines becoming loose at connections to the tank
  13. Is the noise there when you are moving or only when stationary after a run ? If the latter then does it go when you depress the clutch ?
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