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  1. Early pumas had pump problems yes, only true way to test an abs sensor properly is with an oscilloscope to verify the waveform.
  2. Really common td5 fault too.
  3. Range rover classic is also the same
  4. Yes the clutch spring had broken and the tabs have ripped away. After doing it I think these are actually nicer to do than td5 made up my own short alignment tool on the lathe as the splines on the box are the same as the old one, but the spigot end is much smaller. Very important not to compress the release bearing/slave or pump too fast when bleeding as it destroys them, all included in the clutch kit instructions.
  5. Anyone actually done one yet? Doesn't look too difficult (famous last words) anything to look out for in particular? Can you get away with just sliding it back like the old ones? It's out of warranty and I've been down that route already she's 2008.
  6. It's not a loop, but an actual small radiator. I'd rather not guess and end up having to get another gearbox thanks very much. Hopefully someone who's done it will be along...
  7. I dont want to go for a drive and it have no fluid in it. Is there a one way valve? What temp does the thermostat open at? Do I need to drain the cooler?
  8. What's the correct procedure for filling the R380 with the gearbox cooler (the large type not bog brush) on a wolf to achieve the right oil level? I can't find any reference to it.
  9. Thats the way Hobsons used to stack them before they were stripped for rebuilding.
  10. I threw one in the bin last week! Try your local Landy Garage more than likely they'll have an old one lying about.
  11. This is what it seems Lasalle are covering their roof liners in http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/U-pol-Raptor-Tough-Urethene-Coating-Truck-Bed-Liner-in-Black-Trailers-Boats-/130609804201?pt=UK_Body_Shop_Supplies_Paint&hash=item1e68f373a9
  12. Yeah i'd wrap the loom and find something other than the ribbed conduit, it's starting to cause a world of pain on the older td5's now
  13. I would use the Tdi pistons over the TD ones all day long. As a few have said the shape in the top of the piston has to do with it being DI.
  14. Check the white earth header block bolted to the bulkhead, beside the expansion tank. Most of the dash is earthed there.
  15. The roll pin in the selector can be an absolute pain in the *$*£*!* to get out. It's a fairly involved job as has been said 80% of the time its a flywheel change as well. I'd change the hydraulics while i was in there too.
  16. Be careful with the wires going round the back and side of the box that you don't nip them, same goes for the crank shaft sensor wire. Change the spigot bush (LFB500050) I'd buy genuine for all the price of it. Buy a good quality clutch.
  17. Pagid are good as well as fitted to a lot of VAG stuff and Lambos Clutch adjustment is easier if you buy two cheap 13mm spanners and grind the sides down.
  18. I'm still thinking about what to go for. It's a subject that never gets too much coverage and of course someone will always say when they've spent £££ there's is the best. I've had the Black Box MSV-2 before and found it powerful, but not the most user friendly, the modules are very expensive thats why i changed to T4(I did try to find one of the older Rovacom tablets with all the bells and whistles, but drew a blank.I would still buy one if it showed up) I miss some functions off it and how deep it goes into certain systems. The more tuned stuff around and the T4 not wanting to speak to it is rather annoying sometimes. It's around 10k as well. Autologic seems to be what most are going for these days price seems to be £7k+? I've had the various Snap On ones, but always found them a bit lacking in depth. Nanocom/Hawkeye wouldn't cut the mustard i don't think, it's just the handheld T4. Im not sure how much Launch or Bosch KTS covers? What are you using yourself? I'm in two minds about upgrading or going back to the Blackbox MSV2, i'm doing more and more of just Defender stuff and rebuilds and a little re-mapping, so i think it might be the winner. I'm hating the amount of troublesome Freelanders and P38's that are popping up and they are starting to become a real headache, i want to move away from them.
  19. Don't forget the 300 tdi needs a torque wrench that does degrees.
  20. I don't really know where to post this or if it's ok to? Sorry if its not. I've a genuine T4 mobile plus diagnostic machine (not a chinese copy) that i've had for about 2 years, i need to upgrade to cover more post 06 stuff and was wondering if anyone knew the value of them second hand? You don't see them come up very often i think i paid around £2900 new. It's in really good condition only used by me and always with clean hands and put back in the box.
  21. I'm building two 90's and a 110 at the minute, but i don't post in the project forum because it's for a living and they will get sold at the end.
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